No one would ever compare JOHN to VIJAY SINGH. VJ spends hours on the driving range nearly every day before a tournament. He is also observed to spend a lot of time on the practice greens. JOHN on the other hand arrives on the golf course seconds before tee-off. He does not care much about practicing on the putting green or sharpening his patented lob open wedge full swing.052011_1806_RYDERCUPMAT2.jpg

But there are similarities. VJ is tall. He could drive the ball long off the tee. VJ loves food. Unfortunately, beyond these, I can’t think of any other similarity. Oh, of course, there is another one: VJ has contended on many tournaments, and actually has had his share of wins.

But here he is on the 1st game of our 2013 BBC Masters blowing the entire field with a NET 61.1 – a tournament record for sure. Many would now be speculating how this could be possible. The SB#1 crown debate once again surfaces. Would JOHN be a runaway candidate for the infamous award? It remains to be seen.

Contending for the same award would be SIMON whose NET 67.7 nipped MILES by a whisker.

However, this is a TWO-DAY-TOTAL tournament and The Birdiehunters are never short of excitement.  I have heard someone say, “Anything can happen”!102210_1649_2010UPSCHAM5.jpg

But for now, JOHN has a tight grip on the 2013 BBC MASTERS trophy. MR. LUCKY, 2012 MASTERS champ could possibly be handing JOHN two titles. (Any clue what the other one is?)


The leader board
The leader board

Omitted from the above list is HARRY, who would be returning next week from his crocheting and knitting classes.

The list above indicates the possibilities. SIMON, MILES, and RORY are still within striking distance of the lead. ERNIE, VINCENT, ED, are “long shot” contenders. The numbers to the right of the list indicate the “shot difference” from the leader. If JOHN were to shoot NET PAR on the 2nd game, SIMON and MILES would need to shoot 7 below par to overtake the lead. However, if JOHN records a NET +6 above par, SIMON or MILES need only to play NET PAR to have a chance to win.

The others who have yet to get their 1st game done (at Kings Links, next week) now have a “target”.

What are the chances of wrestling the title from JOHN? It remains to be seen.




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