BLUES – Winners 2011 Ryder Cup Championship

Beaming with pride in their come-back victory against a strong GOLD Team are HARRY, GERRY, ERNIE, MILES, JOE, BERT, and JOHN.

When the day started, the BLUEs trailed the GOLDs by 5 point. Here is how the final championship match play developed:

12:15 – BERT trounced ED soundly with an 8 – 5 advantage narrowing the GOLD’s lead to only 2 points.

12: 18 – SUNNY could only manage 4 points against ERNIE’s 11. It was the match that clinched it for the BLUEs as they overtook the GOLDs by 5 points that would hold up for the rest of the matches.

12:23 – MILES and CHANG HJ halved the points with 6 each while JOHN’s “A” game eclipsed BILL 6 – 3 with the score now being 131-123.

12:31 – VINCENT took 1 point back for the GOLDs when he defeated HARRY  7-6.

12:39 – SIMON’s strategy going against GERRY paid off as he soundly disposed of his adversary by a huge 10 – 4 margin, narrowing the BLUEs’ lead to only 1 point. However, JOE who was win-less in the previous 3 matches, came through with a solid performance against a top player for the GOLDs – HAN, beating him by a 6-4 margin for a fabulous win by the BLUES 147-144.

Strategy backfired?

With the BLUE’s Captain RORY helping out a dear friend with a serious family issue in Kelowna, a suggested match up was communicated to GOLD’s Captain SIMON. In the “classified” document, three of the matches were ratified: JOHN against BILL; JOE against HAN; and MILES squaring off with CHANG HJ. In those three matches, BLUE’s JOHN, JOE, and MILES combined 18 points for the BLUEs with their opponents registering 13 points. That essentially tied the championship, since the GOLDs led by 5 points before the start of the final match play.

It would have been quite interesting had SIMON played against BERT; ERNIE vs. VINCENT; HARRY against SUNNY; and ED vs. GERRY. Based on net scores these matches would have been much closer with probably a slight edge in favor of the GOLD since ED’s score was better than GERRY’S.


The chart above shows the TOP THREE SCORING leaders for each team.

It was a fabulous tournament that deserved a great party! We enjoyed the amenities and hospitality of the new Riverway Clubhouse and delighted that we had Kirsty taking care of us throughout the occasion.


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