Welcome to LU, who joined us yesterday at Riverway!

Strong cold northeasterly winds made it extremely difficult yesterday at Riverway resulting in many “over par” scores except for the winner, JOHN. HARRY recovered from a horrendous front nine to steal 2nd place. LITTLE JOE scrambled his way to 3rd place saving many par putts from varying distances. Actually, JOE’s honesty is affirmed. With his frustration on the long par 4 12th hole, he back-handed a short putt for a 7 and missed. He declared a quadruple bogey 8 – his only mistake.

EL CAPITAN made it in two at the par five 5th hole but failed to convert his eagle or birdie putt. HOWARD put his KP t-shot on the 1st par 3 so close that no one could steal it. JOHN took one from HARRY. Actually JOHN snared TWO KPs taking home the biggest purse so far in a single game.

MILES 1st game of the season was not up to par. From a distance, he was seen dropping balls at the treacherous 7th signature hole.

ED is still on a “disabled” list. Hopefully, he can return soon. We also anticipate the return of gallivanting members: SUNNY – Indonesia; CHANG L and VINCENT – China; GERRY – Singapore; RORY – Vernon :).

NASSAU “skins” and net side games

First of all, keep in mind that these are “friendly” games just to add excitement and challenge during play. Rest assured that no one in our group of perfect gentlemen and friends are out to destroy friendship by alleging anyone of cheating or taking advantage of another. (Who would do that for $2????) Sure, fierce competition could cause frustration or elation (depending on who made the great shot). It is OK to kibitz or joke about “sandbagging” but be sure it is all in fun and humor – not in anger or rage!

For those who are new in our group, unfamiliar with GOLF SIDE BETS, here are the rules on NASSAU games:

Games can be played without handicaps (scratch) or using one of the following methods:

  • Full Handicaps
    Each player receives their full handicap. Handicap strokes are awarded “where they fall” (based on the handicap value for a hole).
  • Handicap Difference
    Each player receives a number of strokes equal to their handicap minus the lowest handicap of the players playing the game. This is commonly called “giving strokes” and the player with the lowest handicap does not receive any handicap strokes.

With full handicap, if HARRY and BILL were to play against CHANG HJ and HOWARD,  HARRY and BILL would get a stroke on every hole except on the 2 most difficult (handicap 1/2) and 8 most difficult, for HARRY and BILL, where they get 2 strokes on each hole. CHANG and HOWARD would each get a stroke on the 1st 8 most difficult holes.

With Handicap Difference, CHANG and HOWARD  would not get any stroke (0); BILL will get a stroke on every hole while HARRY would get a stroke on the 12 most difficult holes.

Many including Simon, Chang L, Joe, Harry, El Capitan, and many more prefer the 1st method since it is probably the easiest to track.

Howard and Bill like the 2nd method. There is always haggling and fierce negotiating on the 1st tee on what the “stroke difference” should be – based on who has been winning or losing. It is part of the fun!

NO RULES – Side bets are “free-for-all”. There are no golf rules to dictate what method is preferred. Nassau bets could be stroke play or match play; it could be with full handicap or handicap differential.

The only rule is “keep it friendly”. Dr. Steven Covey says that “Arguments and differences occur because each individual could only see one side of the coin. Reach out to the other (person) and seek to understand his/her point of view before asking him/her to understand yours.”

FRUSTRATIONS? – We all have our bad days!

When I have an errant drive or a missed putt, watch out! I will blame it on Simon for walking on my line. I will blame it on JOE for spending too much time reading his putts. I will blame it on HARRY for whispering; on VINCENT for too much walking around while I prepare to putt. I will blame it on the greens for being too difficult; or on the slow group ahead. I will terrorize my group and curse and cause havoc at whoever crosses my path…….

……..just kidding!

I love this game. I love our Birdiehunters. I love you guys too much to BLAME you for having one of my bad day games. That includes you Brad, Harry! Hehehe!


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