CNN may have their journalists/correspondents in Christiane Amanpour or Anderson Cooper covering important world events, but step aside fellows, cuz the Birdiehunters have EUGENE – our very own newly designated Golf Anchorman. Herewith is a taste of what may be future salacious account of exciting events with the hunters. (Your positive remarks/comments below this post would definitely encourage the writer to bring you colorful up-to-date news!)

While the Weather Network predicted sunny conditions with a 10% chance of precipitation, the Golf Gods apparently did not get the memo. One could be forgiven for believing that weather conditions would be “near-perfect” when making the drive out to Tsawassen, assuming that the person lived in anywhere BUT in Tsawassen.

Meeting with our esteemed captain, Ernie, and Harry at McDo, as per tradition, this contributor absolutely refused to give up hope that the sunlight would burn through the dark rainclouds characteristic of a Vancouver Fall, Winter, and Spring (hell, Summer too sometimes, we don’t exactly live in San Diego do we?). However, hope for pristine course and weather conditions began to fade as the Birdiehunters pulled into the clubhouse, waiting for a reprieve from the rain. After congregating in the clubhouse for 10-15 minutes, the Birdiehunters decided to settle for the (temporarily) mild conditions of the day and head out to the first tee box.

The cold, dreary, rain-soaked conditions at Point Roberts did nothing to dull the enthusiasm of the YOUNG men eager to tear up the course and post career-best rounds. With the exception of this contributor, who began the round with a terrible snap-hook that ended with a triple bogey 7, the cold conditions did little to affect the swings of the Birdiehunters:  as evident by several booming, Bubba Watson-like drives. Despite a promising start, the cold, windy and wet conditions did little to help anybody’s game as the round turned into a battle of endurance against the elements: from mild rain to periods of heavy rain and cold temperatures.

After several terrible shots, this contributor had enough sense to follow the sage advice of Han: that there was really no need to tee off with a driver when facing the narrow fairways characteristic of Point Roberts Golf Course. It turns out that the decision to effectively “bench” his driver for the round was a wise one. The combination of course-management, a few clutch up-and-down pars and bogies, and keeping a cool-head happened to pay-off, as he barely edged the ever-consistent Han (net 67.6) and sneaky-good Harry (net 67.8) with an 87, net 67.0. Course KPs were taken by Han (2), Eugene, and Joe.

The sun finally shone to greet the Birdiehunters – near the end of the 18th hole. No matter what score was posted at the end of the round, this contributor believes that Mother Nature was today’s victor.

In the future, this contributor, Harry, and Captain Ernie will do their very best Raindance in to ensure the following outcome: that rain would “go away” and effectively “come again another day”.


With SIMON & JOHN splurging and slouching in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, GERRY gallivanting somewhere in Europe, ALAN hub-nabbing with celebrities in Las Vegas, SUNNY still on our disabled list, and HAN attending to pressing business in Los Angeles – next week, we might have a sparse crowd at Riverway. You are enjoined to CONFIRM early so as to make sure there would be room for you to have fun next week.


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