If the PGA has Rory, we’ve got Han. Many of you know he is a celebrated cellist but as his dexterity with his fingers handles the strings in a classical form, the fluid motion of

his upper body orchestrates  a swing that rivals that of the Big Easy. It would not be a surprise to see his index drop any moment now as he has taken a commanding lead in our 2011 UPS CHAMPIONSHIP. The only question that most are wondering is this. “When is Han going to celebrate his success with a little treat at the cafeteria?”

His gross 78 for a net of 63.8 speaks loudly of Han’s growl at Point Robert where he decimated the rest of the field. It seems that he is intent in snagging Vincent’s crown. And here is why. The two were the only ones to score way below their index. VINCENT’s 67.3 was 5 shots better than CHANG HJ’s who took 3rd place. A further proof of their skill (not luck) is demonstrated by each of them getting two birdies. El Capitan scored the only other birdie of the day. VINCENT’s KP on the 8th hole adds proof to his skills.

Here is the latest leaderboard:

NEXT MAJOR TOURNAMENT will be held at KINGS LINKS on June 30th to coincide with the 2nd RYDER CUP match play 2-ball/best ball format. We are on the tee at 7:42 am. This major tournament shall be named Birdiehunters BC Open. You might wish to put this in your calendar.

Our friend BUDI has returned to Indonesia but promises to be with us again on his next Canada visit.


We have four tee-times starting at 7:45 am. With the summer months almost upon us, it is very bright early in the morning at 6 am. Hence, most of us value being back to work at noon. Our early start also assures us of a quick round.


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