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Here are just a few highlights:

MARIO’s 400 Yard Drive on a long Par 5 at Sun Valley Golf


For a while, David’s uphill drive on the same hole seemed outrageously long. With his trademark “smooth” swing, he powered his drive towards the right rough with a draw that brought it back to the right fairway about 10 meters from the cart path.

When it was Mario’s turn, he wanted to make sure he does not surrender another stroke to DAVID! He cranked his drive that sailed about 230 yard (uphill) that kept rolling right. His ball crossed the cart path and settled right there. As we all watched, his ball started rolling slightly. We all gasped and then started to laugh so hard, we had stomach ache. The ball kept rolling on the cart path accelerating downhill. It finally settled behind the red tee-200 yards back.

And now you know the rest of the story!



RIC accepted Chang’s trophy during the Senior Award night. Chang’s 41 and 47 were behind only to one of Canlubang’s top scorer.



MARIO says it all: “I had a blast in Angeles!” Chang played only one game with us as he had a flight to catch the next day. Before he left, he thought that a “Manila Golf Tour” would be better. Little did he know what awaited us at Clark. We discovered TWO (2) premier golf courses within 15 minutes of our hotel: FA KOREA CC and SUN VALLEY GOLF! In addition, we also discovered the world famous “WALKING STREET” in Angeles City. (Won’t say much about that here. Just Google “walking street, Angeles” to find out more.)

DAVID could not contain his excitement. Not only did he play his best games (in the 70’s) for three (3) free lunch; he just had a ball. No need to elaborate. Just ask him!


It all happened as the guys were looking for a place to have lunch. The “designated driver’ of the entire trip made a U-Turn to get to Chow King. As he parked the van, a “Security Officer” approached and said that an infraction had been committed. El Capitan politely brushed it off with a remark, “Forget about it, pal!” He then explained to the others that the “security guard” is not a “regular police officer”; he appeared to be a private security guard, perhaps just bracing to extort. After lunch the foursome got into the van, whereupon a black uniformed motorcycle “cop” accosted El Capitan. MARIO came to his rescue and angrily and loudly berated the officer. We demanded to go to the police station. As we started the car, the agent kept blocking our way and signalling for us to turn left where the police station was located. CHANG had to catch a shuttle for Manila in 30 minutes. To get to the hotel, we had to turn right. The agent kept blocking our vehicle. 

We asked CHANG to disembark and take a tricycle to the hotel where he had to catch his shuttle to Manila. 

CHANG was quite concerned as he left us behind. When he reached Manila, he sent a text to David asking for an update. DAVID texted back and said that El Capitan had been locked up in jail – until he is freed on bail.  

CHANG felt sorry as he had already left!

Well, in fact, when El Capitan got into the police station, he immediately approached to police officer on duty and ask if he spoke “Pampango”, the local dialect. The officer nodded. He started to explain (in that dialect-that the motorcycle cop could not understand) what had happened and what he first thought about the “Security Guard”. Smiling, he said to the black-uniformed patrol agent, “There has been a misunderstanding.” The security agent refused to leave! So the policeman asked for El Capitan’s Senior ID. It was only then that the agent started on his way out – whereupon Mario offered apology and shock hands. The police officer, seeing that the agent has left, returned El Capitan’s ID and said with a smile…”Please be more observant (of road signs) and stay safe!” He added, those “Private Security guards” are our partners assigned to traffic duties at Clark.



Already, bus loads of Korean and Japanese golfers flock to these two magnificent golf courses all year round: FA KOREA CC and SUN VALLEY. Another major golf development is slated to open in San Fernando, just 20 minutes south of Angeles City.

What makes Clark/Angeles preferable? No traffic! Less pollution! Excellent food and entertainment. (Just ask Mario and David!)

Hotels, Casinos, International Schools, and Resort Homes, are currently under construction in the area.


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