One more “I told you so” moment at North View

Little Tiger establishes personal best record!
Little Tiger establishes personal best record!

…but first, an outstanding accomplishment

Why we call him “LITTLE JOE” is beyond me. He reminds me of “little” Ben Arda of the Philippines who was once a top golfer in Asia in the 60’s and 70’s; the first Filipino to qualify in the US and British Open. In fact, he had the nickname “TIGER” before the arrival of Tiger Woods because he was so small in stature. So I think rather than “little”, I’d call him TIGER JOE.

I am not sure exactly how many birdies he had (he had a few), but I know that when he finished the signature 18th hole at the Ridge yesterday, he was floating two feet off the ground with a grin as long as the 18th fairway. “I just shot the best round of my life!” was his first statement, “a 73”.

SIMON would not even consult his handicap stat sheet to declare him winner of the day.

Also starring on this day are EL CAPITAN and MR. LUCKY (again).

The power form of Tiger Joe
The power form of Tiger Joe


SUNNY phones at 6 am and said, “Which McDonald are we meeting?” Twenty minutes later he said he was turning back because it was raining hard and did not want to risk getting sick. SIMON writes that HEE JEAW called saying almost the same thing. Then a text from MR. LUCKY says, “Cancel?”

When we got to the course, RORY, MILES, VINCENT, were already there. Then along came CHRIS, HEE JEAW, HARRY, SIMON, and…..who else…..TIGER JOE….and late comer ED!

Some of the "die-hards" minus the lovely gal
Some of the “die-hards” minus the lovely gal

There was a little bit of drizzle but nothing that threatened a downpour. Although there was unanimous concession to “postpone” the 2013 MASTERS because of quite a few regulars missing, the group headed to the 1st tee. KING KONG had a massive drive up center and a great “green on regulation” for an easy par. (Now don’t ask what happened to the rest of his game – which he can’t blame on the weather, by the way!)

As the game progressed, the “I told you so” moment came on the 3rd tee – when the sun peaked through the clouds.

The threatening “100% rain” did not materialize until way past our finishing hole. We enjoyed a fabulous day at the Ridge. And NO, NO, NO, we were not soaked; grips remained dry; and the umbrellas were hardly needed.

See, I told you so!


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