LEADERS Pulling Away – Also Monster Roars at 17th

In spite of the tough challenge of Scotland-like golfing at Kings Links on Thursday, nothing seems to bother the winners and leaders of the championship: ED, HAN, & CHANG HJ.

But first, some horror stories. It seems that what has long been suspected as a creature lurking at the 17th hole pond guarding the island green is now confirmed.

Bobbing its ugly head and spiny tentacles only in split second, the creature of the 17th hole lagoon at Kings Links has been known to wreck havoc amongst unsuspecting golfers. Those executing seemingly perfect approaches to the green are suddenly confronted by not only stiff wind but by a sudden flash from the water that engulfs golf balls like an Orca chomping on salmon at the Fraser River.

HAN last week was on his way to shooting in the 70’s when he experienced such phenomenon on the 17th. With only less than 99 yards for his approach the lagoon creature snatched a few of his balls from mid-air causing him to finish with six over par TEN.

He thought it was just an errant twitch on his takeaway that caused the disastrous 10.

Well, on Thursday, SIMON discovered the horrendous creature of the 17th hole lagoon. It seems that he angered the monster with his screaming shots fish-tailing atop the pond. The monster snatched every single ball SIMON blasted over the water and was lucky to get one on the green – for a record smashing TWELVE (12) on the hole.

Meanwhile, CHANG HJ is making a move. He and JOE were sharpshooters of the day as they split the four KP’s between them. As a result, CHANG has replaced his son EUGENE at 3rd place. Unfortunately, unless someone steals Han’s putter or break ED’s fingers, it looks like we are only in supporting roles at this championship. The two of them are amassing great fortune each week that they hired Brinks to transport their winnings to Fort Knox.

Meanwhile, some private skins games are hotly contested. On most of these encounters, the “par rule” is often imposed; that is, only a natural par could win a hole and carry-overs. however, some complain that this rule is unfair for the higher handicap players, particularly when no stroke advantage is considered in the hole-by-hole results. Hence, at yesterday’s game, the “par rule” was suspended. The end result did not change – to win at these skins game requires focus, concentration, skill, and a lot of luck.  It is amazing though how these private games raise a golfer’s game a few notches. One can’t quit after a double, triple, or quadruple bogie.

Although the sand monster at the 3rd hole buried the chances of EL Capitan for a day’s win, he just had to keep plodding along to overcome stiff competition from MR. BOOMER (formerly KING KONG), MR. SB#2, and our friend BUDI, visiting from Indonesia. His rare birdie on the 9th hole set the stage for a decent back nine. Starting the day with pars on the 17th (the monster was still asleep) and 18th, he recorded a better score and grab the Nassau and share of the skins.

POINT ROBERTS JUNE 16 – Come early

The sun is up early in the summer. It is wonderfully bright at 6 am. Thus, we begin our summer schedule a little earlier now to take advantage of “EARLY BIRD RATES”.

Thus, we will be starting an hour earlier next Thursday – 7 am at Point Roberts. As usual, join us at 6:15 SHARP at McDonalds at Tsawassen for breakfast before the game.


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