2011 MASTERS – Leader not Miles ahead

MILES – HARRY neck to neck

MILES leads the 2011 BBC Masters Tournament by a .1 margin as the 1st leg of the tournament concluded at Morgan Creek from his nearest pursuer. In fact, 
10 players are within less than 5.5 points of the current leader.

HARRY is certainly in serious contention as he is a mere 0.1 point behind MILES. ED, the UPS leader by a great margin, is merely 0.6 of the leader followed by VINCENT at 0.7.

The chart below lists the results of the MORGAN CREEK game. With the Championship game scheduled this Thursday at KINGS LINKS starting at 8 am, there are a few holes that could conceivably influence the outcome of the tournament. One of them is the famous 17th short par 4 where a monster jumps from the water to ensnare an errant shot. Another is the 2nd hole – a seemingly harmless par five that could very easily turn a birdie chance into an ugly double bogie. The12th hole has its own Lochness monster guarding the extremely

difficult putting green.

MILES SHOOTS 71 at Riverway

If his game last Saturday is to be a yard stick for his chance to be the next Major Open Champ, watch out. MILES putted for an eagle on 14th and snagged a few birdies enroute to a 1-under 71. SONNY and ERNIE were mere witnesses rather than competitors as they watched in awe how MILES lived up to his name on every drive.


Meanwhile, last Thursday, Morgan Creek was not as tough as it is refuted to be as the BIRDIEHUNTERS assaulted the course with TEN BIRDIES; perhaps a record. ALAN, JOE, CHANG HJ, MILES, ED, and HARRY had one each. KIITCH was the sharpshooter of the day with THREE. The guy who kisses frogs on the golf course, CHANG L also got one.


ED extends his monster grip on the championship with his 3rd place win at Morgan Creek. If successful, it would be his 2nd consecutive title. It would take a surge of good game management for those trailing to overcome their deficit.

Perhaps a great game this Thursday could inspire a few.


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