Although two groups actually enjoyed sunshine for 12/13 holes before the light drizzle last Thursday (April 24) at Peace Portal, the consensus reached was that we should give “the others” a chance and have a full attendance at our opening day.

Hence, we have re-scheduled the OPENING TOURNAMENT for this Thursday, May 1 starting at 8:30 at POINT ROBERTS.

But who are “the others”? Oh, they are the once who chose to wear a brand new concept in clothing – Disposable Golf Garb designed by Twit McChicken who thinks that after a golf game, the sweat and grime collected at the golf course should be left at the golf course and not allowed to permeate at the living room. But there is just one problem, it can only be worn on a perfect sunny day. One drop of rain will instantly dissolve the outfit. “The others” were afraid of the risk of being fully exposed in the middle of their swing to the consternation of the faithful others.

Here is Twit McChicken with one of his other inventions:


And of course, there are “some others”.

“Some others” are known to be afflicted with the “dark sky syndrome“. According to the Sickadaily Medical Institute, those afflicted with this illness are bound to have had some tragic experiences during childhood. One of the most significant experiences is being born on a brown-out night. The darkness in the room causes a traumatic effect that inhibits the child throughout his life with serious consequences.

Here is what happens to a person with dark sky syndrome when a dark cloud appears in the sky on a sunny day:

oldgolferIt is why we get messages like, “Sorry, I have to cancel because of my health!”
Someone else forgot to turn off his lawn sprinkler. When he awoke that morning, he looked out the window and said, “Oh, it is raining!” and cancelled.



On opening day, we welcome new members. As you all know, prospective members need to be recommended and endorsed by members. We have only a few requirements for membership:

1) They must be gentlemen
2) They must have “basic math skills” – counting to 10 – without fingers
3) They must not be prone to inciting riots or mutiny
4) They must not be inflicted by the “givemeitis” and “mulliganisimo” illnesses


After the game, we shall gather at the Marketplace for a shared roasted chicken lunch and camaraderie.


This is our tentative schedule. Note that on the last Thursday of each month, we have left it “free” so that we could consider playing at another course.

Also, the MATCH PLAY (Ryder Cup) and MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIP have been scheduled in the calendar. An “inter-club” tournament has also been inserted in the schedule. We have plans to have a 2-day inter-club tournament whereby we shall have a competition with another club.


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