It has been a while since our web page was updated. With the current match play championship in its final week, I thought it would be appropriate to publish results so that you can freely share them with your associates and friends.

BUT FIRST, a RECAP of our 2013 Golfing Season

We have had a surge in participation with our weekly tournaments averaging more than previous years. We have had some ladies at a couple of outings and certainly do not impose AUGUSTA MASTERS all-male ruling of past years. CAROL, JOAN, SHERIDEE, we enjoyed your presence and hope that you will again consider adding beauty to brawn anytime soon.

DAVID, CHRIS, BILL P, BILL A, MARIO, REUDI, ENDANG, now ORESTES are some of our new or returning golf pals. We have also had CHANDRA, the Indonesian Ambassador to the island of Fiji, join us while he was vacationing in Vancouver. I hear he is being summoned back to his country for some issues questioning his declared golf handicap. The manner in which he calmly mowed down the best of the birdie hunters makes me suspect that he is in fact taking some serious lessons from VIJAY SINGH.

Meanwhile, BILL P has begged off from recent games because of “knee injury”. He says that he is fine walking 9 holes but could not handle any more stress thereafter. He tells me that sadly, he could only play if he was given “motorized cart” playing privileges. Well, BILL P, I got good news for you. ED, our super senior champ, has also developed knee problems, and could no longer walk the course. Now he drives the ball 275 yards and jumps quickly into his cart to get ready with his pitching wedge on a 400 yard par 4! But I cannot explain to you why MILES or MARIO (young, robust, young punks) would need an electric cart.


It seems that BRAD, Team Captain of the BLUEs, has conspired with his team “to do all they can to win”. EL CAPITAN suspected nothing when a free-wheeling golf cart came crashing downhill against his stationary cart. “It is an accident,” was all he concluded. HOWEVER, toward the late holes when the GOLD pairing of ERNIE and GERRY were starting to put pressure with well placed shots to pull even and gain points, the “freewheeling golf cart” on a downhill slope on the par 5 13th hole crashed violently against EL CAPITAN’s motorized trolly, dislodging and disabling its right wheel, rendering the cart unusable for the rest of the remaining holes. The GOLD pair was shaken up and lost a point on the hole. KING KONG, the culprit, after the game, was seen attempting to “thumb ride” his way back to Richmond as he came to the course with EL CAPITAN. Well, it seems that EL CAPITAN has a good heart after all, saving his good friend the humiliation of  pulling a golf cart on the highway to get home!


The last minute withdrawal of MILES took everyone by surprise. It was also quite disappointing that EL CAPITAN had to refuse HAN’s guest (who might join our group later) privilege to join us at Peace Portal. We had a perfect 8 matches going but with MILES late withdrawal, the captains had to salvage the 2nd match play  (requiring best-out-of-2-balls) with a strategy.

GERRY, returning from a European holiday, unknowingly was chosen to play a “mirror” match to help JOE against HAN and SIMON in the best ball series.

Hopefully, in the final match play next week, the TEAMS would be evenly matched so that no excuses would be offered by the LOSING TEAM when it treats the victors to a lunch.


1st Match 3.5 3.5
2nd Match 2 2
3rd & Final
1st Match 2nd Match TOTAL
HAN 10 6 16
SIMON 8 6 14
ERNIE 7 5 12
DAVID 5 7 12
CHRIS 3 7 10
MARIO 8 0 8
CHANG HJ 4 4 8
GERRY 0 5 5
45 44 89
JOHN 10 7 17
ED 8 7 15
RORY 6 6 12
HARRY 4 6 10
JOE 5 2 7
MILES 6 0 6
BRAD 0 6 6
HOWARD 4 0 4
43 40 83

As you can see, both teams enter the final match with 5.5 points each. However, at the end of the match the tie would be broken by the INDIVIDUAL POINTS TOTAL. In this column, the GOLDs lead by a slim margin of 6 points – 89 to 83.


Special arrangements were made so that we can finish early and enjoy lunch at Point Roberts courtesy of the LOSERS.

Keep in mind that the borders, including Point Roberts, are jammed up with cars owners filling at gas stations at a discount before going to work. Also, the Massey Tunnel, with only 1 lane going southbound from 6 to 9 am turns into a parking lot by 7-7:30.

Thus, start early and join us at TIM HORTONs (this time) at 6:45 – just south of McDonalds. McDo is no longer friendly or reasonable. Breakfast at TH is better.


MARIO is away. LU is back. HOWARD is playing. LU would then get to play with the GOLDs, while HOWARD returns to active play with the BLUEs. That means that NINE (9) single matches would determine the 2013 RYDER CUP CHAMPIONS.

Any side bets?


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