Ryder Cup Match Play Championship – Breaking News

Team GOLD lost its luster starting with the 1st match between JOHN and VINCENT.  It was nearly a wipe out with JOHN scoring 11 points for the BLUES against VINCENT’S 4. In the 2nd match, SIMON (4 points) surrendered 7 points to EUGENE. ERNIE bamboozled his great friend ED with a 10-5 lead. Interestingly, it was ALAN that gave the BLUES a rare win with his 6-5 advantage against Team Gold’s strongest player – CHANG HJ. With Alan’s score (6) TEAM BLUE took the lead for the day without ever looking back (34 points).

HAN’s shellacking of JOE by a margin of 8-2 did not matter since that gave Team Gold only 26 points.

JOHN put the icing on the cake with his 11 points; BILL’s 3 brought Team Gold their total of  29 points.

(Note: an audit of the scores indicates that SIMON tied the 18th hole against EUGENE. Therefore the edited team scores are: BLUES – 43, GOLD, 30!) Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah! However, there is a dispute as EUGENE believes that he made a par on the 18th while SIMON had a double bogey. This needs to be resolve. It could be a contentious point!)

CONGRATULATIONS to CAPTAIN RORY of the BLUES for a thorough bashing of the GOLDS.

Looking at the pictures below, there is a tell-tale sign of how things are shaping up between the two teams. Can anyone see what that is?

Here is the TEAM GOLD.


Simultaneous with the RYDER CUP’s 1st Match Play was our first MAJOR tournament which was won by JOHN convincingly. This also catapulted him into 5th place in our UPS CHAMPIONSHIP surpassing BILL. The big story is HAN surging ahead of the pack with 131 points. CHANG HJ is also starting to make a move. He now is just a few points behind JOE.

ED remains in 2nd place just ahead of EUGENE.




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