GOLD’s STOCK SOARS – BILL 2nd Major Winner

Team GOLD has closed the gap in the MATCH PLAY TOURNAMENT by trouncing the BLUES convincingly at Kings Links.

Leading off the day, BLUE’s team of ERNIE and HARRY surrendered their lead on the 18th hole when ED two-putted for a par. HARRY could not convert his short putt to tie the hole. They halved the match.

LITTLE JOE and JOHN could not hold off the superb play of CHANG HJ and VINCENT and raised the white flag early losing 3 to 7 point.

GERRY and ALAN battled the duo of BILL and HAN only to be frustrated as they fell short 7 to 9.

TEAM GOLD wins the TWO BALL/BEST BALL team match play with a total of 40 points against 28 and has made the match play team tournament more exciting. It should be. There are only 3 points now separating the two teams with the BLUES still leading at 72-69.

However, in the race for the best scoring player on each team, ERNIE and JOHN are tied for the BLUES;   HAN leads the GOLD with 17 points. Considered one of the best golfers in the group, JOE has been “silent” in the 1st and 2nd tournament. Perhaps he might emerge in the next tournament.


The 3rd leg of the tournament shall be held on Thursday, July 28; the site shall be announced as soon as it is confirmed.

RULES for the match play

  • A team of two players shall be selected by each Team Captain
  • The handicap of the two players shall be added and divided by two (a player with 8.9 + a player with 26 shall have a handicap of 17.45 or a course handicap of 17)
  • Each player shall tee off
  • On the next shot, they select the best drive and shall both play from that spot; they will continue selecting the best shot until they are on the green
  • Playing from the most preferred placement, each shall putt until one holes out
  • Gross score less handicap shall be the match play score
  • The weekly tournament (net + KP) shall be played with ONLY TWO winners sharing. Winners shall be the team from either BLUE or GOLD who scores the BEST NET SCORE. (KP shall remain an individual competition.)
  • In case of a tie (for the weekly tournament) there shall be a sudden death putting competition to break the tie OR they can elect to share the pot

After being away for almost a month, BILL comes back to win the 2nd major tournament – BIRDIEHUNTERS’ BC OPEN and moves 5 placed to claim 5th place in the UPS CHAMPIONSHIP. Obviously, Captain SIMON’s strategy pays off by having BILL teams up with HAN, hottest player of the month.  
HAN is going to miss this week’s tournament as he will be in LA for several days. Could he retain his lead?

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