Happy New Year to all Birdiehunters!!!

We have some fabulous golf expeditions this year! But first, here is a brief collection of year-end gallivanting. Now, how would you like to be playing here:


…and be staying here:

(Have we got you salivating just yet?)

With the dreary, gloomy, winter days at home, a few of the hunters have been all over the place. A few invaded Sonny’s retreat at The Trilogy in Palm Desert just before Christmas.
Alan has not yet provided any news of Costa Rica and Las Vegas. King Kong hibernated in New York (what else is there to do there, anyways?).

El Capitan visited with Gerry at Mountain Lakes Country Club! We also played at

Cathedral Canyon and Indian Canyon Golf Resort.

While visiting, we discovered why, as soon as the sky darkens in Vancouver, Gerry packs his suitcase to head south. Let me use one sentence to describe this snowbird’s sentiment:
“What a life!”

Well, with his home on the golf course, a typical day would probably be enjoying breakfast at the backyard fronting the 15th fairway and then heading off to the first tee on his own golf cart. Swimming at the clubhouse or a friendly game of tennis would be optional, of course!  I would imagine the same thing with

Sonny at The Trilogy!

Carol has no complaints! She, too, loves to play golf!

BRAD succumbed to the thrill of golf in full sunshine. He, too, descended at Palm Spring. I understand he and Gerry are to play a couple of games together.


Property values have plummeted to incredible proportions and Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and surrounding areas had been greatly impacted. Mansions upwards of $1 million are on the market for less than $700m. Very recently built single homes selling for more than $600m in 2005 are now “on sale”, some below $200m. There is little signal of recovery in 2012. Is it any wonder that Vancouver/Richmond residents are planning retirement there?

It would not surprise me if the number of Birdiehunters heading south would grow in the years to come.

65th BEST GOLF EXCURSION in the WORLD on Feb 11

Final preparations are now underway for our team to head to Davao City to enjoy the “Best Golf Excursion in the world” – 65th PAL INTERCLUB TOURNAMENT.

BRAD and a few others want to enjoy an extended stay. Most of us will leave Feb 11, Saturday, to arrive at Davao City on Monday the 13th for a terrific outing.


This Thursday, there is likelihood the sun will peak through the clouds at RIVERWAY. We start at 8:44 am. Renee tells me that the course is holding up well and that the greens are terrific.



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