As the year draws to a close, 20130509_083103_1we reflect upon the great year of golf we have had.


There are many outstanding achievements during the year. Probably the most impressive one is the incredible year HAN has had.020101_000000_import_002

From a barefoot stance a few years ago with a 14 index, he has risen to the top with a 9! He used to be even with Joe. Now he must spot Joe 3 strokes. How’s that for a great leap! No one could come close to his UPS lead for the year!

20120214_185139_We woke up a “sleeping giant”!

Could this merely be a coincidence? Take a look at this:


The guy who is always clamouring for “more strokes” in a Nassau and skins game is often “quietly” (that is an exaggeration) counting his winnings in most matches. He does not want to call attention to his scoring ability and often clings to his “I’m just lucky” expression, which of course, we all know as BS. Oh, we should reverse that and call him Mr. SB#1! In case you are wondering who that is, let me provide you a little reminder:

020101_000000_import_005Maybe it has something to do with the “hugs and kisses” he receives before going out to a game of golf:

100815_183158_importThere is another event that is worth mentioning in order to motivate the “guys singing the blues” to take lessons from Sean Foley (now that Tiger has fired him) or Hank Haney. The BLUES have now lost more than 3 times in a row in our RYDER CUP MATCH PLAY. Their new 2015 CAPTAIN DANNY, has his work cut out for him. He may have to do something about one of his players who plays like he sings (the blues):harry

harry-1Could 2015 be the year that he would soon “come out of the closet” – (now stop thinking like that!) – and live up to his King Kong potential?

Calvin and Hobbes Laughing(This is no laughing matter at all!)

Another significant event in the year is one that pertains to the loss of one of our members to Cebu Country Club…or is it the Pueblo…Riviera? The latest news is that he is now clamouring for dual citizenship – Philippines:


In a recent PAL INTERCLUB captain’s meeting, we are told that he had provided touring services to ED and others visiting Cagayan de Oro!

Is it true that he now owns a few condos in the Island? Condos as in buildings; not Durex! Although I am certain he must have a supply of those, too!

One thing we will surely miss in the new year is our participation in the interclub. The event has always been a lot of fun…a lot of food … entertainment…. and the IMG_0105IMG_0100spoils. Below is how HEE JEAW explains it.

There are a few issues about this. There was delay in announcing the event. What usually take place on the 1st Thursday of October was held more than a month later – November 13 – which is so close to the event itself. What this meant was that there was little time to plan. On a long (13 hour flight), it takes months to make sure of reserving flights at preferred rates.
EL KAPITAN did not receive the international (preferred) flight package for the event until the middle of December – which is way too late. Now a new directive to all Team Captains is that the venue has been changed from Cagayan to Cebu! Imagine the hotel and transport bookings that now have to be cancelled! Imagine scrambling for hotel reservations in Cebu this late in the game! So much for the GOLF EXCURSION!

IMG_0608But that does not mean that we have abandoned the idea of an exotic golf excursion somewhere. We are now working on our 2016 golf excursion. Announcements about this event will be made early in the year – before the summer 2015 golf start. PREPARE TO JOIN US!

I am sure you have other recollections for the year….SHARE THEM WITH US! You can easily do that by adding your comments below.

Finally, let me share with your our family Christmas Card below!









For the 3rd year in a row, the GOLDs got to raise their thumbs up at the conclusion of the singles at Point Roberts last Thursday. Much could be attributed to the strategy that Team Captain MARIO devised for the three matches.

CHRIS has been stellar in all three matches as he posted a 3-0.  The GOLDs’ team captain also contributed to the routing of the BLUEs with a 2-0-1 record.

The BLUEs did not surrender easily, though. Although down 3 points to start the Championship match, DANNY, HARRY, SUNNY,  JOE, BILL, JOHN, and Team Captain VINCENT gave it their very best. KING KONG played like a devil possessed, playing -9 under with his index. His long undulating downhill birdie putt from about 27 feet on the tough 7th hole was enough to deflate his adversary’s confidence (EL KAPITAN) who himself had barely missed a birdie putt. EL K’s birdie on the 14th hole was too little too late as he surrendered a point to the BLUEs.

DANNY scorched DAVID in the 1st match and the most surprising is BIG JOHN handing SIMON a loss!



In the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie, the GOLDs were treated to a nice lunch at the clubhouse after the game.

In the end, in spite of the outcome, the friendship within the group prevailed. We were happy that all stayed for the drinks, the laugher, the kibitzing after the game including BILL and SUNNY who often sneak away after games due to their obligations.


That is how LU was often greeted at our games two years ago. An old BIRDIEHUNTER, LU is in BC for a three week visit from Beijing. He made sure that his first stop is …. a game with us! WELCOME, LU, LU, LU!

He tells us how much he missed Canada, and US, that it is a lot more pleasant here….although there is “more money” in Beijing! 🙂


Everyone is pleased with the consensus reached – that DAVID and DANNY will be the next TEAM CAPTAINs.


Could the BLUEs break the trend? Can DANNY call on his team to reverse the course of Match Play History within the Birdiehunters?






Welcome to LU, who joined us yesterday at Riverway!

Strong cold northeasterly winds made it extremely difficult yesterday at Riverway resulting in many “over par” scores except for the winner, JOHN. HARRY recovered from a horrendous front nine to steal 2nd place. LITTLE JOE scrambled his way to 3rd place saving many par putts from varying distances. Actually, JOE’s honesty is affirmed. With his frustration on the long par 4 12th hole, he back-handed a short putt for a 7 and missed. He declared a quadruple bogey 8 – his only mistake.

EL CAPITAN made it in two at the par five 5th hole but failed to convert his eagle or birdie putt. HOWARD put his KP t-shot on the 1st par 3 so close that no one could steal it. JOHN took one from HARRY. Actually JOHN snared TWO KPs taking home the biggest purse so far in a single game.

MILES 1st game of the season was not up to par. From a distance, he was seen dropping balls at the treacherous 7th signature hole.

ED is still on a “disabled” list. Hopefully, he can return soon. We also anticipate the return of gallivanting members: SUNNY – Indonesia; CHANG L and VINCENT – China; GERRY – Singapore; RORY – Vernon :).

NASSAU “skins” and net side games

First of all, keep in mind that these are “friendly” games just to add excitement and challenge during play. Rest assured that no one in our group of perfect gentlemen and friends are out to destroy friendship by alleging anyone of cheating or taking advantage of another. (Who would do that for $2????) Sure, fierce competition could cause frustration or elation (depending on who made the great shot). It is OK to kibitz or joke about “sandbagging” but be sure it is all in fun and humor – not in anger or rage!

For those who are new in our group, unfamiliar with GOLF SIDE BETS, here are the rules on NASSAU games:

Games can be played without handicaps (scratch) or using one of the following methods:

  • Full Handicaps
    Each player receives their full handicap. Handicap strokes are awarded “where they fall” (based on the handicap value for a hole).
  • Handicap Difference
    Each player receives a number of strokes equal to their handicap minus the lowest handicap of the players playing the game. This is commonly called “giving strokes” and the player with the lowest handicap does not receive any handicap strokes.

With full handicap, if HARRY and BILL were to play against CHANG HJ and HOWARD,  HARRY and BILL would get a stroke on every hole except on the 2 most difficult (handicap 1/2) and 8 most difficult, for HARRY and BILL, where they get 2 strokes on each hole. CHANG and HOWARD would each get a stroke on the 1st 8 most difficult holes.

With Handicap Difference, CHANG and HOWARD  would not get any stroke (0); BILL will get a stroke on every hole while HARRY would get a stroke on the 12 most difficult holes.

Many including Simon, Chang L, Joe, Harry, El Capitan, and many more prefer the 1st method since it is probably the easiest to track.

Howard and Bill like the 2nd method. There is always haggling and fierce negotiating on the 1st tee on what the “stroke difference” should be – based on who has been winning or losing. It is part of the fun!

NO RULES – Side bets are “free-for-all”. There are no golf rules to dictate what method is preferred. Nassau bets could be stroke play or match play; it could be with full handicap or handicap differential.

The only rule is “keep it friendly”. Dr. Steven Covey says that “Arguments and differences occur because each individual could only see one side of the coin. Reach out to the other (person) and seek to understand his/her point of view before asking him/her to understand yours.”

FRUSTRATIONS? – We all have our bad days!

When I have an errant drive or a missed putt, watch out! I will blame it on Simon for walking on my line. I will blame it on JOE for spending too much time reading his putts. I will blame it on HARRY for whispering; on VINCENT for too much walking around while I prepare to putt. I will blame it on the greens for being too difficult; or on the slow group ahead. I will terrorize my group and curse and cause havoc at whoever crosses my path…….

……..just kidding!

I love this game. I love our Birdiehunters. I love you guys too much to BLAME you for having one of my bad day games. That includes you Brad, Harry! Hehehe!


On a perfect sunny Thursday at Point Roberts, August 4, 2011, die hard birdie hunters set out to test their mettle and play making abilities. They were joined for the 2nd time by PETER P and JIMMY. (The “P” is to identify PP against PH – Tiger’s Twin who has not been around, perhaps still gallivanting in Shanghai.) It is also the 2nd game by SUNNY whose shoulder seems to be holding up quite well.

There were no eagles pouncing on white balls on the 5th hole or  squirrels snatching Titliest ProVs from the 10th fairway. There was one eagle, however. On the 5th hole Par Five, EL CAPITAN’ pulled his drive slightly left leaving him with an uphill lie just two meters from the hazard in the rough. Faced with a very tough shot, he took out his trusty Cobra 7 wood and executed a flawless shot that must have carried 175 yards dead center of the fairway.  HAN, his playing partner lobbed his wedge to within 12 feet of the pin to the right. EL CAPITAN estimated his approach to be about 102 yards. Wanting to protect the skins carryover, he took his gap wedge just right of the pin for a decent shot at a birdie. ED’s fairway wood approach from about 190 yards sailed right of the green. SIMON’s 54 degree wedge was dead center of the green. With the pin tucked all the way back with a blue flag, the foursome could not see the balls on the green except SIMON’s. However, approaching the green, HAN could only see two balls, his and SIMON’s. As he got closer, he exclaimed, “It’s in the hole – an eagle!”

It is EL CAPITAN’s 2nd eagle in two years. The first one was at Bacolod Golf and Country Club during the 2010 PAL Interclub (International) Tournament – a 198 yard Par Three with a strong head win (photo above).

He followed that with a 3-foot birdie & KP on the treacherous 8th green, stealing one from CHANG L.

Although EL CAPITAN’s win elevated him from 10th to 6th place in the UPS LEADERBOARD he and the rest of the field are not having any luck to close in on the two leaders, HAN and ED, since they came in 2nd and 3rd respectively. SIMON’s only hope is for the handicap index of the two to fall to 9 and 12. That is how good they are playing these days.

The adventures of the 2nd foursome continued in the back nine. With HAN sitting pretty for a birdie putt on the last Par 3, ED puts on his own “tigerish” flop shot from 20 yards that gently rolled into the hole for a birdie two! It was the shot he needed to secure third place. HAN was scratching his head as two SUPER SENIORS grabbed several carryover skins as he was salivating at two birdie chances that became just two “easy pars”.

ALAN continues to play well, again shooting below par from his index. He could not displace the three leaders however.


Those who stayed behind after the game got a treat at the International Market in celebration of the “eagle” and win of the day. They shared a bucket full of delicious baked chicken, Jojo fries and drinks.


With the hot summer weather upon us, we shall play our NEXT MAJOR TOURNAMENT – our own version of The British Open – at this fabulous “links” course. The greens are apparently in perfect condition – with the danger of birdie putts treacherously resulting in double bogeys.


Summer rule is in effect. No gimmes of any sort. Ball that is lost in the rough (fescue) shall incur a ONE STROKE PENALTY but the ball must be drop at the approximate place where it last entered the hazard. All areas outside of fairways are considered “regular” or “lateral” hazards. When in doubt, always ask a ruling from playing partners.


It is not too early to start planning to participate in this fabulous international tournament. Those who have joined us in the past will attest to the reputation of this tournament as the BEST GOLF EXCURSION IN THE WORLD. It will be held in the last two weeks in February 2012 in Davao (Southern Philippines).

Here is a tentative schedule of activities at this tournament. Wake up early and enjoy a full breakfast buffet with plenty of tropical fruits. Head out to the golf course and practice to your heart’s content. You are shielded from the hot sun by an umbrella personnel who is always ready with a cold drink or cold towel. After the game, relax with the guys over a fresh ice cold pineapple drink and snacks. You then head back to the hotel in an air-conditioned shuttle bus and perhaps jump in the pool or arrange for a 2-hour spa that relaxes you before heading out for a sumptuous seafood dinner and entertainment. 

More of the same each day. At the conclusion of the tournament you will be treated with a fabulous Award Night Dinner and Entertainment Extravaganza just as they did at the 62nd Interclub at the same venue – Davao.


Tomorrow is the 1st day of the 1st major PGA tournament of the year– The 2011 Masters.

As usual, the media has begun its prognostication of who would raise the trophy on Sunday. Everyone is pointing at Phil Mickelson’s excellent performance at the Houston Open where he won in spectacular fashion – that he is the man to beat.

It seems that almost everyone has written off Tiger Woods, including our own CHANG LIM who sent out an email last year saying that “he will never be the same again; he will not win again.”

Few people remember history. Before the Houston Open, Mickelson was in a slump. Before the 1980 US Open, Jack Nicklaus was in a slump, ranking 71st on the money list in 1979. When Tiger’s father was in his dying days, Tiger went on a slump, missing the cut at the 2006 US Open.

Mickelson mesmerized last weekend. At age 40, Jack snapped out of his slump at Baltusrol winning the major as he almost broke the scoring record on the first day with a 63. (His win at this US Open brought a prize of $55,000. My, how times have changed!)

Just as Nicklaus returned in 1980 to the course at Baltusrol where he broke Ben Hogan’s 72-hole scoring record in 1967, Tiger is returning to Augusta where he has been crowned 4 times in 1997, 2001, 2002, and 2005.

Unlike the media and my friend Chang, I am not about to write off the Tiger. These three great champions have had their share of life’s tragedy and they have something in common – they have incredible skills and exceptional desire to succeed. Jack Nicklaus was called a “washed out, and through” in 1979. He would go on to establish himself as one of the greatest golfers of our times for several more years after that.

Tiger is 36. I am not ready to count him out. He will be contending this weekend.


During the previous years, we had a Ryder Cup Match Play between two teams and the UPS Championship. We tabulated points based on attendance, weekly winners, birdies, eagles, and KPs.

Your suggestions are welcome as to how we can make our 2011 season more exciting. Thus, a poll will be conducted as to what, in addition to our weekly pot & KP challenges, competition to hold.

Here are some ideas:

  1. UPS championship – instead of being based on points earned for birdies, KPs, and winnings, it could be based on total money winnings. We will keep a record of your weekly bank roll.
  2. TEAM MATCH PLAY – we will organize two teams who will play against each other for FOUR (4) consecutive games in August.
  3. Individual Top Gross Trophy – lowest gross scoring average to September
  4. Individual Top Net Trophy-lowest net scoring average to September
  5. Sandbagger of the Year Award

The term “sandbagger” has been used pejoratively during the good old days to describe a “vermin who purposely inflates his handicap index in order to better his chances of winning tournaments or bets.” It is also defined as someone who plays below his true potential; someone with giant testicles; someone with giant saggy breast; or someone who drinks very slowly while others are getting piss drunk.

Nowadays, it is as common as a four letter word. In friendly confines, while it is used to “psyche-up” and annoy, it is actually an expression of admiration for someone’s great game. Besides, none of the definitions above would fit anyone in our group. I don’t think anyone would dare tell King Kong that he has giant testicles!

It is pretty difficult to “cheat” our handicap system. To inflate one’s score on the 17th and 18th hole “just to influence the index to rise” is just not possible with one factor – ESC or equitable score control. It allows only for a maximum score per hold based on average handicap index. (The handicap index is calculated based on the following formula: ESC score-course rating x 113/slope rating. It takes the 10 best differentials and multiply them by.96.)

However, there is a “grey area” for those with 14 to 22 handicap indices. Regardless of their “average game”, they are capable of playing in the low to mid 80’s. (Vincent shot a 79 at Riverway 2 years ago. No, we will never let you forget that!)

So, in terms of “SANDBAGGER OF THE YEAR”, this should be awarded to either one of the following:

  1. Someone whose ending index is lower than his beginning index, or
  2. A player with the highest index winning the most money




The REGULAR MENS DIVISION is underway with only one game to go. There are only 29 international teams compared to 40 teams in the SENIOR DIVISION.


Surprisingly, local club DEL MONTE is leading the Championship Division with 412 points, 12 ahead of CANLUBANG – a favorite. In a modified Stableford system, par gets 2 points; bogie gets 1. Most of Del Monte’s members were near or below par during the last 3 days.

PINOY VANCOUVER is in 9th place with 174 points. MILES is their leading scorer with a total of 48 points for the tournament. JOHN ROBERTSON contributed 41 points for his total.


ALABANG GOLF leads with 362 points. FIL-AM HAWAII (International Team) occupies last place at 222 points.


Here is an interesting development. PGABC (International Team) with some of our friends, TOTI EPONDULAN, GB FRAGANTE, CALOY LUKBAN, playing, leads with 269 points. They are being chased by UP TEE JOTS (winners in the Senior Division) who trail by 19 points; and SOUTH COTOBATO, also by an equal point deficit.

GREATER VANCOUVER covers bottom spot with only 127 points.


CAMP EVANGELISTA and ZAMBOANGA GOLF are neck and neck with 300 and 299 points, respectively. This is a toss-up. SEATTLE GOLF with our buddy, ALBERT BARCELON has 170 points and is in 24th place. (Well, they admit they are only there for fun!) And the infamous EZPAR holds up the entire division from the bottom with only 95 points, at 28th place. But hey! They are only 205 points behind the leader.


YOU PLAY ALL YEAR ROUND? What a question!


“Golf can be a good investment for the health, according to a new study from the Swedish medical university Karolinska Institute. The death rate for golfers is 40 per cent lower than for other people of the same sex, age and socioeconomic status, which correspond to a 5 year increase in life expectancy. Golfers with a low handicap are the safest.” Quoted from EMAXHEATH

“You guys play all year round?” asked someone. So Simon replies, “Is the Pope Catholic?”

The BIRDIEHUNTERS never pack their golf equipment…. except to load them on PR 108 to Manila and Cagayan de Oro…or on a WestJet to somewhere in Palm Springs.

Now you know why JOE, PETER, or CHANG will live to age 100! (So will HARRY, if he stops polluting the air. Apparently, John will be carrying a placard next time out: “No smoking within 400 yards of my healthy body!) Just like Erin, John has his 3-iron ready for any violation. (Or is it a 9-iron?)

Yes, we played at Point Roberts. Yes, we got some birdies. Yes, we got some KP’s. Instead of Nassau and skins, we decided to play best of the front, back 9 and total. It gave everyone a fair chance at getting their hands on some “moolah”. HARRY, JOE, SIMON, & VINCENT took home the KP pots and “little” JOE stole the front 9 from ERNIE.

Meanwhile, like his “twin brother” (who was denied a chance to win at the Chevron Tournament last week-end by Graeme McDowell), PETER remains winless since his return two weeks ago. However, his strong play keeps his index lowest in the group. It is only a matter of time before he gets to getting himself in the winners’ circle.


We played at the Canal Course last Sunday and were skewered. But first, let me review the course’s condition. Surprisingly, fairways are relatively dry. Compared to Mayfair Lakes, the Canal holds up pretty well with hardly any mushy area except way off the fairway. The greens are in fair condition and about 60% slower than Point Roberts.

Thus, we decided to hold this Thursday game at Northview Canal starting at 8:36 am. The iGoogle forecast (which is more accurate that your local weather channel) is:

Chance of rain. Overcast High 100 C Wind SSE 14 km/h 40% chance of precipitation”

Conditions should improve according to my “Golf Good Health Calendar”.

Better confirm your attendance early.

Now, for the massacre that occurred last Sunday. It is now confirmed that the SB1 (Sandbagger #1) title goes to VINCENT. If he did not score a double bogie on the 9th hole, he would have had a 41 in the front nine – which would be par for the course for a 10 handicapper.

“It is just my lucky day”, he says, (adding insult to injury). Luck is sculling a 3-wood on a 165 yard par three; rolling it around the green and doing a chili pepper chunky with a sand-wedge and popping it in the hole for a birdie! That is luck. Skill is: never missing a drive; taking a fairway wood or a hybrid to the green and making two putts for a par! Skill is: chipping 50 yards around the green and rolling the ball within 6 inches of the cup! Even McIlroy could not do that on the 18th at Thousand Oaks!!! (McIlroy took a triple bogie on the same hole twice during the 3rd and 4th and final round.) VINCENT was better. He did not have a triple bogie last Sunday!


#14 – Do you think it is a good idea to invest in a condo or home in the Philippines? Koreans. Japanese, & Australians think so. Three years ago, a commitment of $684 million capital investment was made by Koreans in Subic. In doing so, Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction brings its Philippines investment to more than $1 billion dollars!!! You might like to explore investment possibilities in Cagayan de Oro when you get there.

#15 – Some Real Estate companies will be at the PAL INTERCLUB. Agents will most likely be travelling from Manila in an effort to attract business. Collect brochures; listen to their “sales pitch”; but BEWARE and BE FAIR. They will bring a lot of “charm” with them, sometime doing more than what is necessary to earn business. If you are considering an investment, due diligence is necessary. Plan on visiting the site. Do your research. When you resist the temptation of “being lured”, you are being a good businessman but most important of all, you are being a gentleman.

Bear in mind, too, that Philippines is now the CALL CENTER CAPITAL of the WORLD beating India.

Significant future prospects are bright for those considering business possibilities in the country.

RAIN? What rain?

They were so inspired to be rewarded with a relatively “dry” day that 5 balls were at the center of the fairway on hole #1 with one just to the right beyond the trap. All had decent approaches to the green. In fact for the rest of the front nine, scores were quite respectable with nobody blowing up except one who was caught by the bunker monster on the 2nd hole, recording a horrible 7 on the par three. Don’t ask who it was!!! Grrrrrrrrrr!

Cheng HJ, as usual was dominant with a 2 over par 38 in the front. (But don’t ask about the back nine.)

Unfortunately, we were sorry to see King Kong sit out the back nine with recurring dizzy spells. (Ah, missed birdies and missed pars could be painful!)

At the front nine, Chang was boring – always down the middle; always on in regulation. At the back nine, he and Han made it more exciting – playing more like mere mortals, or should I say, like soldiers: left-right, left-right! Joe struggled too. He was not as sharp as he normally is. Our “most improved golfer”, VINCENT, continues to dazzle with his long straight drives and approaches.

In the end, however, someone just kept firing into the greens in regulation or chipping close to save par. With a 3-over par 39 to close the day’s excitement on the back nine, there are rumors that someone is closing in on the titles held by CHANG LIM and VINCENT – “sandbagger of the month”.

We took out the umbrella for about 3 holes. That’s it! For the rest of the day, we had a fabulous time!

The Chief’s first assistant was right after all, Bill!


#9 – You can now get on a website to check out what is happening at the 64th PAL INTERCLUB. Do it right here.

#10 – Do you want to know your PAL PPA? Are you registered? You can check your statistics in the SENIOR DIVISION here.

#11 – If you were registered in the MEN’S DIVISION, your statistics are here.


As our 2010 regular SUMMER golf season comes to a close, we are wrapping our UPS Tournament with a 54-hole tournament starting next week October 28 at Point Roberts Golf Resort.


During the regular season, UPS points were accumulated based on the following criteria:

  1. 1st place – 5 points
  2. 2nd place – 4 points
  3. 3rd place – 3 points
  4. Eagles – 6 points
  5. Birdies – 3 points
  6. KP – 1 point
  7. Attendance – 1 point
  8. Day Ranking – 1 point for last place; plus .5 point for next higher score

Congratulations to our top three players – MILES, JOE, and CHANG HJ. They are our three top single handicappers. They are also our top “birdie” hunters. Miles leads with 25 birdies followed by Joe (17) and CHANG (14). MILES, ERNIE, and BILL are our “eagle” eyes.

ERNIE and BILL got their eagles by shooting holes-in-one. ERNIE got his at the 64th PAL Interclub in Bacolod last Feb 2010 at the 194-yard par three 8th hole. Bill got his at the 6th hole 128 yard par three at Riverway Golf.


The honor goes to VINCENT who has trimmed his index quite a few points in 2010.


No one can beat JOHN for this honor. He proves it again today shooting 11 and 12 on the two par fives in the front nine at Point Roberts. This is the same guy that put together a nice round at Riverway last week – 89!


On a foggy day at the start of today’s tournament we could not see the greens or the pins from 100 yards out. It gave some of us a positive perspective as we became oblivious to the many monsters at the Point (traps, trees, and laterals). That could explain the near flawless front nine of the sexy SENIOR (above) who posted an 83 – a few strokes better than two of our single handicappers.

ERNIE picked up 1st place for the day followed by one of our newest members, GERRY, whose 38 in the back gave him a net 70.8.  The “Incredible Hulk” – Miles. takes 3rd place.


To cap a fantastic season, we will hold our Team Championship Tournament at our three favorite courses: Point Roberts, Riverway, and Kings Links starting next week, October 28.

We are slated for 8:20 am at Point Roberts.

Top points of 40 shall be awarded to the top golfer of the day for a possible total of 120 points added to a player’s UPS points total. Thus, mathematically, the top 7 golfers in the chart above have a possibility of winning the championship depending on how the others play. It opens up all kinds of possibilities.


#7 – Want some terrific music & night club entertainment in Cagayan? Our hosts at Kingston Lodge, Danny and Keith, know the best places in Cagayan and have the best connections. If you enjoy a game of pool; perhaps a sip of your favorite US or German beer, or San Miguel; or if you simply want to check your email and eBay purchases; Mike will make sure you will have a terrific time at SPOOKS. (Don’t worry if you are with us; we will take you there!)

#8 – Want to bring some treats back home? Then get a box of sweet lanzones (lansat). When you submit your declaration at Canada Customs, immediately go to the (Canada) Agricultural Counter just adjacent to the baggage carousels. Show them your declaration. They will stamp it and you will not be subject to a further check when you exit customs.

BBC Celebrates Bill’s Hole-in-One

The Birdiehunters of BC (BBC) celebrated Bill’s first ever hole-in-one at Riverway’s #6th hole at the Spice Island (Indonesian) Restaurant on Friday, October 8, 2010.

“This party is just an excuse to introduce you to my family; it is all about extending the hands of friendship,” said the effervescent host of the evening.

BILL recollected the many occasions of the last few years when we had gathered together to enjoy each other’s company outside the golf course – SUNNY’s daughter’s wedding; HARRY’s 60th; MILES & VINCENT’s party; ERNIE/VIV’s special day, etc.


It is what sets apart the BIRDIEHUNTERS OF BC from most golf clubs. We may have cutthroat competition on the golf course but nothing but respect, enjoyment, and care for each other off the golf course. These are the ingredients of lifelong friendship.

Now here is something interesting:

Probably the most animated personality in the group is someone you guys have not noticed because at the golf course, he is quite mild-mannered.


  • #3 – Travel light. In a hot tropical country, shorts and t-shirts suffice most days. Besides you may want to leave room for your shopping. ASHWORTH, LACOSTE, POLO golf shirt are manufactured for export from the Philippines and you could buy them at a fraction of what you would pay at Riverside Golf or Golf Pro Shops.
  • #4 – There is plenty of nightlife entertainment in Cagayan – piano bars, live band, jazz, videoke, etc. you may want to check them out here and print out the page.
  • #5 – Going to Del Monte Golf Course for a 6 am tee-time? Better be prepared for a long one-hour trip. To be safe have your LIMO service pick you up at 4:30 at the latest. If you miss your tee-time, team might get disqualified.
  • #6 – If you are putting for a triple bogie – DON’T. Just pick up the ball and don’t put down your score on the scoresheet.