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For the 3rd year in a row, the GOLDs got to raise their thumbs up at the conclusion of the singles at Point Roberts last Thursday. Much could be attributed to the strategy that Team Captain MARIO devised for the three matches.

CHRIS has been stellar in all three matches as he posted a 3-0.  The GOLDs’ team captain also contributed to the routing of the BLUEs with a 2-0-1 record.

The BLUEs did not surrender easily, though. Although down 3 points to start the Championship match, DANNY, HARRY, SUNNY,  JOE, BILL, JOHN, and Team Captain VINCENT gave it their very best. KING KONG played like a devil possessed, playing -9 under with his index. His long undulating downhill birdie putt from about 27 feet on the tough 7th hole was enough to deflate his adversary’s confidence (EL KAPITAN) who himself had barely missed a birdie putt. EL K’s birdie on the 14th hole was too little too late as he surrendered a point to the BLUEs.

DANNY scorched DAVID in the 1st match and the most surprising is BIG JOHN handing SIMON a loss!



In the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie, the GOLDs were treated to a nice lunch at the clubhouse after the game.

In the end, in spite of the outcome, the friendship within the group prevailed. We were happy that all stayed for the drinks, the laugher, the kibitzing after the game including BILL and SUNNY who often sneak away after games due to their obligations.


That is how LU was often greeted at our games two years ago. An old BIRDIEHUNTER, LU is in BC for a three week visit from Beijing. He made sure that his first stop is …. a game with us! WELCOME, LU, LU, LU!

He tells us how much he missed Canada, and US, that it is a lot more pleasant here….although there is “more money” in Beijing! 🙂


Everyone is pleased with the consensus reached – that DAVID and DANNY will be the next TEAM CAPTAINs.


Could the BLUEs break the trend? Can DANNY call on his team to reverse the course of Match Play History within the Birdiehunters?







RYDERCUP-2014-TEAMSUnlike the PGA’s RYDER CUP teams in matching colours and outfit, the BIRDIEHUNTERS choose to be colourful, although we have to admit that many of these guys are really colour-blind.

The first match at KINGS LINKS mimics conditions at the British Open as the wind wrecked havoc. Although it was bright and sunny, the strong north wind played a big part in the game as shot making and club selection was vital. Even on the green, most had difficult time judging the speed of putts. Scores on this day tell the story.

GOLDs lead by 2 points

Here is a pictorial account of the 7 matches:



RYDERCUP-2014-MATCHES---2The strong favourites -BLUES- may need to come up with a good strategy for the next TWO-BALL BEST BALL match. It would be quite a task for the two captains to decide who plays.

THERE ARE A FEW members who may contribute to the tournament. Both teams are hoping that the “reserve corps” of BILL, DANNY, SUNNY, SHUBASH, and RORY would add to the excitement of the next two games.


Our planned trip to NorthView Canal has been pre-empted by 2 tournaments running simultaneously on that day. Hence, we have scheduled the next two games:



AUGUST 1 game shall be held elsewhere (as our game at Point Roberts is advanced one week for the match play championship). Watch for announcements about that.


As in previous years, we are celebrating the conclusion of this year’s Championship Match Play with a Special Lunch at Point Roberts. (Yes, there would be “roasted baked chicken”, SUNNY!) Make sure you block that day to be part of a grand occasion!



RYDER CUP – Could the BLUES stop singing the Blues?


With KING KONG having the microphone (hugging the mic is more like it), he led the BLUES last year in singing – the blues, that is!


Could the BLUES escape the curse and get their revenge this year?

The GOLDs, on paper, would appear to be the underdogs this year. Why? Look at the BLUES’ members! JOHN is a MASTERS Champ. ED is a UPS Champ. VINCENT and HARRY are both past MASTERS Champs! MILES is also a past champ. JOE is a multiple winner this year and is now 2nd only to DAVID in gross scoring.

It would seem that the LAS VEGAS odds might look like this: BLUES – 350; GOLDS +350 – meaning that a $100 bet on the BLUES would only net $65; a $100 bet on the GOLDS would win $135!

TEAM CAPTAINS MARIO and VINCENT  could be in for a daunting task to set up their matches.

BLUES – Winners 2011 Ryder Cup Championship

Beaming with pride in their come-back victory against a strong GOLD Team are HARRY, GERRY, ERNIE, MILES, JOE, BERT, and JOHN.

When the day started, the BLUEs trailed the GOLDs by 5 point. Here is how the final championship match play developed:

12:15 – BERT trounced ED soundly with an 8 – 5 advantage narrowing the GOLD’s lead to only 2 points.

12: 18 – SUNNY could only manage 4 points against ERNIE’s 11. It was the match that clinched it for the BLUEs as they overtook the GOLDs by 5 points that would hold up for the rest of the matches.

12:23 – MILES and CHANG HJ halved the points with 6 each while JOHN’s “A” game eclipsed BILL 6 – 3 with the score now being 131-123.

12:31 – VINCENT took 1 point back for the GOLDs when he defeated HARRY  7-6.

12:39 – SIMON’s strategy going against GERRY paid off as he soundly disposed of his adversary by a huge 10 – 4 margin, narrowing the BLUEs’ lead to only 1 point. However, JOE who was win-less in the previous 3 matches, came through with a solid performance against a top player for the GOLDs – HAN, beating him by a 6-4 margin for a fabulous win by the BLUES 147-144.

Strategy backfired?

With the BLUE’s Captain RORY helping out a dear friend with a serious family issue in Kelowna, a suggested match up was communicated to GOLD’s Captain SIMON. In the “classified” document, three of the matches were ratified: JOHN against BILL; JOE against HAN; and MILES squaring off with CHANG HJ. In those three matches, BLUE’s JOHN, JOE, and MILES combined 18 points for the BLUEs with their opponents registering 13 points. That essentially tied the championship, since the GOLDs led by 5 points before the start of the final match play.

It would have been quite interesting had SIMON played against BERT; ERNIE vs. VINCENT; HARRY against SUNNY; and ED vs. GERRY. Based on net scores these matches would have been much closer with probably a slight edge in favor of the GOLD since ED’s score was better than GERRY’S.


The chart above shows the TOP THREE SCORING leaders for each team.

It was a fabulous tournament that deserved a great party! We enjoyed the amenities and hospitality of the new Riverway Clubhouse and delighted that we had Kirsty taking care of us throughout the occasion.


After a decent drive, he chunks his approach on the first hole depositing his ball into the left bunker. He skulls his next shot to the rough thirty yards to the right of the green. Then his hard approach settles nearly 30 feet from the pin. He now sits four. What happens next is what one might see in a Disney Fantasy movie. He dunks it for a bogie! What?

If you were playing against him and that does not rattle your patuti, what would?

Sure enough, he comes in with a net 66.9 for the day for the big win. His nickname “The Screamer” (because he muscles his shots and with a hang time of less than three seconds, gets his ball out 200 yards with a 23 degree lofted rescue club!) is now replaced with “The Magician”.

Quiet in the background, HAN continues to pad his lead with accurate sharpshooting and he keeps winning KPs. But the best shot of the day belongs to ALAN. With the pin tucked way at the back of the green nearly 147 yards on the par three 15th, EUGENE deposited his tee shot about less than 14 feet and his group believed that with such pin placement, he is guaranteed a win. Not so! HAN beat his marker but not for long. ALAN drilled his even closer for what is probably the “shot of the day”. No, he did not skull his three wood!

 The race to the top of the leader-board is getting exciting although HAN sits comfortably at the top. EUGENE at 3rd has some mixed feelings – he enjoys his position in the championship but has secured himself a job! It means that unless something changes, he can’t make our Thursday tournaments. SIMON’s win lifted him to 4th place. CHANG HJ who shot a 77, also improved to 6th place.

BILL is on his way to Germany, Beijing, and Jakarta and will be back only at the end of the month. He is in danger of slipping down the leaderboard.

TRIAL RUN for RYDER CUP -Two-ball-best-ball

Team blue conceded 9 points to Team Gold for this trial run giving them some confidence that on June 30th, they could make up some points deficit to bolster their chances for the 2011 cup. Captain Rory smiles and says, “We’ll see!”

Ryder Cup Match Play Championship – Breaking News

Team GOLD lost its luster starting with the 1st match between JOHN and VINCENT.  It was nearly a wipe out with JOHN scoring 11 points for the BLUES against VINCENT’S 4. In the 2nd match, SIMON (4 points) surrendered 7 points to EUGENE. ERNIE bamboozled his great friend ED with a 10-5 lead. Interestingly, it was ALAN that gave the BLUES a rare win with his 6-5 advantage against Team Gold’s strongest player – CHANG HJ. With Alan’s score (6) TEAM BLUE took the lead for the day without ever looking back (34 points).

HAN’s shellacking of JOE by a margin of 8-2 did not matter since that gave Team Gold only 26 points.

JOHN put the icing on the cake with his 11 points; BILL’s 3 brought Team Gold their total of  29 points.

(Note: an audit of the scores indicates that SIMON tied the 18th hole against EUGENE. Therefore the edited team scores are: BLUES – 43, GOLD, 30!) Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah! However, there is a dispute as EUGENE believes that he made a par on the 18th while SIMON had a double bogey. This needs to be resolve. It could be a contentious point!)

CONGRATULATIONS to CAPTAIN RORY of the BLUES for a thorough bashing of the GOLDS.

Looking at the pictures below, there is a tell-tale sign of how things are shaping up between the two teams. Can anyone see what that is?

Here is the TEAM GOLD.


Simultaneous with the RYDER CUP’s 1st Match Play was our first MAJOR tournament which was won by JOHN convincingly. This also catapulted him into 5th place in our UPS CHAMPIONSHIP surpassing BILL. The big story is HAN surging ahead of the pack with 131 points. CHANG HJ is also starting to make a move. He now is just a few points behind JOE.

ED remains in 2nd place just ahead of EUGENE.