He has every reason to smile because he is the BIG winner of the day. He did it in spectacular fashion. With seven skins at stake and formidable competition, KING KONG HARRY nailed a 4-iron against the wind 130 yards out to less than 10 inches for a tap-in birdie. Or was it a pitching wedge 100 yards away? I guess it does not matter. It has to be the “Shot of the Day” since it was agreed that “birdie takes all remaining skins – 7. It also assured him of first place edging out Mr. SB#1 – VINCENT.

Harry also picked up 5 skins for his KP and birdie on hole 6. He takes all the day’s honors.

The gang celebrated his fabulous outing with a snack on the 19th hole.


SIMON sent a text message at 7:20 am: “Verdict?” Here is the exchange:
EL CAPITAN – “We are here”
SIMON – “It is hailing and raining here”
EL CAPITAN – “Sunny here”
SIMON – “In your mind J
EL CAPITAN – “No truth”

By now you should know we have a strong connection. Also Renee did her “sunshine dance for the boys”. How else could you explain this picture?

Yes, it was a sunny day – AGAIN – but the wind gushed probably 50-60 mph, providing the hunters with great challenge.

RORY is glad he is on his way to Scottsdale Arizona for two weeks. He tells me that he has to get to Golftown before he leaves to replenish his supply of golf balls. No one is sure how he did it but he lost FIVE BALLS during the game. He agreed to take some lessons from SIMON. When SIMON chunks his shot, he rattles the brains of earthworms along the way and still end up on the green. His excuse: “I want to keep it low against the wind!”

VINCENT was shaking his head a few times. He sunk some long putts for par only to be tied by so many. Now, this is the guy that says, “I am just lucky” when he plays several shots below his handicap. We are lucky to be taking turns extending the skins’ carry-over.

We must have played in less than four hours. The three-some following us could not catch up with us! It was a wonderful day of golf and we are doing it again next week!


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