FABULOUS DAY @ Point Roberts

Apparently, sometime ago, SEXY SENIOR ART walked over to the tee at Beach Grove

wanting to get a quick 9 holes before it got dark.

There was a young lad just about to tee off, so ART asked if he could join him. Because the young fellow also wanted to play as many holes as he could, reluctantly agreed. It actually surprised him that ART could play that quickly and got a few pars. On the 9th, the young rascal  drove into the trees and for a long time could not make up his mind what to do. This tree was right smack in the middle between his ball and the green. ART grew impatient, walked over and gave him some advice: “I had the same shot years ago; my pitching wedge got my ball on the green.” Not to be outsmarted, the young lad took out his wedge and deliver a great swing only to catch the top of the tree trunk caroming his ball deeper into the woods. ART bellowed – “Well, when I was your age, that tree was only three feet tall.”

What is ART’s (and Sunny’s) great secret to still be able to play the game, though infrequently? He never allows the weather to stop him. “Play golf – live long”!

Ten (10) guys with “great faith” enjoyed 5 hours of warm sun, amidst threatening clouds at Point Roberts last Thursday. They had the course to themselves playing two five-somes. Most of the scores were respectable. There were also a few birdies. In the end,  RORY grabbed top spot (again) while SIMON and HAN (again!) took 2nd and 3rd.

We were all winners, though, being able to enjoy the sport we love best. It keeps us in shape.



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