VINCENT’s favorite HTC game, Angry Birds, came alive in yesterday’s 2nd golf outing at Point Roberts.

On the scenic and narrow par 5 5th hole guarded by water on the left and trees on the right, his group took their 2nd shots. Suddenly, out of nowhere came this golden eagle and pounced on HEE JEAW’s ball, perhaps thinking it was one of her eggs. EUGENE rushed to distract the bird away to prevent it from snatching his dad’s ball. EUGENE’s vicious shrill scream scared the eagle away.

Play resumed and everyone played their approach to the green. As VINCENT’s ball landed and rolled on to the green, lo and behold, the bird swooped down and swiftly seized upon the white contraption with his talon and soared up in the air with it.

VINCENT lost his ball but invoked the following rule:
“18-1. By Outside Agency

If a ball at rest is moved by an outside agency, there is no penalty and the ball must be replaced.”

No, VINCENT! Had the eagle picked up your ball and dropped it in the hole, you don’t get an “eagle” three. Rule 19-1a dictates that you replace the “moving ball” at the approximate location where it picked it up.

Poor eagle it is now trying to incubate a 90 compression Noodle ball.

The group ahead of BILL, CHANG, EUGENE, HAN, and VINCENT had a similar experience and caught it all on camera above. That is SIMON’s ball the golden eagle is guarding. The bird defended its position until we were close enough to take these pictures. It decided to leave the ball alone and gave SIMON some good luck because in one of his rare moment during the game, he lofted his approach shot within eight feet of the pin and converted it into his birdie. (He normally crunch his shot low against the wind even when there is no breeze in the air – just like his lucky KP on the 15th. The ball never rose more than 10 feet, landed 40 feet before the green and rolled another 50 to settle close to the pin.)

ED’s 39 on the front (don’t ask what he did on the back nine) won the front Nassau. HARRY took the back nine. With ED’s great front he managed to sneak in and win total. HARRY continues his accurate KP mastery, this time in a dramatic fashion. When CHRIS, ED’s brother, snuck his tee shot pretty close for a gimme birdie on #12, all in the group conceded that “tying the birdie” would be the only opportunity left to prevent a 3-pointer in their skins game. Like Babe Ruth stepping up to the plate for another routine home run, HARRY unleashed his 7-iron. It was not until everyone was on the green to find that HARRY edged out CHRIS for the KP. It must have been devastating for CHRIS. He 4-putted his 4-footer.

Other KP winners are CHANG, SIMON, and ED.

Birdies were not in abundance. SIMON had his on the 5th; ERNIE on the 6th; and HARRY on the 2th.

TOUR #3 – KINGS LINKS March 31 @ 8:30

Be there!

This Sunday, some of us will be at Kings Links at 8 am.


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