2011 UPS CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFF – Off to a exciting start

With the days getting shorter, it was pretty dark when the hunters set out to stake their claim on the 2011 UPS CHAMPIONSHIP. Only two groups preceded BBC at the PEACE PORTAL GOLF COURSE, a stone’s throw to the Peace Arch US Border.

Just before the start of the game, I got a call from someone: “I am at the golf course and no one is here. The pro shop tells me we do not have a tee time reserved.” So, I replied, “Simon, where the heck are you?”

Having to communicate through (the speakerphone on) my Tablet with phone calls capabilities, everyone could hear the conversation.

He said, “Here at Point Roberts!”

Everyone suspended practicing their putts and roared. He left in a hurry and was lucky to avoid radar traps on highway 99 to catch up to the last group at Peace Portal. The aerial

mounties, however, clocked him doing 200KPH. They spotted a car with flames coming from its engine.

This is just to show you how dedicated our Tournament & Handicap Captain is.


Two of our top golfers had their A game at Peace Portal. Both LITTLE JOE and CHANG HJ played to a 76. What was fascinating to watch was how CHANG HJ carved his perfect back nine (36). On the par five 11th, both he and EL CAPITAN crowded the pin with less than 36 inches and made birdies. However, on the next par five (13th) CHANG HJ had his errant drive hit trees to the right of the fairway and had no decent shot to move the ball forward. He took his driver hoping to keep the ball low to avoid hitting branches. His tough shot only advanced the ball less than 100 yards. His fairway shot sailed right and almost got into the pond guarding the 16th hole. Trees impeded his 4th shot to the green with more than 120 yards to go. Miraculously, his wedge faded high into the air above the trees and settled within 3 feet of the pin. He saved par!

Meanwhile, BRAD on the same hole missed the green on his approach and chipped way past the hole several feet BUT knocked his putt in – also for a par.

EL CAPITAN had similar predicament on the same hole. He had barely a 6-foot opening between trees with his drive also wayward to the right. With a Phil Mickelson devil-may-care shot, his rescue club drilled the ball right through the small opening to less than 10 yards of the creek. His five wood carried the ball to the green in regulation BUT with more than 50 feet to the pin on an undulating uphill-downhill-sidehill putt. It was perfectly executed to less than 12 inches for a par.


After  gallivanting all over Europe during the summer BRAD comes back and fills in for SONNY…. and …HARRY. We all know how much fun it is when there is humor in the air. Everyone’s mood is enlightened by two of our most gregarious and fun-loving friends. HARRY is on a holiday in Singapore – for a month. SUNNY is enjoying hisnewly born and only grandson in Toronto.

Luckily, we have BRAD. It was a joy playing with him. Not only is he a perfect gentleman on the course, he also plays a decent game. Best of all, he is a “course magician”. On the 17th, his “power-fade” did not fade as much and his ball was hanging oh so closed to the edge of the creek left of the fairway. His 2nd shot was way left of the green and with a blind 3rd shot, he flopped his approach to less than 3 feet and MADE PAR!

If scores were to tell the entire story, BRAD, CHANG HJ, and EL CAPITAN were pretty evenly matched with CHANG HJ shooting the best score and the two playing partners tied at 83.

EL CAPITAN felt like a hamburger patty at Peace Portal – sandwiched between perennial golf buddies/adversaries JOE and CHANG HJ- as he takes 2nd place in the UPS Playoff.

It’s a long way to go yet. Don’t count out MILES, HAN, SIMON, VINCENT, or BILL…and the others. Take advantage of the gallivanting ED, top UPS scorer.


Start time is 8:30. Don’t miss it!


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