Golfing season has officially started. With three groups teeing off at Riverway last Thursday, we waved goodbye to dreary, miserable winter with great enthusiasm for warmer and sunny days.

In addition to being crowned Mr. SB#1, VINCENT has also been christened with a moniker – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide. How else can anyone explain how he pars most holes in the front nine and the first three in the back nine and then plays like he has never swung a club in his life for the rest of the holes? Par, par, par, 9 is how he started the back!

But he is not crying the blues as he takes the jackpot of the front nine. HAN edges HARRY for the total by the smallest of margins – .3.

The story of the day has to be sharpshooter KING KONG who won the back nine Nassau. His name was on everyone of the par three’s except for the 8th hole (which HAN won). He would have been the grand winner of all KPs. However, as we got on the green on the 14th hole, we noticed CHANG L pacing the green on the 15th. He was casually walking to one spot and taking giant steps to another. Well, we found the answer on the KP sheet – he stole one from HARRY. (Just kidding, Chang!)

HARRY brings home one heck of a loot for his KP and Nassau wins and promises to celebrate by inviting all to a Sheraton Hotel dinner!


We previewed the course on Sunday. It is in great shape for this time of the year but the greens remain quite challenging. Fairways are in fair condition. There is no standing puddle anywhere on the course although there are soft spots throughout. Approach shots landing before the greens stay there except those delivered by a SIMON chunk. J


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