For 65 years now, top local clubs have had a reign on the Championship Division. This year is no exception as Tommy Manotoc leads Canlubang to a narrow margin over Luisita. For a full story of the conquest, go to this link.


Because this has been a yearly affair, the work of organizing such a immense undertaking is often taken for granted. But for those visiting the Philippines for the first time to join the tournament, in particular those enjoying the same hotel facilities at the hotel headquarters of PAL, it is easy to observe what massive manpower and logistics are required to see this successful undertaking conclude.

The Pinnacle Hotel where the BIRDIEHUNTERS of BC stayed is the site of daily briefings of more than 60 PAL GOLF COMMITTEE staff during the week of the tournament. At the forefront of the organizing team is the Secretariat, led by Terry Romilla and ably assisted by Tina Bacaltos. Overall direction comes from the Chairman of the PAL Interclub, Atty. Domingo Duerme, who is also the Senior VP for Mindanao. He has Felix Cruz, Buddy Ressureccion, Tournament Director, Vic Suarez,  and a few others assisting him.

Davao City’s economy is expected to benefit to the extent of more than P60 million (pesos) as a result of event. Of this amount, more than P53 million is reported to come from spending of thousands of golfers from around the world participating in the event; about P7 million is budgeted for PAL’s direct expenses in meals, lodging, and logistics for the affair.

All this measures the significant value of this yearly affair to the host cities. It is testament to the challenge the PAL GOLF COMMITTEE has to meet in order to conduct this event successfully.

Thank you, Doming, Terry, Tina, Buddy, Vic and all your support staff! 


BRAD says, “Sign me up for Cebu!”
HAN chants, “I am missing my Davao already.”

Returning a day after the conclusion of the SENIOR DIVISION tournament, all five hunters were unanimous in echoing what we have been saying all these years: It is the best golf excursion in the world!

This means that only FOUR spots are open for the 66th PAL INTERCLUB.

Better sign up early if you do not want to miss this fabulous golf excursion.


Upon questioning by ERNIE at the 2nd Team Captains’ meeting, Buddy Resurreccion broke the news that the 66th PAL INTERCLUB will be hosted by Cebu City.

The announcement received great applause from the team captains as many long-time participants remember the fabulous times they had years ago when Cebu was one of the four destinations for the Interclub.

What is there to expect in Cebu City?

Apart from five golf courses, many beauty pageants and resorts, Cebu City is a prime metropolitan teeming with great entertainment and extravaganza. If you enjoy great golf, fantastic food, fabulous arts and entertainment, or lounging comfortably just enjoying nature, music, and extraordinary views and spectacles, you are in for a treat!


While we are unable to confirm how many interclub participants could not make it to Davao, Atty. Duerme did mention that a few are missing in this year’s tournament most likely due to the global economy. Certainly, the clubhouse at Apo or Palos Verdes did not seem “too busy” this time around. Some familiar faces from Australia and clubs from the Middle East were not around.


To view the results of the 65th PAL INTERCLUB SENIOR DIVISION TOURNAMENT, refer to the following PDF files:

s-d4 team standings – summary – This is the summary of team standings in the FOUR divisions.

s-d4 intl team standings – summary – This shows the INTERNATIONAL TEAMS results.

s-d4 team standings – detail – This shows the record of each team’s participant’s tournament results.


For five hunters competing against best six of eight members in each team, EL CAPITAN, CHANG, BRAD, VINCENT, and HAN were not too shabby. Of 40 international teams, they  scored better than 13 other international teams. Their score of 335 is better than two other Vancouver BC teams: Par Breakers (279) and Samahan (272).

Imagine if Rory, Sonny, Chang, Hide, or Harry would have made it! We could really compete!


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