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For the 3rd year in a row, the GOLDs got to raise their thumbs up at the conclusion of the singles at Point Roberts last Thursday. Much could be attributed to the strategy that Team Captain MARIO devised for the three matches.

CHRIS has been stellar in all three matches as he posted a 3-0.  The GOLDs’ team captain also contributed to the routing of the BLUEs with a 2-0-1 record.

The BLUEs did not surrender easily, though. Although down 3 points to start the Championship match, DANNY, HARRY, SUNNY,  JOE, BILL, JOHN, and Team Captain VINCENT gave it their very best. KING KONG played like a devil possessed, playing -9 under with his index. His long undulating downhill birdie putt from about 27 feet on the tough 7th hole was enough to deflate his adversary’s confidence (EL KAPITAN) who himself had barely missed a birdie putt. EL K’s birdie on the 14th hole was too little too late as he surrendered a point to the BLUEs.

DANNY scorched DAVID in the 1st match and the most surprising is BIG JOHN handing SIMON a loss!



In the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie, the GOLDs were treated to a nice lunch at the clubhouse after the game.

In the end, in spite of the outcome, the friendship within the group prevailed. We were happy that all stayed for the drinks, the laugher, the kibitzing after the game including BILL and SUNNY who often sneak away after games due to their obligations.


That is how LU was often greeted at our games two years ago. An old BIRDIEHUNTER, LU is in BC for a three week visit from Beijing. He made sure that his first stop is …. a game with us! WELCOME, LU, LU, LU!

He tells us how much he missed Canada, and US, that it is a lot more pleasant here….although there is “more money” in Beijing! 🙂


Everyone is pleased with the consensus reached – that DAVID and DANNY will be the next TEAM CAPTAINs.


Could the BLUEs break the trend? Can DANNY call on his team to reverse the course of Match Play History within the Birdiehunters?







TOUR #8 – Kings Links WINNERS


1st place – MARIO (center); 2nd place – KING KONG (left); 3rd place – HAN (right)

If you can putt; if you can stay away from the rough; then you can score at Kings Links! Now then, if you add luck to that, then you are unbeatable. That seemed to be the case with our Tour #8 winners. I think we could add a nickname to the top prize winner – “Sneaky long”. Now, now, we are referring to his tee shots, silly! MARIO must have been studying Ben Arda’s tapes. In case you are not aware, Ben Arda was the Philippines best golfer during his time. At only 5’7″ tall,  Ben was the first Filipino to qualify for the Masters and the US Open. Diminutive as he was in stature, he could smash his drives with unimaginable distance earning the nickname “Bantam Ben” and “Toy Tiger”!

Meanwhile KING KONG HARRY erased his 9 on the opening hole par 5 (2nd) by putting together a series of pars.  He settled down after a few holes and kept his “unforced errors” to a minimum to  come in with a terrific score for 2nd place.

Meanwhile, it seems that HAN has contracted BRINKS Security to handle his bank loot from all the tournaments. He has been the winningest member so far. So don’t be alarmed when he shows up at Point Roberts with armed guards.


When HARRY’s BLUE team posted a 48-43 lead over VINCENT’s YELLOW team on the first day’s singles matches at Kings Links and then followed it up with a 13-10 GOLD shellacking at Mayfair Lakes, the BLUES started celebrating. HARRY’s BLUES had all the big guns firing on both days.

SIMON, always inspired when playing against EL CAPITAN, trounced the latter with a margin of 11-5. JOE manhandled RORY 8-2, and HARRY squeezed by the YELLOW’s captain VINCENT 9-8. Only two of the GOLD’s posted winning scores: BILL unexpectedly humbled the swashbuckling, long driving, relative rookie of the BLUES, JOHN, with a 9-2 margin. SHUBASH took a point from LU 8-7. HORANGI against BRAD and MILES against CHANG HJ split their matches evenly. Game ONE belonged to the BLUES 48-43.

In the TWO-BALL-BEST-BALL, the BLUE’s continued to steam roller their opponents taking 13 points against 10 and increased their leads to 61 against 53.

Unexpected contingencies forced the cancellation of the 2-ball match. Nearly down and out, the YELLOW team were down to the SINGLES matches at RIVERWAY last Thursday. At MacDonald the two opposing captains conferred before the CHAMPIONSHIP match to determine the pairings. It was almost an unthinkable and improbable situation for the YELLOW team. Out-manned on the last day of the RYDER CUP MATCH, what chances are there for such raucous and inspired BLUE team to surrender their lead?

There was only one thing in VINCENT’s mind: “The Americans led until the very last day. Olazabal reminded his team that this version of the RYDER’S CUP was to be dedicated to the memory of SEVE BALLESTEROS. It may be unthinkable, improbable, but it is never impossible.”

And so, in a fashion as dramatic as the EUROPEAN’s comeback on the last day of the RYDER’s CUP, the GOLD TEAM (with a capital G, and no longer the YELLOWs) roared back like a two-storey tsunami and took the BLUES to the deep blue sea with their captain, VINCENT, taking 9-2 from LU. ERNIE out-duelled the BLUE’s captain KING KONG 8-4. RORY was tough against SIMON 6-5. CHANG found his A game to dispose of our top-ranked MILES 8-5. However, what was most intriguing, if not surprising is the complete annihilation of HORANGI by BRAD with a 10-5 margin.

Thus, the GOLD tsunami silenced and humbled the BLUES with an incredible 41-21 difference when all the GOLD’s took every single match on the last day in an amazing comeback pulling in 94 points against 82.


On Thursday, we will conclude our “formal” season with two trophies at stake – the MASTERS and the UPS. The top 7 players in the UPS have a mathematical chance to win it all on this last day.

The latest UPS statistics show HORANGI leading JOE and CHANG. However, anyone of the top seven could wrestle the crown if they could put it all together at Mayfair Lakes.

At the same time, the 2nd and championship game of the MASTERS will also be hotly contested. The MASTERS leaderboard:

VINCENT –   66.7
CHANG HJ – 69.0
RORY –          69.7
ERNIE –         70.3
SIMON –       73.6
LU –               74.5
BRAD –          74.8
HARRY –       76.6
MILES –        77.3
JOHN –          80.2
HAN –            81.2

“You’ll never know” goes the saying and that may be quite possible with this colorful group. For instance, how could the UPS leader possibly be at the bottom of the MASTERS’ ladder?

We tee it off at MAYFAIR LAKES starting at 8:45 am. Lunch party will follow at a select venue to be announced after the game.


ALAN & VINCENT dethroned

Winner of one Major Tournament on May 26 2011, JOHN has snagged two huge purses for the day at the MATCH PLAY CHAMPIONSHIP. He won 1st place in the day’s tournament and took 2nd prize for being the 2nd highest BLUE TEAM scoring leader. The Brinks truck with four heavily armed security men took his winnings for deposit to a Swiss Bank.

In addition, he now owns the inglorious SB#1 crown which ALAN & VINCENT previously coveted. VINCENT tried his best to retain the crown with his net 66.1. Unfortunately, another contender, SIMON, logged in a gross 80 (6 over par), precariously nearly edging the SB#1 King. Incidentally, JOHN also won the year’s First Major Tournament with a similar score.

As a result, he moves into 3rd place in the UPS Leaderboard ahead of ALAN.

SIMON also surges ahead with his 2nd place win and a tie for the GOLD Team scoring leadership which was shared amongst him, HAN, and VINCENT.

Meanwhile, with ALAN’s absence, HARRY captured 3rd place in the BLUE TEAM’s scoring leadership.

EL CAPITAN is the BLUE’s scoring leader with 29 points, the highest overall scoring leader of both teams.


The site of this year’s last major shall be MORGAN CREEK starting at 7:24 on September 8 and KINGS LINKS at 8 am on September 16.

This Thursday, we play NORTH VIEW CANAL starting at 8 am.

GOLDs RALLY – Now Leading by 1 point

In a Texas Scramble format, Team Gold managed to erase their deficit in the 2011 Team  Ryder Cup Match Play. Captain SIMON’s line up yielded 18 points for the day out-maneuvering Assistant Captain JOHN who had to assume the duties of Captain RORY who is forever gallivanting all over the place.

With only one more match remaining, TEAM BLUE is dire in need of a great “mano-a-mano” strategy. With their Captain being away, they are starting to sing the blues.  Meanwhile, with SUNNY having been reactivated from the disable list, Captain SIMON quickly seized the opportunity to match him up with the top player in the 2011 UPS Leaderboard – HAN. Although they surrendered a point to the BLUES team of ALAN & GERRY (4-5), they managed to outscore them by net 56 – 57. It enabled them to tie for the day’s jackpot with BILL & ED.

That is another story. At the first tee, ED’s drive was wild to the right while BILL’s was dead center. They had to use BILL’s position on their 2nd shot and managed to escape with a net par. On the 2nd hole, ED was again way right with his drive and had his partner to thank for a fairly easy approach. BILL did not miss the green with his approach and ED took advantage of his opportunity and creamed his 9 iron to less than 6 inches for a natural birdie. It set the tone for a frustrating day for BLUES’ ERNIE and HARRY. On so many holes in the back nine, one statement reverberated over and over again throughout the entire city of Richmond: “Good thing you got BILL for a partner!”

Meanwhile, what remains as a mystery is the horrible performance of JOE, who is one of the top Birdiehunters. His point total output of 10 for 3 RYDER CUP games is one of the reasons the BLUES are trailing the GOLDS. JOE is 0-3 in his matches. JOHN leads with 19 points with ERNIE and ALAN just shy with 18 points each. Although JOHN is 1 – 2, his 11 points during the 1st match keeps him in the lead. ERNIE is 1 – 1 with a tie. ALAN is 2 – 1.

The GOLD Team’s leader HAN is 2 – 1 and leads with 21 points. BILL strong play is also 2 – 1 at 2nd place. VINCENT is also 2 – 1 while SIMON is 2 – 0 -1 tie. These statistics could assist both Team Captains to unleash a formidable match.

This sets up a fabulous return to Individual MATCH PLAY championship on August 26. The two team captains will have to put together a line up for a successful quest of the 2011 RYDER CUP MATCH PLAY CHAMPIONSHIP.


Meanwhile, there seem to be no stopping the TOP TWO leaders, HAN and ED. They continue to rake in points on every tournament. ALAN at 222 point could conceivably have a chance at overtaking both leaders this Thursday at Point Roberts. BILL, JOHN, and SIMON have to put together a string of wins in the next three weeks to have a chance at closing the gap. The next 4 players would need a minor miracle to have a chance at the championship. There are 8-10 more weeks of tournament play before the official season closes at mid-October.


Start time is 7:30. Be there bright and early. Join us at Tsawassen’s McDonald at 6:30 for breakfast.


ALAN says that he plays in the 80’s…………..but if it gets any warmer, he’d rather go swimming. Well, last week, he joined Vincent in the Birdiehunters Hall of Flame for the “inglorious” (basterd!) deed of shooting 10 below par.

When SIMON finished his round last week, he approached the 2nd group just finishing their game behind the 18th tee. He had a grin on his face the size of Panama Canal. He immediately demanded the surrender of the score card of the foursome when someone mistakenly asked the question to which SIMON answered without a tint of hesitation, “I shot 80!” That is 9 under par from his index. VINCENT was salivating as he, too, was sitting at 8 under. They were one and two at the time.


It was an excruciating wait for SIMON because the next group was so far behind. It seems that the marshal at MAYFAIR LAKES have now conferred with  the marshal at RIVERWAY, POINT ROBERTS, and KING LINKS, to track down the “culprits of slow play”. According to my classified information, these golf peace officers are now using the latest satellite tracking technology to zero in on golfers who are believed to be playing chess or Chinese checkers between shots.

Here is what the marshals have discovered. They saw  a diminutive person in our group who takes more than two or three practice swings on every shot; circles the entire green 360 degrees; and waits for lightning strike before hitting his putt. They also followed a tall lanky fellow and reported that this person spends minutes checking his GPS…..on the tee……at a par 5! It seems that the diminutive guy and the tall lanky fellow went to the same putting school: circle the green 360 degrees; repair every divot; clear the tiniest grain of sand; sight-plumb every possible break…..then go and play chess before making a putt. They also observed the tall lanky fellow use the GPS on “every shot”, including a flop-shot to the green….and promptly takes a 10 on the hole! I told the marshals, they are sorely mistaken. We don’t have a golf fanatic in our group who mimics Jack Nicklaus or Charles Barkley!


When the next group checked in SIMON’s grin turned pickle as ALAN came in with his 79; JOE with 74; and HAN at 81.

ALAN’S win has pushed his standing from 7th place to 4th. The leaders are still comfortably ahead but the tides are starting to turn.


There were TEN BIRDIES last week: 3 by JOE; 2 by SIMON; and 1 by ERNIE, HAN, ED, and ALAN.


Tomorrow’s TWO-BALL Scramble would determine the mettle of either team (BLUE and GOLD). 

TEAM GOLD has SIMON, ED, VINCENT, BILL, HAN, and substituting for CHANG HJ who is away is SUNNY.




Ryder Cup Match Play Championship – Breaking News

Team GOLD lost its luster starting with the 1st match between JOHN and VINCENT.  It was nearly a wipe out with JOHN scoring 11 points for the BLUES against VINCENT’S 4. In the 2nd match, SIMON (4 points) surrendered 7 points to EUGENE. ERNIE bamboozled his great friend ED with a 10-5 lead. Interestingly, it was ALAN that gave the BLUES a rare win with his 6-5 advantage against Team Gold’s strongest player – CHANG HJ. With Alan’s score (6) TEAM BLUE took the lead for the day without ever looking back (34 points).

HAN’s shellacking of JOE by a margin of 8-2 did not matter since that gave Team Gold only 26 points.

JOHN put the icing on the cake with his 11 points; BILL’s 3 brought Team Gold their total of  29 points.

(Note: an audit of the scores indicates that SIMON tied the 18th hole against EUGENE. Therefore the edited team scores are: BLUES – 43, GOLD, 30!) Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah! However, there is a dispute as EUGENE believes that he made a par on the 18th while SIMON had a double bogey. This needs to be resolve. It could be a contentious point!)

CONGRATULATIONS to CAPTAIN RORY of the BLUES for a thorough bashing of the GOLDS.

Looking at the pictures below, there is a tell-tale sign of how things are shaping up between the two teams. Can anyone see what that is?

Here is the TEAM GOLD.


Simultaneous with the RYDER CUP’s 1st Match Play was our first MAJOR tournament which was won by JOHN convincingly. This also catapulted him into 5th place in our UPS CHAMPIONSHIP surpassing BILL. The big story is HAN surging ahead of the pack with 131 points. CHANG HJ is also starting to make a move. He now is just a few points behind JOE.

ED remains in 2nd place just ahead of EUGENE.




In a prelude to the 1st RYDER CUP Tournament of the birdiehunters, the boys set out Thursday, May 19, to get a feel for what will take place next week – SUMMER RULES – at Riverway Golf & Country Club at 8 am.

Three hunters who successfully kept their balls on the short stuff (fairways) emerged victorious. A tie for first place between one of the most seniors and the youngest player of the day was a first this season: El Capitan and JOHN. HAN’s continued consistent play earned him 3rd place and has taken over the lead in this year’s UPS Championship with 105 points. ED who is away in Las Vegas is now runner-up. It goes to show that in this very tight race, one can’t afford to be absent for a tournament.

The win for El Capitan catapulted him from 13th place to 7th – a jump over 5 contenders. As well, John went from 16th to 11th place. Excitement is certainly building up.

Next week is the 1st of a series of match play tournament-RYDER CUP between the LACOSTE BLUES and LACOSTE YELLOWS.

Amiable RORY and SIMON were nominated Team Captains of the BLUES and YELLOWS respectively. Because of the format of this tournament based on points earned (holes won) by a player, strategic planning by RORY and SIMON will influence the outcome. Thus, we anticipate the captains to guard their lineup of players until they get to the 1st tee. Expect to hear from your team captains about your role. It is best to coordinate efforts with them by email. If you do not see your name on the list and wish to participate, write to your “preferred” team captain below:

RORY – roryclip@gmail.com

SIMON – simontang@telus.net


The joy of golf is playing it by the rules. It is fair for everyone. Unfortunately with friendly games, we tend to be generous with each other: gimme this, gimme that! (Why waste time is often our alibi.) With SONNY on our disabled list, no one has stepped into his shoes as our RULES man. So here are some pointers:

  1. No gimme’s, please, please, please
  2. Never lift, touch, clean your ball when it is in play – without consensus from your playing partners. Do not decide that you deserve a “free drop”. (You can do whatever you want with your balls outside the golf course.)
  3. Lost ball incurs “stroke & distance” penalty. If you decide to play another ball from where you believe your original ball should be (instead of returning to the tee or where you last played it) you are hitting your 4th stroke. If you decide to “play another ball” because of loss in a hazard or lifting ball from GUR (ground under repair), drop it shoulder high.
  4. Difference and similarities between “regular” and “lateral” water hazard: Both require a one stroke penalty and the ball must be placed behind the water hazard in line with the target green. When the water hazard runs parallel to the fairway and it is impossible to go behind the hazard, it is designated as a “lateral water hazard” requiring the ball to be drop at its nearest point of entry, one club length from the perimeter of the hazard. Remember, yellow stake – you can go as far behind the hazard as you wish; red stake – drop one club length from point of entry. (Bet you did not know that!)


With a particularly eventful and busy week, this roving reporter has been delayed in his latest blog posting — but better late than never.

Yet another (another?!) cold and bleary morning greeted the Birdie Hunters last Thursday at Point Roberts. With rain and wind beating down on the faces of 11 eager golfers, this did not dampen their spirits — “Just call my name, and I’ll be there” said Harry, quoting a certain famous member of the Jackson Five (or Four). In the wee hours of the early morning, most everyone was primed and ready to go.

Grouped with Simon and John, this reporter started off horribly– with a double-bogey six. However, he quickly rebounded with a succession of pars and bogies before reaching the par-3 uphill 8th — a challenging hole in the best of conditions. After having to look for his ball after hitting his tee shot long into the bushes, he retrieved his ball and attempted to chip out onto the green. A mess of a shot led to a ball in the front bunker. This reporter needed two shots to escape, an additional chip to get onto the green, and two putts to hole out for a 7 on 8– ouch.

However, he was able to make his short memory to good use as he recovered with a par on the 9th – 45 on the front 9 – not looking good.

However, like a man on a mission, he managed to stay-on-track on the back nine, paring and at worst, bogeying 8 straight holes — on track for a 2 over on the back nine. However, a few critical mistakes and lapses in judgment led to an ugly “snowman” on the par 5 18th — leading to a back nine 41.

Fortunately, this reporter’s 86 net 67 was good enough for the top prize for the day (maybe he’s like his dad, a fan of Point Roberts), with Han and Bill placing 2nd and 3rd with their strong play as well. KPs were taken by Chang HJ, John, Eugene, and Simon.

This reporter is looking forward to the return of our fearless El Capitan and Vincent happy and well-rested — courtesy of some R&R in Aruba.


With El Capitan and VINCENT off to Aruba, we were expecting our roving journalist to give us an account of how he bolted into third place on the leaderboard. Perhaps we will hear from him shortly.

With the late arrival of Spring, we are finally seeing the ground firm up and expect that soon we will be invoking summer rule. Perhaps this Thursday.

Meanwhile, here is the updated Leaderboard. With ED gallivanting in Las Vegas this week, he could be dethroned by the time he returns next week. GERRY is back from Europe and is playing this week. VINCENT extended his excursion and is visiting with relatives in Toronto. CHANG L is in San Diego this week as well. RORY is roaring to get into high gears. Expect a great game from him tomorrow.


With only a week to prepare for the match play tournament, each team will need to designate a TEAM CAPTAIN. The two captains will decide their lineup for the 1st game. Obviously the objective is to match a team member against another for the purpose of gaining the best point advantage for the team.

Thus, it is necessary for the team captain to ascertain who is sure to be playing for the team.

As for the team names and tournament fee, we will decide these by Monday. If a majority consensus cannot be established (by lack of votes), then EL CAPITAN will intercede and make the final decision. I bet you would not want that, so get going and cast your vote.


VINCENT and El Capitan had a fabulous time in Aruba. The highlight of course is the Robert Trent Jones Championship Course at Tierra Del Sol. It is a combination of a desert-links scenario. At one of the holes we found a rare Albino Mountain Goat and had a chance to capture that moment on video.  


It was one of those days. The Province’s weather map shows “80% probability of precipitation”. The dark clouds covered the sky as far as the eyes can see and the wet drive from Richmond was enough to paint an exasperated look on HARRY’s face, particularly after realizing that he set his 6 o’clock alarm for 6 “PM”. Late for his 6:30 am limousine pick up service, he had to
rush out in minutes. Thank goodness he showered the night before….or did he?

BILL shows up at Riverway and promptly announced that he is turning back.

JOE called to say “he has fever“!

CHANG did not bother.

At the clubhouse, there was a conundrum to be solved: should we or shouldn’t we? In a majority consensus, the loyal BIRDIEHUNTERS set out to the first tee. It was not raining. It was more of an over abundance of morning dew.

By the 4th hole, the umbrellas were folded; the clouds started to lift. Faith is rewarded. At the turn the sun peeked through the clouds and HARRY was teeing off (below) in the warm, glowing and glorious morning.

It has been written time and time again that the BIRDIEHUNTERS are blessed! But few are believers. One of these days, we will invite Dr. Norman Vincent Peale to preach on “The Power of Positive Thinking”.

The faithful hunters enjoyed a marvelous day and celebrated the wins of ED (83), RORY (84), and ERNIE (88) at the newly opened cafeteria with Ms. Terry, our lovely hostess.


With the leader (BILL) electing to skip the game and the others at the top of the leaderboard sun basking in Arizona, it is starting to get interesting. Here are the winners at Riverway and the standings:

Most significant move after yesterday’s game was ED taking over 3rd place bumping EUGENE who remains 4th, tied with HAN.


It is difficult to ignore the fabulous condition of Riverway at this time of the year plus, the brand new club house and restaurant will be fully operational next week.

With a few guys returning from field trips and excursions, we may have a full slate next THURSDAY.

It would be a great time to come with our brand new LACOSTE BIRDIEHUNTERS T-SHIRTS – BLUE COLOR. Only a few more shirts are available. If you do not have yours, better reserve a pair (BLUE – YELLOW).