SIMON got his “screamers” working to post a winning score in yesterday’s 2nd leg of the UPS playoffs. His KP on the 2nd hole boosted his earnings for the day.

The man who “kisses frogs along the way”, CHANG L demonstrates a magical way to play the game. His 2nd outing with the hunters in two months brought him his 2nd consecutive win. Two games – two wins! No wonder many are seeking the help of Anderson Anderson, CAs, to audit his handicap index. Ask BILL what CHANG L gives him as handicap on Sundays. Certainly not 1-1 as their handicap differentials show on paper. That must tell you something.

Well, OK, RORY’s return was also momentous as he took 3rd place. Actually, he could have scored better if not for some rare miscues. He would certainly challenge MILES in a long drive contest. At some holes, he played like his namesake – McIlroy – using merely a rescue at the tee.

The man to watch out for is BRAD. He is starting to challenge CHANG HJ for the title of the “Most Boring Birdie Hunter”. He has that “power-fade” swing almost perfected. It takes guts to aim at the trees left on the Par 4 dogleg left #6 hole to bring the ball back to dead center. He also has incredible chipping and putting skills taking the ball inches of the hole. No triple bogies for this guy.


With two more games to go, all top 10 players have a mathematical chance to win the playoffs.

The 3rd leg of the playoffs at LOOMIS GOLF COURSE in Blaine, Wa. could be pivotal to the chances of capturing this year’s top tournament.


Keep the ball in play. At the first hole, a dogleg left par 4, avoid the bunkers guarding the right side of the green. Take a longer iron. It is easier to save par from the top side of the green.

The 2nd hole is not a long par 5 and longer hitters could shorten the hole by aiming beyond the creek right of the fairway. The safest shot would be way left of the creek. Water hazard right of the green is also very much in play.

The 7th hole is probably the toughest to get on in regulation. It is long. Hole #9 presents a great challenge and two great shots will present a birdie opportunity.

On the 11th hole, a golfer is presented with a choice: a straight drive can yield a good score but aiming left of the trees could conceivably give an opportunity to be on in two on this terrific par 5. Navigating beyond water hazard and bunkers would require a clean hit covering at least 190 yards.

To assure a decent score, play the 17th hole safely. It is one of the most difficult holes on the course because of a narrow green that is very deceiving. It is shaped like an envelope – long horizontally than perpendicularly; very tough to reach on the 2nd shot.

The 18th requires a decent drive. The water hazard guarding the green often requires an average drive a strong fairway wood to negotiate. Play short and pitch to save par or hit one like King Kong and have a mid-to-short iron for a chance at a birdie.

START EARLY to avoid the tunnel congestion!


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