weather-13Where is the FOG COVER TERRAIN indicator in the weather map?

We were all eager to get a great game of golf at NorthView Ridge on Thursday with a promise of SUNNY ALL DAY WEATHER! We also anticipated outstanding greens nearly a month after they were aerated.

We did not get either one…… with some exceptions. The trek to the golf course was gloomy as the entire Surrey area was fog-ridden. It was hard to see 50 meters away! Fog cleared hours after we finished our game.

The Ridge was just not worth it at this time.

Yet, all 16 birdiehunters showed up with great anticipation. David brought his friend DANNY to play with us for the first time. Lo and behold, a few are acquainted with DANNY. It seems he has rubbed elbows with some, many years ago. Welcome to our group DANNY!

Before some salacious details, it is clear that many of us are not accustomed to “playing in the dark”. What else could explain two “9’s” for KING KONG in the front nine; or a 10% discount 9 for MR. LUCKY on the 18th?

041511_1807_NoJIMMYSWAG3.jpg041511_1807_NoJIMMYSWAG4.jpg(It’s a good thing that the two are never temperamental on the course no matter what! They just move on to the next shot.)

But it seems that these were not the only “John-Daly-tough” scores for the day. I was told that SOMEONE is intent on claiming the SB#1 title all to himself. JOHN took a TEN (10) on the 18th – to lose by ONE SHOT to DAVID, who kept it cool with a 76! It does not take a mathematician to figure out what his net score would have been even with a bogie! DAVID took first place and HEE JEAW, third. (Photo of winners below.)



SIMON claims bringing home THREE BIRDs (on 5,6, and 18) but could not come close to the ultimate winners!




At least the greens at Point Roberts are excellent….and so is the price $32!

Better confirm early!



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