It was one of those days. The Province’s weather map shows “80% probability of precipitation”. The dark clouds covered the sky as far as the eyes can see and the wet drive from Richmond was enough to paint an exasperated look on HARRY’s face, particularly after realizing that he set his 6 o’clock alarm for 6 “PM”. Late for his 6:30 am limousine pick up service, he had to
rush out in minutes. Thank goodness he showered the night before….or did he?

BILL shows up at Riverway and promptly announced that he is turning back.

JOE called to say “he has fever“!

CHANG did not bother.

At the clubhouse, there was a conundrum to be solved: should we or shouldn’t we? In a majority consensus, the loyal BIRDIEHUNTERS set out to the first tee. It was not raining. It was more of an over abundance of morning dew.

By the 4th hole, the umbrellas were folded; the clouds started to lift. Faith is rewarded. At the turn the sun peeked through the clouds and HARRY was teeing off (below) in the warm, glowing and glorious morning.

It has been written time and time again that the BIRDIEHUNTERS are blessed! But few are believers. One of these days, we will invite Dr. Norman Vincent Peale to preach on “The Power of Positive Thinking”.

The faithful hunters enjoyed a marvelous day and celebrated the wins of ED (83), RORY (84), and ERNIE (88) at the newly opened cafeteria with Ms. Terry, our lovely hostess.


With the leader (BILL) electing to skip the game and the others at the top of the leaderboard sun basking in Arizona, it is starting to get interesting. Here are the winners at Riverway and the standings:

Most significant move after yesterday’s game was ED taking over 3rd place bumping EUGENE who remains 4th, tied with HAN.


It is difficult to ignore the fabulous condition of Riverway at this time of the year plus, the brand new club house and restaurant will be fully operational next week.

With a few guys returning from field trips and excursions, we may have a full slate next THURSDAY.

It would be a great time to come with our brand new LACOSTE BIRDIEHUNTERS T-SHIRTS – BLUE COLOR. Only a few more shirts are available. If you do not have yours, better reserve a pair (BLUE – YELLOW).


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