BLUEs lead GOLDs by a slim margin of 5 points

The PGA may have their Ryder Cup Tournament this week; the Birdiehunters also have their annual “Ryder Cup Match Play” Competition over the next four weeks.

The two team captains met this morning prior to today’s match at Kings Links in order to establish their respective team members. Essentially, what happened at Riverway last week did not provide HARRY and VINCENT an equitable opportunity to select their team members based on cumulative handicap total, resulting in one team ending up with a very large sum total and a significant variance (15+). (The cumulative total handicap variance between the two team was greater than 15+. Had the line-up been allowed to stand, one team would be greatly disadvantaged throughout the four matches.)

The meeting this morning was to balance out each team so that the resulting handicap variance would be less than 10. The two team captains consulted the handicap listing and mutually agreed to a fair “trade”. They also took into consideration the number of regular players to assure with certainty that there would be a minimum of 6 matches until the completion of the championship.

They also both agreed that today’s singles matches would officially start the tournament.

The results today validate the wisdom of the two captains. The point difference between the (leading) BLUE TEAM against the GOLD TEAM is merely 5 points; 48-43 total. Last week’s results, had they been allowed to stand, was a point difference of more than 28. That would have tainted the entire tournament as there would only be two chances of the losing team from recovering: SLIM and NONE.

The BLUES: JOHN, MILES, HAN, LU, JOE, HARRY, and SIMON should enjoy the week because next week, the GOLDS: BILL, CHANG HJ, BRAD, SHUBASH, RORY, VINCENT, and ERNIE promise to take them to the cleaners.


There has to be incredible incentive for SIMON to play his best when he plays against EL CAPITAN. On the Par 5 7th hole. he drilled two shots to get on the green in two for an easy birdie. He added a few more birdies to his round of 81. I am sure Brad is shaking his head as SIMON’s handicap index dropped a mere .4 points! “Highway robbery” he is shouting as this happens to be SIMON’s 2nd consecutive round in the low 80’s. Sandbagger what?

For his effort, he collects the TWO KINGS LINKS Prizes for LOW NET and LOW GROSS of the day: two free green fees!

Correction: SIMON shot an 82, not an 81! (Big deal!) and he did not win the LOW GROSS. MILES did! Congratulations!


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