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In spite of timely “birdie binges” by HARRY and MILES to wrestle 1 point for the BLUES with the first match of the day, the GOLDS take the lead at the conclusion of the 2-ball, best ball at MAYFAIR LAKES adding another point to their 1st game lead. GOLDs are now up 3 points with the Championship Singles matches scheduled for Thursday (August 7) at Point Roberts starting at 8 am.

KING KONG rolls in a 25 footer on the #1 handicap hole par 4 3rd for a net 1 birdie on the hole. It wipes out HAN’s birdie on #2. With GOLDs down by 2 going into the 8th hole, EL KAPITAN brings the GOLDs even with superb play starting with a net 3 on the 7th hole. On the 10th and 11th hole,  ERNIE/HAN duet pulled away 2 up only to lose them on the remaining holes as KING KONG nearly holed a chip shot on the difficult par 3 15th. MILES’ birdie on the 16th  sealed a 1 point lead for the BLUES.

However, that was it for the BLUES! CHRIS and DAVID were fabulous together as they steamrolled BILL and DANNY. DANNY’s gross 78 was all for naught against CHRIS’ brilliant game as he shot 41 in the front 9. They coasted the rest of the way. Match is even!

GOLD’s captain MARIO and SIMON took on BLUE’s CAPTAIN VINCENT and LITTLE JOE. Two birdies propelled BIRDIEHUNTER’s “Ben Arda” MARIO to a 2nd place finish for the net tournament of the day (behind CHRIS).

GOLDs take 1 more point into the tournament finals next week.



Well, they have a great Karaoke star in their team – KING KONG. I hear that HE and VINCENT are preparing to do a duet cover of BOBBY VINTON’s “Lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely“! MILES apparently would be playing the guitar to accompany his teammates!

SCOTT missed today game but his return next week might be good new for the BLUES. Long-hitter Jin had expressed interest in joining us soon, too. He could be drafted for the singles’ championship. HOWARD, SUNNY, SHUBASH, RORY, GERRY, CHANG L, (who knows who else!) might make the final matches up quite interesting. It all depends on the two captain’s strategies.

A big turnout should certainly help the BLUEs as they need to win at least FIVE matches to have a chance. The GOLDs only need to win 3 matches to close out the 2014 RYDER CUP MATCH PLAY in their favour.


Traditionally, under the spirit of sportsmanship, the winners get a “lunch treat” from their worthy adversaries. To make sure everyone has a good time, Point Roberts is arranging for “roasted chicken” & other goodies for lunch after the game! (Sunny would love that!)


Let us have a celebration of colours. COME play in your team’s colour! Those without team assignment, BRING two t-shirts: Gold and Blue.  Hehehe!






There was great excitement and enthusiasm by both team as they started getting their gears out at the parking lot. Everyone seemed ready for an intense duel in the Singles matches. Both teams have 5 points each from previous matches.

On paper, HAN conceded that while MILES and RORY were not in the line-up, the BLUE team had some pretty good stats. SUNNY, just returning from a Russian cruise, was “drafted” by the BLUEs to face BILL S. HOWARD vowed “revenge” against Captain HORANGI! Captain Han’s parting words to his team were, “Just swing your swing, guys”!

Are you ready for the results?

INDIVIDUAL SCORING (Holes won against opponent during all three matches) are shown below.

The TOP THREE SCORERs (regardless of team) are:

HAN, 25; ERNIE, 22; and JOHN, 21

For his accomplishment as GOLD’s team captain and his excellent performance, HAN receives a FREE GAME voucher compliment of Tad Nose of Point Roberts Golf Course.

The GOLD TEAM’s superiority in this year’s Ryder Cup match is demonstrated by their total individual points (145) against the BLUEs (121).


We send our appreciation to TAD of Point Roberts Golf Course for his generosity and friendship, and for having the greens at the course in perfect, impeccable shape. (How else could you explain how CHANG HJ and JOHN putting for birdies on the 8th hole and ending up “chipping” up for their  2nd and 3rd shots?)


Our two-day MASTERS begins Thursday at NORTHVIEW GOLF COURSE – Ridge, August 29, at 8:00 am.

The host for this tournament is 2012 Masters Champ VINCENT, shown below ecstatic with his receipt of his trophy from the 2011 Masters Champ HARRY.


2013 RYDER CUP FIREWORKS at Point Roberts


It was four years ago when the Birdiehunters established a local team Ryder Cup Match Play.  The group was divided into two competing teams – ROOSTERS and TURKEYS. You can view the results of the 1st tournament here: https://birdiehunters.wordpress.com/2009/05/15/roosters-bar-b-qued-the-turkeys/


Celebration of the final matches was held at #9 Restaurant in Richmond.MATCH PLAY 2009-1


Later on, team names became BLUEs and GOLDs.

In 2011, the BLUEs were winners by a margin of points (147-144) against the GOLDs. Leading scorers were EL CAPITAN for the BLUEs and HAN for the GOLDs.


They celebrated and toasted the winners at the Riverway Restaurant.


The Championship Match at Point Roberts is looming to be the most exciting as the two captains, BRAD – BLUEs and HAN – GOLDs had been jostling with the final pairings.

Never in its early history has the BBC RYDERs CUP been electrifying since a new match rule is introduced patterned after the PGA rules – winning matches are rewarded ONE POINT (1) toward the championship; with individual points counting only to break a TIE. It makes for an exciting finish as the two teams have 5 points apiece leading to the final singles matches. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.


 Here are the scheduled matches.

Microsoft Word - Document7

The BLUEs Captain has played one of the most cunning strategies in gamesmanship – subtly “conceding defeat” against his counterpart. (Did you read his emails?)

The detailed analysis above certainly favors the BLUEs to win the 2013 Ryder Cup Match Play. HAN would have to do some pep talk tomorrow to inspire his team to overcome the odds.

WHATEVER the outcome, this would surely be a most exciting finish in our match play tournaments.


GOLDs RALLY – Now Leading by 1 point

In a Texas Scramble format, Team Gold managed to erase their deficit in the 2011 Team  Ryder Cup Match Play. Captain SIMON’s line up yielded 18 points for the day out-maneuvering Assistant Captain JOHN who had to assume the duties of Captain RORY who is forever gallivanting all over the place.

With only one more match remaining, TEAM BLUE is dire in need of a great “mano-a-mano” strategy. With their Captain being away, they are starting to sing the blues.  Meanwhile, with SUNNY having been reactivated from the disable list, Captain SIMON quickly seized the opportunity to match him up with the top player in the 2011 UPS Leaderboard – HAN. Although they surrendered a point to the BLUES team of ALAN & GERRY (4-5), they managed to outscore them by net 56 – 57. It enabled them to tie for the day’s jackpot with BILL & ED.

That is another story. At the first tee, ED’s drive was wild to the right while BILL’s was dead center. They had to use BILL’s position on their 2nd shot and managed to escape with a net par. On the 2nd hole, ED was again way right with his drive and had his partner to thank for a fairly easy approach. BILL did not miss the green with his approach and ED took advantage of his opportunity and creamed his 9 iron to less than 6 inches for a natural birdie. It set the tone for a frustrating day for BLUES’ ERNIE and HARRY. On so many holes in the back nine, one statement reverberated over and over again throughout the entire city of Richmond: “Good thing you got BILL for a partner!”

Meanwhile, what remains as a mystery is the horrible performance of JOE, who is one of the top Birdiehunters. His point total output of 10 for 3 RYDER CUP games is one of the reasons the BLUES are trailing the GOLDS. JOE is 0-3 in his matches. JOHN leads with 19 points with ERNIE and ALAN just shy with 18 points each. Although JOHN is 1 – 2, his 11 points during the 1st match keeps him in the lead. ERNIE is 1 – 1 with a tie. ALAN is 2 – 1.

The GOLD Team’s leader HAN is 2 – 1 and leads with 21 points. BILL strong play is also 2 – 1 at 2nd place. VINCENT is also 2 – 1 while SIMON is 2 – 0 -1 tie. These statistics could assist both Team Captains to unleash a formidable match.

This sets up a fabulous return to Individual MATCH PLAY championship on August 26. The two team captains will have to put together a line up for a successful quest of the 2011 RYDER CUP MATCH PLAY CHAMPIONSHIP.


Meanwhile, there seem to be no stopping the TOP TWO leaders, HAN and ED. They continue to rake in points on every tournament. ALAN at 222 point could conceivably have a chance at overtaking both leaders this Thursday at Point Roberts. BILL, JOHN, and SIMON have to put together a string of wins in the next three weeks to have a chance at closing the gap. The next 4 players would need a minor miracle to have a chance at the championship. There are 8-10 more weeks of tournament play before the official season closes at mid-October.


Start time is 7:30. Be there bright and early. Join us at Tsawassen’s McDonald at 6:30 for breakfast.


ALAN says that he plays in the 80’s…………..but if it gets any warmer, he’d rather go swimming. Well, last week, he joined Vincent in the Birdiehunters Hall of Flame for the “inglorious” (basterd!) deed of shooting 10 below par.

When SIMON finished his round last week, he approached the 2nd group just finishing their game behind the 18th tee. He had a grin on his face the size of Panama Canal. He immediately demanded the surrender of the score card of the foursome when someone mistakenly asked the question to which SIMON answered without a tint of hesitation, “I shot 80!” That is 9 under par from his index. VINCENT was salivating as he, too, was sitting at 8 under. They were one and two at the time.


It was an excruciating wait for SIMON because the next group was so far behind. It seems that the marshal at MAYFAIR LAKES have now conferred with  the marshal at RIVERWAY, POINT ROBERTS, and KING LINKS, to track down the “culprits of slow play”. According to my classified information, these golf peace officers are now using the latest satellite tracking technology to zero in on golfers who are believed to be playing chess or Chinese checkers between shots.

Here is what the marshals have discovered. They saw  a diminutive person in our group who takes more than two or three practice swings on every shot; circles the entire green 360 degrees; and waits for lightning strike before hitting his putt. They also followed a tall lanky fellow and reported that this person spends minutes checking his GPS…..on the tee……at a par 5! It seems that the diminutive guy and the tall lanky fellow went to the same putting school: circle the green 360 degrees; repair every divot; clear the tiniest grain of sand; sight-plumb every possible break…..then go and play chess before making a putt. They also observed the tall lanky fellow use the GPS on “every shot”, including a flop-shot to the green….and promptly takes a 10 on the hole! I told the marshals, they are sorely mistaken. We don’t have a golf fanatic in our group who mimics Jack Nicklaus or Charles Barkley!


When the next group checked in SIMON’s grin turned pickle as ALAN came in with his 79; JOE with 74; and HAN at 81.

ALAN’S win has pushed his standing from 7th place to 4th. The leaders are still comfortably ahead but the tides are starting to turn.


There were TEN BIRDIES last week: 3 by JOE; 2 by SIMON; and 1 by ERNIE, HAN, ED, and ALAN.


Tomorrow’s TWO-BALL Scramble would determine the mettle of either team (BLUE and GOLD). 

TEAM GOLD has SIMON, ED, VINCENT, BILL, HAN, and substituting for CHANG HJ who is away is SUNNY.




GOLD’s STOCK SOARS – BILL 2nd Major Winner

Team GOLD has closed the gap in the MATCH PLAY TOURNAMENT by trouncing the BLUES convincingly at Kings Links.

Leading off the day, BLUE’s team of ERNIE and HARRY surrendered their lead on the 18th hole when ED two-putted for a par. HARRY could not convert his short putt to tie the hole. They halved the match.

LITTLE JOE and JOHN could not hold off the superb play of CHANG HJ and VINCENT and raised the white flag early losing 3 to 7 point.

GERRY and ALAN battled the duo of BILL and HAN only to be frustrated as they fell short 7 to 9.

TEAM GOLD wins the TWO BALL/BEST BALL team match play with a total of 40 points against 28 and has made the match play team tournament more exciting. It should be. There are only 3 points now separating the two teams with the BLUES still leading at 72-69.

However, in the race for the best scoring player on each team, ERNIE and JOHN are tied for the BLUES;   HAN leads the GOLD with 17 points. Considered one of the best golfers in the group, JOE has been “silent” in the 1st and 2nd tournament. Perhaps he might emerge in the next tournament.


The 3rd leg of the tournament shall be held on Thursday, July 28; the site shall be announced as soon as it is confirmed.

RULES for the match play

  • A team of two players shall be selected by each Team Captain
  • The handicap of the two players shall be added and divided by two (a player with 8.9 + a player with 26 shall have a handicap of 17.45 or a course handicap of 17)
  • Each player shall tee off
  • On the next shot, they select the best drive and shall both play from that spot; they will continue selecting the best shot until they are on the green
  • Playing from the most preferred placement, each shall putt until one holes out
  • Gross score less handicap shall be the match play score
  • The weekly tournament (net + KP) shall be played with ONLY TWO winners sharing. Winners shall be the team from either BLUE or GOLD who scores the BEST NET SCORE. (KP shall remain an individual competition.)
  • In case of a tie (for the weekly tournament) there shall be a sudden death putting competition to break the tie OR they can elect to share the pot

After being away for almost a month, BILL comes back to win the 2nd major tournament – BIRDIEHUNTERS’ BC OPEN and moves 5 placed to claim 5th place in the UPS CHAMPIONSHIP. Obviously, Captain SIMON’s strategy pays off by having BILL teams up with HAN, hottest player of the month.  
HAN is going to miss this week’s tournament as he will be in LA for several days. Could he retain his lead?


First, here is the latest leaderboard. HAN remains the leader with 198 points for the season. However, one of our top players has moved into 2nd spot with his excellent play and sharpshooting abilities as he continues to execute pinpoint accuracy on his KP attempt. Han is in today’s “most wanted” list as Anderson Cooper’s spy relates that he is the biggest thief of the day. At the first par three 6th hole, he stole what was a sure KP by EL CAPITAN whose tee shot was placed pin high no more than 28 inches from the pin. HAN stole it by putting his tee shot closer by no more than 9 inches.

The story of the day however, belongs to ALAN, who, by the way, brought along two friends to demons-trate what it takes to win at our weekly tour-nament – by shooting a birdie and staying on the short grass.

HARRY was ecstatic to find his game and was leader at the clubhouse as he was with the first group to tee off. His playing partners thought that a net 65.7 is good enough for 1st place. Unfortunately, it was not enough as ALAN recorded a net 64.1. CHANG HJ has climbed to 2nd place in the standing as he again scored in the 70’s aided by two birds. He is joined as a certified birdiehunter of the week by VINCENT, JOE, ERNIE, ALAN, ED.


Team Gold has a lot of catching up to do with a large point deficit after the first match play tournament. With the TWO-BALL-BEST-BALL format, Captain SIMON hopes to shape his team to stop TEAM BLUE from a runaway in the 2011 RYDER CUP Match Play. With Captain RORY of the BLUES being away, it remains to be seen if such would affect the BLUES’ morale.

Since this coincides with the 2nd Major Tournament of the year – BIRDIEHUNTER’S BC OPEN – everyone is gearing up for an exciting day this Thursday at Kings Links starting at 7:45 am.

Certified birdie


In a prelude to the 1st RYDER CUP Tournament of the birdiehunters, the boys set out Thursday, May 19, to get a feel for what will take place next week – SUMMER RULES – at Riverway Golf & Country Club at 8 am.

Three hunters who successfully kept their balls on the short stuff (fairways) emerged victorious. A tie for first place between one of the most seniors and the youngest player of the day was a first this season: El Capitan and JOHN. HAN’s continued consistent play earned him 3rd place and has taken over the lead in this year’s UPS Championship with 105 points. ED who is away in Las Vegas is now runner-up. It goes to show that in this very tight race, one can’t afford to be absent for a tournament.

The win for El Capitan catapulted him from 13th place to 7th – a jump over 5 contenders. As well, John went from 16th to 11th place. Excitement is certainly building up.

Next week is the 1st of a series of match play tournament-RYDER CUP between the LACOSTE BLUES and LACOSTE YELLOWS.

Amiable RORY and SIMON were nominated Team Captains of the BLUES and YELLOWS respectively. Because of the format of this tournament based on points earned (holes won) by a player, strategic planning by RORY and SIMON will influence the outcome. Thus, we anticipate the captains to guard their lineup of players until they get to the 1st tee. Expect to hear from your team captains about your role. It is best to coordinate efforts with them by email. If you do not see your name on the list and wish to participate, write to your “preferred” team captain below:

RORY – roryclip@gmail.com

SIMON – simontang@telus.net


The joy of golf is playing it by the rules. It is fair for everyone. Unfortunately with friendly games, we tend to be generous with each other: gimme this, gimme that! (Why waste time is often our alibi.) With SONNY on our disabled list, no one has stepped into his shoes as our RULES man. So here are some pointers:

  1. No gimme’s, please, please, please
  2. Never lift, touch, clean your ball when it is in play – without consensus from your playing partners. Do not decide that you deserve a “free drop”. (You can do whatever you want with your balls outside the golf course.)
  3. Lost ball incurs “stroke & distance” penalty. If you decide to play another ball from where you believe your original ball should be (instead of returning to the tee or where you last played it) you are hitting your 4th stroke. If you decide to “play another ball” because of loss in a hazard or lifting ball from GUR (ground under repair), drop it shoulder high.
  4. Difference and similarities between “regular” and “lateral” water hazard: Both require a one stroke penalty and the ball must be placed behind the water hazard in line with the target green. When the water hazard runs parallel to the fairway and it is impossible to go behind the hazard, it is designated as a “lateral water hazard” requiring the ball to be drop at its nearest point of entry, one club length from the perimeter of the hazard. Remember, yellow stake – you can go as far behind the hazard as you wish; red stake – drop one club length from point of entry. (Bet you did not know that!)


With a particularly eventful and busy week, this roving reporter has been delayed in his latest blog posting — but better late than never.

Yet another (another?!) cold and bleary morning greeted the Birdie Hunters last Thursday at Point Roberts. With rain and wind beating down on the faces of 11 eager golfers, this did not dampen their spirits — “Just call my name, and I’ll be there” said Harry, quoting a certain famous member of the Jackson Five (or Four). In the wee hours of the early morning, most everyone was primed and ready to go.

Grouped with Simon and John, this reporter started off horribly– with a double-bogey six. However, he quickly rebounded with a succession of pars and bogies before reaching the par-3 uphill 8th — a challenging hole in the best of conditions. After having to look for his ball after hitting his tee shot long into the bushes, he retrieved his ball and attempted to chip out onto the green. A mess of a shot led to a ball in the front bunker. This reporter needed two shots to escape, an additional chip to get onto the green, and two putts to hole out for a 7 on 8– ouch.

However, he was able to make his short memory to good use as he recovered with a par on the 9th – 45 on the front 9 – not looking good.

However, like a man on a mission, he managed to stay-on-track on the back nine, paring and at worst, bogeying 8 straight holes — on track for a 2 over on the back nine. However, a few critical mistakes and lapses in judgment led to an ugly “snowman” on the par 5 18th — leading to a back nine 41.

Fortunately, this reporter’s 86 net 67 was good enough for the top prize for the day (maybe he’s like his dad, a fan of Point Roberts), with Han and Bill placing 2nd and 3rd with their strong play as well. KPs were taken by Chang HJ, John, Eugene, and Simon.

This reporter is looking forward to the return of our fearless El Capitan and Vincent happy and well-rested — courtesy of some R&R in Aruba.


Before teeing off at Riverway on Thursday, May 5, a draw was held to determine the teams for the BIRDIEHUNTERS (RYDER CUPT) TEAM MATCH PLAY TOURNAMENT 2011.

It has been suggested that the names “Indians” and “Cowboys” are passé and that more exciting names for the two teams – the YELLOW JERSEY and the BLUE JERSEY (T-shirt) – be dropped for more exciting terms. So how about the CIA’s and the FBI’s? Maybe the “O’Bamas” and the “O’Samas” (give it an Irish flavor!)? How about the CHIEFS and the ADMIRALS?

We could establish a consensus before the start of the official match play tournament.


To make sure that pairings would be fair, we matched players of similar handicap indices and had the winner of the coin flip to choose a color-blue or yellow.

Here are the results:



Guidelines for participation:

  1. Those joining later during the season will be asked to flip a coin to determine which group they could play for.
  2. As in previous years, we established a tournament fee to cover for the following expenses:
    1. Cash prize for each of the top three team players (accumulated points)
    2. Dinner party at the conclusion of the tournament
  3. The suggested tournament fee is $75.
  4. Tournament shall be held on the last THURSDAY of the months of MAY, JUNE, JULY, AUGUST, and SEPTEMBER.
  5. The match play shall be a “net” competition using established handicap indices rounded up to a whole number, i.e., a 14.6 index shall have a 15 course handicap; a 17.3 index shall have a17 course handicap. If a 9 handicap player is matched against a 20 handicap player, the player with the higher handicap shall have a 1 stroke advantage on holes 1,2, and 10 to 18.
  6. One (1) point is awarded to the winner of a hole
  7. Points won by a player shall be added to the respective team’s total.
  8. Points accumulated by each player shall be tabulated at the end of the tournament. The best three (3) scorers for each team shall receive a cash award.

Here is the result of the “trial run” of the tournament yesterday:

Had this been a formal tournament, the BLUE TEAM would have won 41 points against 40 by the YELLOW TEAM. What is quite exciting is the point advantage by matched players.

HAN took 8 points from RORY who managed to win 3 points. JOE and CHANG HJ split 6 points. CHANG manhandled HARRY with a 7-5 win, while ERNIE is two better than SIMON (7-5). ED, the super-senior socked it to our youngest player, EUGENE with a 9-3 margin. VINCENT surrendered to ALAN by a 3-8 deficit. BILL put up the white flag against JOHN (2-9). ED, HAN, & CHANG LIM were the Yellow Team’s highest scorers while JOHN, ALAN, and ERNIE scored big for the BLUE’s.


Here is our leaderboard:

Two consecutive wins by ED catapults him to 1st place with 102 point. Han also made a move yesterday. BILL and JOE were bumped from 1st & 2nd place. Simon’s KP on the 11th hole moved him to 5th place. In only 1 game, ALAN roared to 9th place.

However, it is early in the game and those handicap indices are changing. It will be interesting to see how the super senior’s fantastic scores lately could lower his index.

He has now taken over Mr. SB#1 crown from VINCENT.



ERNIE captured a rare bird on the tough and long Par 4 – 4th hole with a 25 footer from the fringe nearly pin high and got another on the Par 3-6th. HAN, JOE, and ALAN had the other birds.

POINT ROBERTS @ 7:30am Thursday MAY 12

Twilight hours are moved back at most courses now. With Summer rates imposed on all courses, we are fortunate to get the last FOUR twilight tee times. Green fees are $48.