With El Capitan and VINCENT off to Aruba, we were expecting our roving journalist to give us an account of how he bolted into third place on the leaderboard. Perhaps we will hear from him shortly.

With the late arrival of Spring, we are finally seeing the ground firm up and expect that soon we will be invoking summer rule. Perhaps this Thursday.

Meanwhile, here is the updated Leaderboard. With ED gallivanting in Las Vegas this week, he could be dethroned by the time he returns next week. GERRY is back from Europe and is playing this week. VINCENT extended his excursion and is visiting with relatives in Toronto. CHANG L is in San Diego this week as well. RORY is roaring to get into high gears. Expect a great game from him tomorrow.


With only a week to prepare for the match play tournament, each team will need to designate a TEAM CAPTAIN. The two captains will decide their lineup for the 1st game. Obviously the objective is to match a team member against another for the purpose of gaining the best point advantage for the team.

Thus, it is necessary for the team captain to ascertain who is sure to be playing for the team.

As for the team names and tournament fee, we will decide these by Monday. If a majority consensus cannot be established (by lack of votes), then EL CAPITAN will intercede and make the final decision. I bet you would not want that, so get going and cast your vote.


VINCENT and El Capitan had a fabulous time in Aruba. The highlight of course is the Robert Trent Jones Championship Course at Tierra Del Sol. It is a combination of a desert-links scenario. At one of the holes we found a rare Albino Mountain Goat and had a chance to capture that moment on video.  


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