On a perfect sunny Thursday at Point Roberts, August 4, 2011, die hard birdie hunters set out to test their mettle and play making abilities. They were joined for the 2nd time by PETER P and JIMMY. (The “P” is to identify PP against PH – Tiger’s Twin who has not been around, perhaps still gallivanting in Shanghai.) It is also the 2nd game by SUNNY whose shoulder seems to be holding up quite well.

There were no eagles pouncing on white balls on the 5th hole or  squirrels snatching Titliest ProVs from the 10th fairway. There was one eagle, however. On the 5th hole Par Five, EL CAPITAN’ pulled his drive slightly left leaving him with an uphill lie just two meters from the hazard in the rough. Faced with a very tough shot, he took out his trusty Cobra 7 wood and executed a flawless shot that must have carried 175 yards dead center of the fairway.  HAN, his playing partner lobbed his wedge to within 12 feet of the pin to the right. EL CAPITAN estimated his approach to be about 102 yards. Wanting to protect the skins carryover, he took his gap wedge just right of the pin for a decent shot at a birdie. ED’s fairway wood approach from about 190 yards sailed right of the green. SIMON’s 54 degree wedge was dead center of the green. With the pin tucked all the way back with a blue flag, the foursome could not see the balls on the green except SIMON’s. However, approaching the green, HAN could only see two balls, his and SIMON’s. As he got closer, he exclaimed, “It’s in the hole – an eagle!”

It is EL CAPITAN’s 2nd eagle in two years. The first one was at Bacolod Golf and Country Club during the 2010 PAL Interclub (International) Tournament – a 198 yard Par Three with a strong head win (photo above).

He followed that with a 3-foot birdie & KP on the treacherous 8th green, stealing one from CHANG L.

Although EL CAPITAN’s win elevated him from 10th to 6th place in the UPS LEADERBOARD he and the rest of the field are not having any luck to close in on the two leaders, HAN and ED, since they came in 2nd and 3rd respectively. SIMON’s only hope is for the handicap index of the two to fall to 9 and 12. That is how good they are playing these days.

The adventures of the 2nd foursome continued in the back nine. With HAN sitting pretty for a birdie putt on the last Par 3, ED puts on his own “tigerish” flop shot from 20 yards that gently rolled into the hole for a birdie two! It was the shot he needed to secure third place. HAN was scratching his head as two SUPER SENIORS grabbed several carryover skins as he was salivating at two birdie chances that became just two “easy pars”.

ALAN continues to play well, again shooting below par from his index. He could not displace the three leaders however.


Those who stayed behind after the game got a treat at the International Market in celebration of the “eagle” and win of the day. They shared a bucket full of delicious baked chicken, Jojo fries and drinks.


With the hot summer weather upon us, we shall play our NEXT MAJOR TOURNAMENT – our own version of The British Open – at this fabulous “links” course. The greens are apparently in perfect condition – with the danger of birdie putts treacherously resulting in double bogeys.


Summer rule is in effect. No gimmes of any sort. Ball that is lost in the rough (fescue) shall incur a ONE STROKE PENALTY but the ball must be drop at the approximate place where it last entered the hazard. All areas outside of fairways are considered “regular” or “lateral” hazards. When in doubt, always ask a ruling from playing partners.


It is not too early to start planning to participate in this fabulous international tournament. Those who have joined us in the past will attest to the reputation of this tournament as the BEST GOLF EXCURSION IN THE WORLD. It will be held in the last two weeks in February 2012 in Davao (Southern Philippines).

Here is a tentative schedule of activities at this tournament. Wake up early and enjoy a full breakfast buffet with plenty of tropical fruits. Head out to the golf course and practice to your heart’s content. You are shielded from the hot sun by an umbrella personnel who is always ready with a cold drink or cold towel. After the game, relax with the guys over a fresh ice cold pineapple drink and snacks. You then head back to the hotel in an air-conditioned shuttle bus and perhaps jump in the pool or arrange for a 2-hour spa that relaxes you before heading out for a sumptuous seafood dinner and entertainment. 

More of the same each day. At the conclusion of the tournament you will be treated with a fabulous Award Night Dinner and Entertainment Extravaganza just as they did at the 62nd Interclub at the same venue – Davao.


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