ALAN & VINCENT dethroned

Winner of one Major Tournament on May 26 2011, JOHN has snagged two huge purses for the day at the MATCH PLAY CHAMPIONSHIP. He won 1st place in the day’s tournament and took 2nd prize for being the 2nd highest BLUE TEAM scoring leader. The Brinks truck with four heavily armed security men took his winnings for deposit to a Swiss Bank.

In addition, he now owns the inglorious SB#1 crown which ALAN & VINCENT previously coveted. VINCENT tried his best to retain the crown with his net 66.1. Unfortunately, another contender, SIMON, logged in a gross 80 (6 over par), precariously nearly edging the SB#1 King. Incidentally, JOHN also won the year’s First Major Tournament with a similar score.

As a result, he moves into 3rd place in the UPS Leaderboard ahead of ALAN.

SIMON also surges ahead with his 2nd place win and a tie for the GOLD Team scoring leadership which was shared amongst him, HAN, and VINCENT.

Meanwhile, with ALAN’s absence, HARRY captured 3rd place in the BLUE TEAM’s scoring leadership.

EL CAPITAN is the BLUE’s scoring leader with 29 points, the highest overall scoring leader of both teams.


The site of this year’s last major shall be MORGAN CREEK starting at 7:24 on September 8 and KINGS LINKS at 8 am on September 16.

This Thursday, we play NORTH VIEW CANAL starting at 8 am.


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