As with the PGA, it is evident that young tigers are taking over the sport of golf. Here with the Birdiehunters, the early lead of super senior ED and up and coming senior HAN melted away with the final assault of the trio of “young Tigers” EUGENE, SIMON, and LITTLE JOE.

It all started last week when EUGENE went on a rampage at LOOMIS sinking birdies after birdies – the largest number in a single game (5). In early July, EUGENE was 10th in the ranking. Coming up winner in the last two games of the finals got him in top position. SIMON’s gallivanting in Palm Springs during the crucial last game caused him the championship by the tiniest of margins – 10 points.

Meanwhile, LITTLE JOE bolted to 3rd place from 8th. That toppled ED who has missed the finals by vacationing in the Philippines. The Leaderboard (left) shows the final rankings of the 2011 hunters.



You all probably know by now that the 2011 UPS CHAMPIONSHIP does not conclude our Thursday outings.

Like Miles often remarks when someone’s drive sails through the woods into the other fairway: “It’s open there – 24 hours – like 7-11”; well, we play golf 12 months in a year.

It was cold when we tee’d it off during the early part of the year at Riverway. Few believed that we could actually be spared rain or snow. But we did play golf in warm sunshine.

Last week at Loomis, the prediction was 70% shower probability but “El Capitan” did order  a day without rain while we played our 3rd game. He did the same yesterday for our finals at Mayfair Lakes.


The BirdieHunters went to Cagayan de Oro to compete at the 64th PAL International Tournament. There KING KONG almost got discovered by David Foster for his performances at a few entertainment places.

Roger got himself a “personal golf cart and caddie”. Apparently he did not pay much for the service – less than $10. He, however, received a bill later for the replacement of the flat tire.

VINCENT who was with us in the Philippines was a

victim of robbery. Normally, in this club we hunt for birdies and eagles. But tables were turned for VINCENT. At Point Roberts, it was an eagle that victimized him – took his ball away.

The RYDER CUP MATCH PLAY CHAMPIONSHIP  was a smashing success. It started in May with the BLUES and the GOLDS fighting for points on every hole.

The battle saw the BLUES leading early but the GOLDS came back to make it very close. Although the BLUES finally emerged victorious, the teams celebrated at the Riverway’s new Clubhouse after the tournament.

There were four Majors during the year. The last one was the Masters won by HARRY, the KING KONG. Other Major winners were BILL, ED, and JOHN.

Here are your other TOP TEN PLAYERS in the 2011 UPS CHAMPIONSHIP:


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