083010_2159_SANDBAGGERO2.jpgWhen JOHN came in with a net 61.1 on his first game at Riverway, it became apparent that he only needed to play within his course handicap to claim title to this year’s BBC MASTERS. Everyone else had to shoot lights out for any chance to catch him.

Not that the rest of the field did not do their best to catch him. MILES came the closest with his net total of 136.3 but it was still short a few shots from JOHN’s net total of 132.4. CHANG and ED posted low scores at Kings Links but their two-game total was not even close.

HAN is the only other player who has yet to play his 2nd round this week at Point Roberts but he would need to card a 73 to beat JOHN.

Formal crowning of the 2013 BBC Masters Champ and celebrations will not commence until Thursday’s game (September 19) completes.

20121101_145019Ex-BBC Masters Champ KING KONG is shown here with 2013 (virtual) MASTERS CHAMP JOHN….

…..and below with 2012 BBC Masters Champ MR. LUCKY* (VINCENT).

*The SB#1 crown has now been passed on from one SB to another in three successive years. Any bets on who MR. LUCKY would be next year?



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