Golf Warm up

It is a bit colder this time of year and you just can’t get on the tee and whack it, guys! You have to do a bit of stretching and warm up!

It appears that RORY did just that last Thursday to capture 1st place. However, a big cheer for HOWARD for claiming 2nd spot as he again tees it off with the boys after a long sabbatical. He claims ‘beginner’s luck” but shooting a 79 is hardly considered lucky – it is sound, solid, golf in my books.

HAN’s consistent play assures BBC of a strong performance in February, 2012, at the 65th PAL INTERCLUB. For the 2nd week in a row, he is in the winner’s circle. The week before last, he took 1st place from EL CAPITAN by the narrowest margin. Actually, the Riverway winners (HAN, EL CAPITAN, LITTLE JOE) were separated by less than 1 point. Apparently, had JOE made his putt on the 18th, he would have been in 1st place.


It was a soft smooth buttery glide from 32,000 feet as the huge Boeing 747 touched ground at Davao City International airport. All of PAL’s international (to and from YVR) and domestic flights were just as incredibly silky. Their pilots must be some of the world’s most proficient. (But don’t ask me about the food. That is another story.)

I am glad I made the decision to arrange our team’s lodging and other arrangements in person. It was a big mistake to rely on “internet servings” and hype. Instead of being at a “new” Inn in bunk beds amidst schools, we are staying at The Pinnacle in February. It is a

short walk across the street to Gaisano Mall right downtown – Davao City’s entertainment center.


I did not participate in the Captains’ tournament following the meeting because I traveled light and did not bring my clubs. ROGER was begging me to complete his foursome but I decided to take it easy instead.

As you are probably already aware, it is warm and balmy year round although February in Davao City could be cool at night. Hence, umbrellas are essential paraphernalia in a golfer’s bag. You’d look odd carrying your own umbrella, though! 🙂

It was a short trip for such a long flight but nonetheless, my mission – making sure the hunters would have a great time in Davao City – has been accomplished.


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