No, JIMMY SWAGGART is not a birdiehunter

No, we do not have any disgraced tele-evangelists with the birdiehunters!

Dark rain clouds covered the sky when HARRY came by to pick me up in the morning. As usual, he grumbles and mumbles that it is going to rain. We did not really dwell on the subject much. It was too early in the morning. After passing through the Massey tunnel, the cell phone started ringing. “It is raining, is the game cancelled?” It was CHANG HJ. Still another call came through, “Are we playing and where?”

Just before reaching McDonald at Tsawassen, HARRY heard me say this empathically: “When you get to the number one tee, the sun will be shining and it will be warm.” Well, you all know Harry. He said, “Ya, in Acapulco!”

As we were having breakfast at McDo, Rory appeared and joined us. It has been our ritual for years. If we play Point Roberts, you will find us there at least an hour before tee time. We do the same at Riverway or Kings Links. So we extend our breakfast invitation to all. A special invitation is sent to VINCENT – to make sure he is not the last one to appear on the tee.

Oh, by the way, right after our sunny day golf concluded, the heavens darkened and it rained the rest of the day. LITTLE JOE, RORY, and CHANG HJ are now believers; HARRY is still hanging on the fence. Face it, we got connections!


It was not quite an initiation. BRAD’s initial game with the birdiehunters did not turn out bad. In fact, he came away a KP winner! Way to go, Brad!


It is one of those crazy days. The first drive was way deep in the woods. The provisional, as if fired by the same missile, followed the first. When found, it was unplayable. Ok, then, take a free drop! Unfortunately, getting it out of the woods was like trying to thread it through the head of the needle. Bang, it hits a tree and caroms back where it started except now it lies next to the trunk of a tree. It calls for a left-handed swing. Ops! Missed! When all was said and done, a one putt for a 16 puts the hole out of misery. Ok, Ok, I am talking about Kevin Na at the Texas Open.

(JOHN & EUGENE – you are too quick on the draw. You pre-empted my story line.)

Well, someone yesterday played a marvelous front nine at 4 under par net 32 and he would have won it all except for what happened at the 18th. Poor alignment sent his 9 iron right of the hole. Faced with a delicate downward slope to approach the pin with limited landing space, he elected to execute a way opened club face shot requiring a full swing. Unfortunately, lack of focus and determination to the correct momentum required, he dumped the ball into the bunker. Faced with the same challenge of landing the ball just over the edge, he missed twice and 3-putted for a 10. With Kevin Na’s 16 on the par 4, suddenly I no longer feel depressed!

Unlike HAN. He wanted to quit after the 5th hole and get a rain check. I reminded him that it is very sunny! So he continued on.

One observation: why couldn’t the threesomes following catch up with the foursome in the lead????


Only two hunters had loaded guns: CHANG HJ and VINCENT; all the others were shooting blanks all day!



With ideal conditions and excellent greens at this time of the year – PLUS the best deal on green fees ($30 US/Canadian), Point Roberts remains a favorite of the hunters.

However, our start time is at 7:50 am. Because of highly discounted gas prices, more cars are piling up to get gas there. Also take into account the traffic at Massey tunnel. Plan on joining us at McDo at 7 am and you can’t go wrong.


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