In a prelude to the 1st RYDER CUP Tournament of the birdiehunters, the boys set out Thursday, May 19, to get a feel for what will take place next week – SUMMER RULES – at Riverway Golf & Country Club at 8 am.

Three hunters who successfully kept their balls on the short stuff (fairways) emerged victorious. A tie for first place between one of the most seniors and the youngest player of the day was a first this season: El Capitan and JOHN. HAN’s continued consistent play earned him 3rd place and has taken over the lead in this year’s UPS Championship with 105 points. ED who is away in Las Vegas is now runner-up. It goes to show that in this very tight race, one can’t afford to be absent for a tournament.

The win for El Capitan catapulted him from 13th place to 7th – a jump over 5 contenders. As well, John went from 16th to 11th place. Excitement is certainly building up.

Next week is the 1st of a series of match play tournament-RYDER CUP between the LACOSTE BLUES and LACOSTE YELLOWS.

Amiable RORY and SIMON were nominated Team Captains of the BLUES and YELLOWS respectively. Because of the format of this tournament based on points earned (holes won) by a player, strategic planning by RORY and SIMON will influence the outcome. Thus, we anticipate the captains to guard their lineup of players until they get to the 1st tee. Expect to hear from your team captains about your role. It is best to coordinate efforts with them by email. If you do not see your name on the list and wish to participate, write to your “preferred” team captain below:

RORY – roryclip@gmail.com

SIMON – simontang@telus.net


The joy of golf is playing it by the rules. It is fair for everyone. Unfortunately with friendly games, we tend to be generous with each other: gimme this, gimme that! (Why waste time is often our alibi.) With SONNY on our disabled list, no one has stepped into his shoes as our RULES man. So here are some pointers:

  1. No gimme’s, please, please, please
  2. Never lift, touch, clean your ball when it is in play – without consensus from your playing partners. Do not decide that you deserve a “free drop”. (You can do whatever you want with your balls outside the golf course.)
  3. Lost ball incurs “stroke & distance” penalty. If you decide to play another ball from where you believe your original ball should be (instead of returning to the tee or where you last played it) you are hitting your 4th stroke. If you decide to “play another ball” because of loss in a hazard or lifting ball from GUR (ground under repair), drop it shoulder high.
  4. Difference and similarities between “regular” and “lateral” water hazard: Both require a one stroke penalty and the ball must be placed behind the water hazard in line with the target green. When the water hazard runs parallel to the fairway and it is impossible to go behind the hazard, it is designated as a “lateral water hazard” requiring the ball to be drop at its nearest point of entry, one club length from the perimeter of the hazard. Remember, yellow stake – you can go as far behind the hazard as you wish; red stake – drop one club length from point of entry. (Bet you did not know that!)


With a particularly eventful and busy week, this roving reporter has been delayed in his latest blog posting — but better late than never.

Yet another (another?!) cold and bleary morning greeted the Birdie Hunters last Thursday at Point Roberts. With rain and wind beating down on the faces of 11 eager golfers, this did not dampen their spirits — “Just call my name, and I’ll be there” said Harry, quoting a certain famous member of the Jackson Five (or Four). In the wee hours of the early morning, most everyone was primed and ready to go.

Grouped with Simon and John, this reporter started off horribly– with a double-bogey six. However, he quickly rebounded with a succession of pars and bogies before reaching the par-3 uphill 8th — a challenging hole in the best of conditions. After having to look for his ball after hitting his tee shot long into the bushes, he retrieved his ball and attempted to chip out onto the green. A mess of a shot led to a ball in the front bunker. This reporter needed two shots to escape, an additional chip to get onto the green, and two putts to hole out for a 7 on 8– ouch.

However, he was able to make his short memory to good use as he recovered with a par on the 9th – 45 on the front 9 – not looking good.

However, like a man on a mission, he managed to stay-on-track on the back nine, paring and at worst, bogeying 8 straight holes — on track for a 2 over on the back nine. However, a few critical mistakes and lapses in judgment led to an ugly “snowman” on the par 5 18th — leading to a back nine 41.

Fortunately, this reporter’s 86 net 67 was good enough for the top prize for the day (maybe he’s like his dad, a fan of Point Roberts), with Han and Bill placing 2nd and 3rd with their strong play as well. KPs were taken by Chang HJ, John, Eugene, and Simon.

This reporter is looking forward to the return of our fearless El Capitan and Vincent happy and well-rested — courtesy of some R&R in Aruba.


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