At the Birdiehunters’ luncheon, there was a bit of a confusion. At first, SIMON declared VINCENT the Master’s Champion. Promptly, last year’s champ, HARRY stood up not only to present the coveted trophy but also to plant his famous trademark “Brokeback Mountain” greetings, which, as you can see in the photo here, VINCENT, was not too eager to receive.

Then, SIMON decided to check his statistics more carefully and immediately retracted his pronouncement. He declared JOHN winner but by the slightest of margin. All puckered up,  HARRY retrieved the trophy to present to JOHN. There was a lot of

commotion and excitement but JOHN successfully rebuffed HARRY’s advances! Nonetheless, when the shenanigan subsided, he did formally presented the trophy in a more civilized manner.

In attendance at the luncheon at Casa Pinoy on Bridgeport and # 3 Road were all the participants with the exception of BILL and MILES. BILL disqualified himself before the 11th hole and headed back to the office because he said, “I got a call from the office!”
We, of course, wanted to be friendly and understanding, but we think the real cause is the leaking umbrella.

MILES in the meantime, did his Houdini trick. Even with text messages’ follow-up, we could not locate him. If all is well, he may show up at this week’s game at Riverway. More about this week’s game below.

WAIT A MINUTE! The next day, SIMON  sent an urgent message declaring VINCENT Masters Champion – by the slightest of margin.
Good thing we got a shot of that early presentation! Rightmost here shows “Mr. Lucky” receiving his trophy.

As for the UPS CHAMPIONSHIP, HAN’s lead remained intact and claimed the honors of being the top money winner of the year.

JOHN’s amazing last game at Mayfair Lakes earned him runner up, with MILES overtaking JOE (away on holiday with family – AGAIN?) and CHANG HJ.
With HORANGI’s consistency on the golf course, he is closing in on the TOP GROSS LIST. He is just a few points below RORY.

The luncheon also celebrates the amazing “come from behind” win by the YELLOW-GOLD team. The BLUES were thoroughly trashed on the ultimate final day, winning ALL the singles matches. VINCENT, the team captain, reminds us all of JOSE MARIA OLAZABAL, they way he inspired the Europeans to handle the American their most bitter loss.
It has been a fabulous year for the BIRDIEHUNTERS. We anxiously await the start of the next season with SIMON pledging to step up to the plate for a more active leadership role.

We look forward to CEBU in February. We hope by then, CHANG HJ’s shoulder surgery this week would be completely healed.

We also hope that RORY’s spouse RITA’s health issues are resolved satisfactorily.


Our game this week is at RIVERWAY starting at 8:45 am. The BIRDIEHUNTERS are passionate about their golf and do not take a “winter vacation” from the game. That is not to say they don’t go away. BRAD is on his way to Australia as of this writing and he is also doing some advance scouting of CEBU before his return. CHANG L is on his way to Japan. SIMON and JOHN are going to check up on SUNNY who is already at his Palm Spring retreat. GERRY is also now enjoying himself at Mission Lakes. ALAN’s retreat is Las Vegas.

SEE YOU ALL THIS THURSDAY – all you poor souls who have to endure BC weather!

HAN promises a “SUNNY” day! Believe him!


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