Special report from our roving journalist EUGENE:

On a beautiful Sept. 1st morning, the BIRDIEHUNTERS made their way to Surrey in their latest attempt to conquer Northview’s Canal Course. With nearly four flights of competitors and fair conditions, the day seemed to be one that promised low scores and a big reward for the BIRDIEHUNTER of the day.

The low scores ended up being a pipe dream, as tough pin locations and fairly fast greens took their toll on the players. At the end, the round evolved into a test of making the least errors and minimizing the damage. The big champion, CHANG LIM, ended up having an excellent round, shooting a 90 (net 65) to blow away the field with his consistency – while taking a KP to boot. Our runner-up, EUGENE, had an up-and-down round, making a personal best 3 birdies but also making three triples bogies and a couple of double bogies to shoot an 85 (net 67.4). 2nd runner-up, CHANG HJ, played an excellent round, shooting 76 for a net 68.2 – still not good enough to beat one of our Super Seniors, CHANG LIM. KP’s were taken by SIMON (2), CHANG HJ, and CHANG LIM. SIMON, although playing a dismal round by his standards, commented: “at least I got my 10 bucks back”.

Every one after the Crown?

When someone shows up for the first time in a long time and then takes home the big prize of the day, an expression rings out: “I am just lucky!”

“Lucky” is going out for a walk in the woods; finding a frog; kissing the frog; and it turns out it a a lovely lass. “Unlucky” is finding the lass to be .. er.. gay…uh …happy!

Chipping it close or nailing a 10 footer is not “luck” in my dictionary. It is “skill”. Driving the ball 245 yards out there down the middle is not “luck”.

From being at 23rd place to 14th place in a single game is not luck either. So watch out, JOHN, ALAN, and VINCENT!


British Open Champ & UPS leader ED was blanked at North View along with HAN and JOHN. However, the father-son tandem of CHANG HJ and EUGENE have taken over 8th & 9th place, bumping VINCENT to 10th place.


For the first time in years, the HUNTERS are going to measure their sharp shooting skills at the lush but tough MORGAN CREEK GOLF COURSE.

Immediately, golfers are faced with a tough dogleg right Par 4. With the green guarded by a hazard that crosses the front, one would need a long accurate drive with a strong fade to have a chance at reaching it in two. Anything less would certainly be a very tough par save. A bogie would be an accomplishment.

We will have at least four foursomes on what promises to be an excellent warm sunny day.

BREAKFAST MEETING is at 6:15 am at McDonald’s on 32A street exit right from the highway. BE THERE!


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