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As the year draws to a close, 20130509_083103_1we reflect upon the great year of golf we have had.


There are many outstanding achievements during the year. Probably the most impressive one is the incredible year HAN has had.020101_000000_import_002

From a barefoot stance a few years ago with a 14 index, he has risen to the top with a 9! He used to be even with Joe. Now he must spot Joe 3 strokes. How’s that for a great leap! No one could come close to his UPS lead for the year!

20120214_185139_We woke up a “sleeping giant”!

Could this merely be a coincidence? Take a look at this:


The guy who is always clamouring for “more strokes” in a Nassau and skins game is often “quietly” (that is an exaggeration) counting his winnings in most matches. He does not want to call attention to his scoring ability and often clings to his “I’m just lucky” expression, which of course, we all know as BS. Oh, we should reverse that and call him Mr. SB#1! In case you are wondering who that is, let me provide you a little reminder:

020101_000000_import_005Maybe it has something to do with the “hugs and kisses” he receives before going out to a game of golf:

100815_183158_importThere is another event that is worth mentioning in order to motivate the “guys singing the blues” to take lessons from Sean Foley (now that Tiger has fired him) or Hank Haney. The BLUES have now lost more than 3 times in a row in our RYDER CUP MATCH PLAY. Their new 2015 CAPTAIN DANNY, has his work cut out for him. He may have to do something about one of his players who plays like he sings (the blues):harry

harry-1Could 2015 be the year that he would soon “come out of the closet” – (now stop thinking like that!) – and live up to his King Kong potential?

Calvin and Hobbes Laughing(This is no laughing matter at all!)

Another significant event in the year is one that pertains to the loss of one of our members to Cebu Country Club…or is it the Pueblo…Riviera? The latest news is that he is now clamouring for dual citizenship – Philippines:


In a recent PAL INTERCLUB captain’s meeting, we are told that he had provided touring services to ED and others visiting Cagayan de Oro!

Is it true that he now owns a few condos in the Island? Condos as in buildings; not Durex! Although I am certain he must have a supply of those, too!

One thing we will surely miss in the new year is our participation in the interclub. The event has always been a lot of fun…a lot of food … entertainment…. and the IMG_0105IMG_0100spoils. Below is how HEE JEAW explains it.

There are a few issues about this. There was delay in announcing the event. What usually take place on the 1st Thursday of October was held more than a month later – November 13 – which is so close to the event itself. What this meant was that there was little time to plan. On a long (13 hour flight), it takes months to make sure of reserving flights at preferred rates.
EL KAPITAN did not receive the international (preferred) flight package for the event until the middle of December – which is way too late. Now a new directive to all Team Captains is that the venue has been changed from Cagayan to Cebu! Imagine the hotel and transport bookings that now have to be cancelled! Imagine scrambling for hotel reservations in Cebu this late in the game! So much for the GOLF EXCURSION!

IMG_0608But that does not mean that we have abandoned the idea of an exotic golf excursion somewhere. We are now working on our 2016 golf excursion. Announcements about this event will be made early in the year – before the summer 2015 golf start. PREPARE TO JOIN US!

I am sure you have other recollections for the year….SHARE THEM WITH US! You can easily do that by adding your comments below.

Finally, let me share with your our family Christmas Card below!








MILES is our 2014 Masters Champion

One of the longest off the tee, Miles posted the lowest number on record on the 2nd day of competition – a 74. It is no wonder that Bubba Watson above sits in admiration of MILES’ accomplishment. Sometime before the year’s end, it would be quite fitting to organize a dinner affair to allow the past Master’s Champion, JOHN, to hand over his trophy.


At the start of the year, HAN, had a 14+ handicap index. He recalls that he had a most painful experience playing in Thailand last year. He says that he was “just horrible”! It was then that he decided to work on his swing. He replaced his driver and he re-shafted his irons. He persevered through a couple of months trying to find his rhythm. His hard work started to pay dividends as he got more distance out of his Taylormade driver. He started dropping those putts. By summer’s end, his index dropped to 9.2.


When he scored 76 on the 2nd day of the 2014 UPS CHAMPIONSHIP, he continued to lead the tournament. DANNY, was trailing HAN by only -80 point; CHANG was -300 point behind.

However, on the final day at Point Roberts, HAN continued his superb play to capture the 2014 UPS CHAMPIONSHIP. He also is acknowledged to be The Most Improved Birdiehunter of 2014.

BILL, stole a bit of the highlight last Thursday. He pitched and putt like Jim Furyk. On the difficult Par 3 – 15th, his tee shot sailed right. With the pin tucked pretty closed to the bunkers right leaving a tough approach with a small landing area, BILL did not hesitate to flop his next shot 4 feet of the pin. He made the putt for his par. It was the winning “shot of the day” that captured 1st place of the week’s tournament.


There was a heartbreak story last week. With 5 holes to go, SIMON was -4 for the day. He had been playing pretty good golf since the 1st tee. Unfortunately, the demons were everywhere down the stretch. On the 14th hole, one of the monsters hiding 80 yard left, grabbed his tee shot. Attempting to safely chip the ball out, another demon got in the way. When the cursing was over, he surrendered 5 strokes on one hole. The Halloween goblins and monsters were not through with him as they forced a horrible 7 on the par 3 15th for another 4 strokes lost.










According to the National Golf Federation, “USA has lost more than 5 million players over the last decade and that more golf courses closed than opened in the U.S. in 2013 for the 8 straight year”. Dick’s Sporting Goods rid itself of more than 500 PGA professionals who used to work as customer consultants.

“Foot golf” (kicking a soccer ball into an oversized hole) is gaining popularity. Redwoods Golf Course introduced a larger hole (8 inch in diameter) instead of the usual 4-¼ inch hole. In Southern California, Mark King, CEO of TaylorMade-Adidas Golf, installed oversized holes (15-inch) at a country club, reducing playing time one hour less than the normal time it takes to play 18 holes.

Investors are wary of golf-related businesses and have caused declines in stocks of Callaway.

So what is this negative uproar about golf? Some call it “The Tiger Effect” – that interest in golf has declined, as Tiger Woods’ dominance of the game appears to have ceased. Others believe it is “too-expensive” to play golf. And then there is the big complaint about golf being an “elitist” sport with “rules that are too difficult to learn and follow”.

But why do people play golf in the first play? And what makes them give up the game?

Many of us enjoy the challenge that the sport of golf presents. We enjoy the competition of trying to score lower than our handicap index. We consider it a great way to exercise and walk more than 15,000 steps in a game. But probably one of the best reasons is that we simply enjoy the camaraderie, friendship, and kibitzing before, during, and after the game. Strong friendship amongst competitors develops that makes the social aspect quite appealing.

However, like most other clubs, we have had our own share of “golfing decline”. For some yet unknown reasons, some familiar faces are no longer anywhere to be seen, in weeks, months, …and years.

So to what could this be possibly attributed?

Time maybe. Work demands? Health and financial issues? Family? Or could it be an occasional “snag in social interaction” – a disagreement on the course? About something so trivial. Maybe even a horrible score on a hole!

What is probably one of the greatest causes of golf’s decline and disagreement (player quitting the sport) is about rules. Some of us have become paranoid with the “strict application and interpretation of complex rules”.


For example, who is not guilty the following “strict rules’” violations:




  • Marking a ball on the green at 90 degree angle from a straight line to the hole and then returning it perpendicular to the hole, OR marking the ball properly and then returning it a few centimeters closer to the hole
  • Lackadaisically backhanding a very short putt and missing the ball completely and not counting the missed stroke
  • Lifting a ball to identify it in a “summer rule” play
  • Dropping a ball more than 2 club lengths in a lateral water hazard
  • Grounding a club within a clearly marked hazard (with red stakes) (such as when searching for the ball using a club)
  • Teeing the ball up a few inches ahead of the tees
  • Picking the ball up as a “gimme” in tournament play, or striking the ball in disgust for a missed putt and not finishing the hole
  • Hitting a similar ball from the rough and then discovering it is not the original ball you played
  • Hitting a ball after taking a drop (from a presumed “lost” ball) without declaring it to be a “provisional ball”, and then finding and playing the original ball
  • Ignoring the stroke and distance penalty on a lost ball

Padraig Harrington, Camilo Villegas, Tiger Woods, Michelle Wie, Craig Stadler, John Daly, and Chella Choi, all professional golfers are just some of the victims of “TV golf rules junkies” who call to report rules infractions.

Thank goodness, as an amateur club, close circuit TV zoom cameras do not follow the Birdiehunters closely. SIMON would have an easier job with unsigned scorecards, disqualifications, and multiple rules infractions.

If we are to prevent contributing to the malaise of declining interest in the sport, isn’t it about time to be more humane and accept that the sport is ONLY a pastime for all of us; that it is OK to be an expert in the complex rules of the game, if one chooses, but quite another to be so draconian about them that we are ready to send a jihadist to anyone who commits an infraction?

Perhaps we should be more “rules friendly” and less “rules paranoids” because, I am 100% sure that all of us at one time or another, have been guilty of some of the TEN MOST COMMON GOLF RULES INFRACTIONS.




No one came close to upsetting a torrid score by MILES at Kings Links last week. Minus 8 bolstered from a gross score of 74 was just a mountain to climb for the Birdiehunters.

VINCENT joins EAGLES clubs041511_1807_NoJIMMYSWAG4.jpg

Long overdue is the recognition of “Mr. Lucky’s” 2nd shot at the 9th hole at Kings Links several weeks ago. He is now a member of the elite group.


CHANG HJ did not qualify for the MASTERS tournament, but he won the day’s big prize. VINCENT came 2nd and CHRIS took 3rd.






For the 3rd year in a row, the GOLDs got to raise their thumbs up at the conclusion of the singles at Point Roberts last Thursday. Much could be attributed to the strategy that Team Captain MARIO devised for the three matches.

CHRIS has been stellar in all three matches as he posted a 3-0.  The GOLDs’ team captain also contributed to the routing of the BLUEs with a 2-0-1 record.

The BLUEs did not surrender easily, though. Although down 3 points to start the Championship match, DANNY, HARRY, SUNNY,  JOE, BILL, JOHN, and Team Captain VINCENT gave it their very best. KING KONG played like a devil possessed, playing -9 under with his index. His long undulating downhill birdie putt from about 27 feet on the tough 7th hole was enough to deflate his adversary’s confidence (EL KAPITAN) who himself had barely missed a birdie putt. EL K’s birdie on the 14th hole was too little too late as he surrendered a point to the BLUEs.

DANNY scorched DAVID in the 1st match and the most surprising is BIG JOHN handing SIMON a loss!



In the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie, the GOLDs were treated to a nice lunch at the clubhouse after the game.

In the end, in spite of the outcome, the friendship within the group prevailed. We were happy that all stayed for the drinks, the laugher, the kibitzing after the game including BILL and SUNNY who often sneak away after games due to their obligations.


That is how LU was often greeted at our games two years ago. An old BIRDIEHUNTER, LU is in BC for a three week visit from Beijing. He made sure that his first stop is …. a game with us! WELCOME, LU, LU, LU!

He tells us how much he missed Canada, and US, that it is a lot more pleasant here….although there is “more money” in Beijing! 🙂


Everyone is pleased with the consensus reached – that DAVID and DANNY will be the next TEAM CAPTAINs.


Could the BLUEs break the trend? Can DANNY call on his team to reverse the course of Match Play History within the Birdiehunters?






RYDERCUP-2014-TEAMSUnlike the PGA’s RYDER CUP teams in matching colours and outfit, the BIRDIEHUNTERS choose to be colourful, although we have to admit that many of these guys are really colour-blind.

The first match at KINGS LINKS mimics conditions at the British Open as the wind wrecked havoc. Although it was bright and sunny, the strong north wind played a big part in the game as shot making and club selection was vital. Even on the green, most had difficult time judging the speed of putts. Scores on this day tell the story.

GOLDs lead by 2 points

Here is a pictorial account of the 7 matches:



RYDERCUP-2014-MATCHES---2The strong favourites -BLUES- may need to come up with a good strategy for the next TWO-BALL BEST BALL match. It would be quite a task for the two captains to decide who plays.

THERE ARE A FEW members who may contribute to the tournament. Both teams are hoping that the “reserve corps” of BILL, DANNY, SUNNY, SHUBASH, and RORY would add to the excitement of the next two games.


Our planned trip to NorthView Canal has been pre-empted by 2 tournaments running simultaneously on that day. Hence, we have scheduled the next two games:



AUGUST 1 game shall be held elsewhere (as our game at Point Roberts is advanced one week for the match play championship). Watch for announcements about that.


As in previous years, we are celebrating the conclusion of this year’s Championship Match Play with a Special Lunch at Point Roberts. (Yes, there would be “roasted baked chicken”, SUNNY!) Make sure you block that day to be part of a grand occasion!



RYDER CUP – Could the BLUES stop singing the Blues?


With KING KONG having the microphone (hugging the mic is more like it), he led the BLUES last year in singing – the blues, that is!


Could the BLUES escape the curse and get their revenge this year?

The GOLDs, on paper, would appear to be the underdogs this year. Why? Look at the BLUES’ members! JOHN is a MASTERS Champ. ED is a UPS Champ. VINCENT and HARRY are both past MASTERS Champs! MILES is also a past champ. JOE is a multiple winner this year and is now 2nd only to DAVID in gross scoring.

It would seem that the LAS VEGAS odds might look like this: BLUES – 350; GOLDS +350 – meaning that a $100 bet on the BLUES would only net $65; a $100 bet on the GOLDS would win $135!

TEAM CAPTAINS MARIO and VINCENT  could be in for a daunting task to set up their matches.


TOUR #8 – Kings Links WINNERS


1st place – MARIO (center); 2nd place – KING KONG (left); 3rd place – HAN (right)

If you can putt; if you can stay away from the rough; then you can score at Kings Links! Now then, if you add luck to that, then you are unbeatable. That seemed to be the case with our Tour #8 winners. I think we could add a nickname to the top prize winner – “Sneaky long”. Now, now, we are referring to his tee shots, silly! MARIO must have been studying Ben Arda’s tapes. In case you are not aware, Ben Arda was the Philippines best golfer during his time. At only 5’7″ tall,  Ben was the first Filipino to qualify for the Masters and the US Open. Diminutive as he was in stature, he could smash his drives with unimaginable distance earning the nickname “Bantam Ben” and “Toy Tiger”!

Meanwhile KING KONG HARRY erased his 9 on the opening hole par 5 (2nd) by putting together a series of pars.  He settled down after a few holes and kept his “unforced errors” to a minimum to  come in with a terrific score for 2nd place.

Meanwhile, it seems that HAN has contracted BRINKS Security to handle his bank loot from all the tournaments. He has been the winningest member so far. So don’t be alarmed when he shows up at Point Roberts with armed guards.

2014 Multiple Winners

TOUR #7 – Riverway WINNERS

1st place – EL KAPITAN (center); 2nd place – DAVID (left); 3rd place – RORY (right)

It just seems that the strategy of “keeping mistakes to a minimum” had paid off for EL KAPITAN, whose 5-under front nine carried his total score decently for a narrow win at RIVERWAY. Six players were within less than 1 point of each other last Thursday. DAVID is 2nd  with his net 69.8. RORY edged HARRY by .1 point to take 3rd place. HAN and VINCENT were .3 and .4 behind!


On the par 4 12th hole at Riverway, someone’s ball rolled through the green and his ball was nowhere to be found. Upon closer inspection, the ball was found in a ground indentation at the rough perimeter of the green. His playing partners declared that no relief could be taken and that the ball must be played as it lies. The player who happened to playing well, protested but could not identify the rule that could have given him relief.


The rule that would have given the player a free drop (relief – no stroke penalty) is Rule 25-1 Abnormal Ground Condition which is defined as follows:52904_ROG_RULESGOLF_TXT.qxd

“An abnormal ground condition is either casual water, ground under repair or a hole, cast or runway made by a burrowing animal, a reptile or a bird.” There are many other detailed illustrations of AGC in rule interpretations. Clearly, if a ball lies in an unusual ground indentation or ground under repair – whether marked or not – the ball may be lifted and dropped without penalty. Tire marks on soft ground left by ground workers are a good example of “unusual ground condition”. A hole left by a pulled stake anywhere around the green or fairway area is also considered AGC!

TOUR #6 – Point Roberts WINNERS


WINNERS-TOUR#61st place – HAN (center); 2nd place – HARRY (left); 3rd place – DANNY (right)

They have to be happy, especially HAN and DANNY – multiple winners so far in the 2014 Golf Tour. These guys are not just golfers; they are musically inclined! HAN is a Cello professor and frequent guest soloist, conductor in some renown musical events in South Korea. HARRY has his swooning fans in some karaoke clubs in Richmond. DANNY plays the cellophane on a comb! He makes quite a racket performing!

HAN has Point Roberts mastered as he consistently shoots in the low 80’s nowadays – in the top 5 gross scorers for the club. HARRY has mastered the craft of keeping his index “high enough”, in preparation for the next Masters Tournament. SB#! contender for sure. DANNY is also in the top 5!

The big guns were silenced at Point Roberts. Is it because it is our first game with “Summer Rules” in effect?


A Husband takes his wife to play her first game of golf. Of course, the wife promptly hacked her first shot right through the window of the biggest house adjacent to the course.

The husband cringed, ‘I warned you to be careful! Now we’ll have to go up there, find the owner, apologize and see how much your lousy drive is going to cost us.’

So the couple walked up to the house and knocked on the door. A warm voice said, ‘Come on in.’

When they opened the door they saw the damage that was done: glass was all over the place, and a broken antique bottle was lying on its side near the pieces of window glass.

A man reclining on the couch asked, ‘Are you the people that broke my window?’

‘Uh…yeah! , sir. We’re sure sorry about that,’ the husband replied.

‘Oh, no apology is necessary. Actually I want to thank you.. You see, I’m a genie, and I’ve been trapped in that bottle for a thousand years.
Now that you’ve released me, I’m allowed to grant three wishes. I’ll give you each one wish, but if you don’t mind, I’ll keep the last one for my self.’

Wow, that’s great!’ the husband said. He pondered a moment and blurted out, ‘I’d like a million dollars a year for the rest of my life.’

‘No problem,’ said the genie ‘You’ve got it, it’s the least I can do. And I’ll guarantee you a long, healthy life!’

‘And now you, young lady, what do you want?’ the genie asked.

‘I’d like to own a gorgeous home in Manhattan complete with servants, and a winter mansion in Palm Springs!’ she said.

‘Consider it done,’ the genie said. ‘And your homes will always be safe from fire, burglary and natural disasters!’

‘And now,’ the couple asked in unison, ‘what’s your wish, genie?’
‘Well, since I’ve been trapped in that bottle, and haven’t been with a woman in more than a thousand years, my wish is to spend some romantic time with your wife.’

The husband looked at his wife and said, ‘Gee, honey, you know we both now have a fortune, and all those houses. What do you think?’

She mulled it over for a few moments and said, ‘You know, you’re right. Considering our good fortune, I guess I wouldn’t mind, but what about you, honey?’

You know I love you sweetheart,’ said the husband.I’d do the same for you!’

So the genie and the woman went upstairs where they spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying each other.

The genie was insatiable.

After about three hours of passionate encounter, the genie rolled over and looked directly into her eyes and asked, How old are you and your husband?’

‘Why, we’re both 35,’ she responded breathlessly.

‘No Kidding,’ he said.

‘Thirty-five years old and you both still believe in genies?’


“LITTLE” JOE Shoots in the mid-70’s to Win

He is now the leader in most fairway hits, greens in regulation, and lowest average putts in a round! With his consistency and scoring binge, LITTLE JOE has surpassed CHANG HJ and is fast closing in on DAVID’s lowest held handicap record.

However, there is a monster lurking around the corner. He rips the ball off the tee 275-300 yards; muscles a 9 iron to 150 yards just like Steve Stricker; chips like Kevin Na; and putts like Jordan Speith. On the 9th hole where MARIO had to chip and putt for a double-bogey, JOHN pumped his fist for his birdie! With such attributes and a humongous index, it would be tough to win against JOHN “Stricker-Na-Speith”.

TOUR #3 Kings Links WINNERS

1st place – JOE (3rd from the left)
2nd place – JOHN (2nd from the left)
tied for 3rd – ERNIE & DANNY (rightmost & leftmost)
WINNERS#4JOE now occupies the 2014 leaderboard with two 1st place wins (Tour #1 and #3). DANNY ranks 2nd with his Tour #2 win and Tour #3 tie for third. JOHN and DAVID are tied for third, while EL KAPITAN is in 4th place. MARIO is in 5th place with his 3rd place win at Tour #1.

SIMON our handicap maestro and mafioso mullah collector promised to soon publish an official UPS 2014 TOUR RANKING.





The 2nd group on the course last Thursday had to call in for someone to bring a golf cart ambulance to the 7th hole to attend to KING KONG. After extricating his ball in thick rough left of the fairway from an errant drive, HARRY collapsed in great pain and could hardly get up. His playing companions getting ready for their own turn to make a shot further up noticed his difficulty and immediately made a call to the proshop.  Everyone was concerned when they carted him off the golf course evidently in great distress.

Apparently, he suffered some kind of muscle pain but thankfully, we were informed that he was able to drive himself home.

After investigating the event, someone on the course apparently saw what had happened and sent us this picture, explaining the cause of the pain:

BAD GOLF SHOTI guess it doesn’t pay to get “this frustrated” after a bad shot – causes severe leg pain! Apparently, when he learned about the incident, Bill was extremely worried.




While Annie could not contain herself:


But now that we know what had happened, let us wish KING KONG a speedy return to golf. Meanwhile, JOHN was suspicious about the whole thing.


It appears that KING KONG is quick to recover from the mishap and promises to set the course on fire this coming Thursday at PEACE PORTAL.

No, no, no, he is not bringing a torch gun to the course!