After a dreary winter, no one doubts how eager you must all be to enjoy curvaceous contours, smooth and tantalizing shapes. Go ahead and start salivating! I am of course, referring to lush fairways, sandy white bunkers and undulating greens!

And so, our golf season that customarily begins during the month of of April, had its first official game last Saturday at Point Roberts.

Three groups that included LITTLE JOE set out on a wonderful sunny day at one of our favorite courses. When the draw for the foursomes was made, as luck would have it, EL CAPITAN was in a group of the “heavies” – the long hitters and low handicappers – RORY who seldom uses a driver even on par fives; LITTLE JOE, “sneaking long” would probably be a more appropriate nickname; and “Power Fader” BRAD.

But before we get to the nitty-gritty, let me tall you about HAN. He had a big smile as he walked off the 18th. He said, “I played well today; I hit the ball where I wanted to!” Ok, then, how did he score? Let us not get into that. You see, everyone knew that HAN’s game is starting to peak – this early. So secretly, we had a plan. (You know we are a “sinister” bunch!) How could we “neutralize” that great fluid swing? Actually no, we are just kidding!

Well, we really were not out to sabotage his great game. That is not fair! We would not, ever, even think of doing anything to cause anyone have a bad game…no, not to HAN!

However, LEE TREVINO and CHI CHI RODRIGUEZ were masters at the “psyche” game and what they say is well documented. The say things like,
“I’d pay anything to have a back swing like that!” or
“Wow, that is a fabulous shot clearing all those trees!” or
“That is a terrific ‘birdie’ chance!” or
“Two under and three to go!”
…..Anything to distract the process of concentrating and making those putts.

Well, in our group, we do have great personalities and we have a lot of fun. We have Tiger’s twin – PETER. We have our own version of – RORY. But in addition, we also have our versions of LEE and CHI CHI! They are terrific folks. However, part of the fun is knowing when they are putting on the “psyche” game. Well, HAN said he learned a valuable lesson. You see, he was paired with MARIO, ED, and…… VINCENT… hehehe! Imagine if instead of MARIO, it was CHANG L out there in HAN’s foursome. Having Lee in your group is terrific. Having both Lee and Chi Chi would be mayhem especially on your score.

You see, CHANG and VINCENT are our version of Lee Trevino and Chi Chi Rodriguez.

And that in essence was what happened to HAN’s scoring. Next time he is up with “Lee” or “Chi Chi”, he says he has a pair of ear plugs he could always wear on the course! He also promises to stay put on the green until all movements cease. I think it is a great strategy!

Now for the results last Thursday. It is daunting to play with someone who uses mostly a hybrid off the tee. RORY is probably more akin to Bubba Watson than McIlroy. He is scary long. Then, there is LITTLE JOE whose nickname should be “Mr. Consistent”. JOE probably holds the distinction of winning the most KPs. Then, there is Mr. “Power Fader”. BRAD aims for the woods left of the fairway and curves his ball down the middle

EL CAPITAN had to contend with such illustrious bunch. Actually it is quite an experience to play with those who could make par on most holes in a course. On this day, though, holes #2, #5, #9, and #18 played havoc on the foursome. At the end, though, emulating the shot-making skills of his foursome paid off. EL CAPITAN played 4 under his index to take 1st place on the first tournament of the season – better than KING KONG who had a superb game taking 2nd place; and LITTLE JOE salvaging 3rd place.


We have missed him during the last year but we will treasure the many terrific golf outings we have had with him. His golf attribute is something to behold. He is a threat from within 150 yards and on the putting green, no one has a much better percentage of putts made.

Last Wednesday, he went under the care of a surgeon at the Royal Columbian Hospital and held at ICU for a couple of days. His wife Vicky tells me that he could be headed home in a couple of days. We are extremely encouraged by this good news. We keep ART in our thoughts and prayers for a quick return to routine. Although he now seldom plays golf, he visits the driving range on occasion as he guides his granddaughter Jordan in developing a golf swing. Let us wish him well! (ART, rightmost, is shown above with Joan and Sunny.)


EL CAPITAN is on his way to Orlando, Florida and will be away until next Wednesday. Your “Weatherman” HAN will be sending out notices of this Thursday’s game and next.



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