After a decent drive, he chunks his approach on the first hole depositing his ball into the left bunker. He skulls his next shot to the rough thirty yards to the right of the green. Then his hard approach settles nearly 30 feet from the pin. He now sits four. What happens next is what one might see in a Disney Fantasy movie. He dunks it for a bogie! What?

If you were playing against him and that does not rattle your patuti, what would?

Sure enough, he comes in with a net 66.9 for the day for the big win. His nickname “The Screamer” (because he muscles his shots and with a hang time of less than three seconds, gets his ball out 200 yards with a 23 degree lofted rescue club!) is now replaced with “The Magician”.

Quiet in the background, HAN continues to pad his lead with accurate sharpshooting and he keeps winning KPs. But the best shot of the day belongs to ALAN. With the pin tucked way at the back of the green nearly 147 yards on the par three 15th, EUGENE deposited his tee shot about less than 14 feet and his group believed that with such pin placement, he is guaranteed a win. Not so! HAN beat his marker but not for long. ALAN drilled his even closer for what is probably the “shot of the day”. No, he did not skull his three wood!

 The race to the top of the leader-board is getting exciting although HAN sits comfortably at the top. EUGENE at 3rd has some mixed feelings – he enjoys his position in the championship but has secured himself a job! It means that unless something changes, he can’t make our Thursday tournaments. SIMON’s win lifted him to 4th place. CHANG HJ who shot a 77, also improved to 6th place.

BILL is on his way to Germany, Beijing, and Jakarta and will be back only at the end of the month. He is in danger of slipping down the leaderboard.

TRIAL RUN for RYDER CUP -Two-ball-best-ball

Team blue conceded 9 points to Team Gold for this trial run giving them some confidence that on June 30th, they could make up some points deficit to bolster their chances for the 2011 cup. Captain Rory smiles and says, “We’ll see!”


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