Just as CHANG HJ was making a move up the leaderboard, he goes on a holiday. With HAN being away to LA, ED pounced on the opportunity to close the gap. He is now only 5 points behind the leader. JOHN on the other hand went up 4 places to #4 with 146 points.

With the weather not cooperating and a few taking summer holidays away from competition, the next several weeks will determine who will capture this years championship. With our handicap chief SIMON keeping a close eye on the PGA/CPGA indexing system, we have a fairly level playing field with everyone having a decent shot.

Just look at who the MAJOR tour winners are: BILL and JOHN.


MAYFAIR LAKES at 7:21 am next Thursday, July 28, shall be the site of our TWO-BALL Texas Scramble match play tournament between the BLUES and the GOLDS.

With the GOLDS finally getting their game together, they have bounced back to close the gap against the BLUES. They are now only 3 points behind in the match play tournament. Captains SIMON and RORY will have their hands full matching up their players to handle the challenge of the TEXAS SCRAMBLE.

The format calls for two players from each team playing their “best ball” from tee to green against the other team. Each player tees off and between the two of them decide which position they would play their next shot. They would have two chances to make their putt on the green. Obviously the two captains will have to decide which player combination would make a good team. There would be a lot of strategic plays during the match. If the first drive is out of bounds or in a hazard, the next team player must “play it safe” to protect their position. The approach to the green would also require some planning. The longest shot may not necessarily be the preferred placement if the approach would have to contend with bunkers. On the green, the team has to decide who should putt first obviously with the objective of attacking the hole for a chance of making the putt. Who should putt first?

Remember always to make a good follow through on your golf swing. In case you need a tip on what a “good follow through” is, look at SERGIO GARCIA’s example!

Thus, the winner of this format will be decided by the team that makes the best strategy on each shot to be played.


The KP prize is still up for grabs. The pot of the day shall be awarded to the two-man team that scores the lowest net score for the day (50/50). Winnings shall be applied to the UPS Championship.

PLEASE CONTACT YOUR TEAM CAPTAIN EARLY so that the match up could be established early.


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