072709_2201_HANSIZZLESo1.jpgNo one would ever question HORANGI’s  swing skills or ability to shoot a low round. However, with so many deciding to skip last Thursday golf, we decided to concoct a story to bring great excitement to the Birdiehunters.

I was going to keep this excitement for at least 24 hours before rendering “Arthur Andersen’s” verdict about the veracity of the facts presented, especially the “forged” Point Robert’s score card. Unfortunately, HAN spoiled the fun by sending out two emails retracting his “make-believe dreamland” achievement!

So, gents……next time, do not abandon your friends on a scheduled Thursday game. You’ll never know what “excitement” would come out of such situation.


HAN did not shoot 73. SIMON, do not enter the numbers on the scorecard on our system!

JOHN, your 2013 MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIP Trophy would be presented to you by last year’s SB#1 MASTERS CHAMP – MR. LUCKY!

Have a wonderful rest of the day. It was fun while it lasted!

See you at PEACE PORTAL on Thursday!




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