Do you recognize him? Well, whatever his name is, we had him in our foursome. In spite of the howling bitterly cold wind before the sun appeared, this man was shooting the lights out.

Going on the 7th hole, he was tied with CHANG HJ and LITTLE JOE at three over par, having made consecutive pars. What was remarkable was how he was firing at the pin and making putts. It was quite an exhibition of fantastic golf. He was the only one on on the 5th hole.

It was truly a great privilege to have had the chance to walk the fairways and see this man display so many different shots. His putting anywhere from 15 feet could not miss.

At the turn, however, after walking off the 10th green, out of nowhere appears BILL who declared that he had a “double par” on the hole. He also followed that with an 8 on the par 5 11th. I couldn’t help ask at the next tee what happened to the brilliant golfer we had on the front nine.

It gave us a mixed feeling. We certainly enjoy BILL’s company but somehow kept wondering who played with us at the front. Ah, mystery solved! We had BILL HASS with us! And he certainly made our very own BILL’s day! He help his namesake capture our first top jackpot of the season.


It seems that everyone is gunning for VINCENT’s CROWN: SB#1. BILL is definitely in the running. Joining BILL in the winners’ circle are JOE and, well, of course, Mr. SB#1 – VINCENT.

KP winners were HIDE (pronounced “hee deh”), KIITCHI, CHANG HJ, and JOE.

Incidentally, on the par 3 – 13th hole, JOE, BILL, and CHANG HJ surrounded the pin with JOE barely not more than 18 inches. Amongst the three were two birdies and a par for a total of 7 strokes. Their playing partner was better; he had a NINE (9) all by himself. Don’t ask who it was!


SIMON sent by email the updated handicap indices. That is a fabulous idea. Now everyone can simply open up the mail and access their handicap index. Now, some of us want SIMON to be crowned JUDGE and JURY so that he could exercise discretionary power to arbitrarily “change” indices to reduce sandbagging. How else could anyone explain how VINCENT must give KING KONG strokes; or how ED could be a 19? JOE is definitely just as good as PETER (7.5).


Welcome back to KIITCHI and HIDE! Soon RORY should be roaring back to play with us after a golfing holiday in Arizona. JOHN wants to know if you need a personal valet, Rory. He doesn’t mind tagging along on your “many” vacations during the year. ALAN has left for Las Vegas and will rejoin us towards the end of the month. SONNY has had all kinds of issues requiring chiropractor visits and his doctor insisted MRI scans to find out what is causing his shoulder and hip pains. He told the doctor he already knew the cause – ” digging into his pocket so often on the golf course to pay for skins, KPs, etc. – a serious case of chronic golfitis syndrome”. I suggest he confers with JOHN who is also afflicted. Gerry should be back pretty soon, too.


TOUR#4 brings us back to more friendly confines away from howling wind and soggy fairways. Riverway greens should be in terrific shape after being punched.


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