SIMON may have walloped the golfing bunch on Thursday at Kings Links with his scintillating round but the story of the day belongs to the creature at the 17th hole lagoon.

For the benefit of those who failed to make it at last Thursday’s 2nd leg of our 2012 season, let me say this: YOU MISSED IT!

Let me quote Alan’s words:

“I am already feeling depressed recounting my horrible game last Thursday after 4 months’ absence. On the 17th hole I duffed my 3 metal off the tee 30 yards into the deep rough. For the 2nd shot even placing the ball on a nice lie (winter rules) I duffed it again 10 yards. Repeated the same again for my 3rd shot for another 10 yards. For my 4th I hit a good one but it ended up
in the lake.”

That is for starters. What happened next could have been a You Tube mega hit.

When ED saw Alan’s ball trickle down the 17th hole lagoon, he grabbed his ball retriever and walked back 20 yards. As he was fishing for the ball, the monster creature crept up the bank and snared ED’s cart, bag, and all. ED frantically ran up to prevent the monster from swallowing his belongings. TOO LATE!

ALAN continues with his account:

“Never knew he had so many things his bag. It almost looked like the flotsam that washed out into the sea during the Japanese tsunami.

“I felt bad that if I had not farted around with all those shots, ED would have played sooner and the mishap would have been prevented.”

ED was nearly caught by the monster had his “boy scout buddies” CHANG and ALAN not come to his rescue. He was going to dive in to retrieve all his stuff.

Asked what he thought about his experience, ED said, “At least I did not score a 12 like ALAN.”

How is that for a real trooper?

Apparently, don’t call him. His cellphone is still in the dryer!



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