As predicted, the wacky weatherman struck out again. He called for “extreme weather conditions” for Wednesday and “rain for the rest of the week”. He was not aware that the BirdieHunters have a great connection.

A text from VINCENT: “I am leaving now, are we playing?”

Another text from SIMON: “It is raining here, are we playing?”

What a question?

It seems that everyone in the country believed that the wintery blast was upon us. There was hardly anyone at Riverway when we arrived BUT we had no doubt about enjoying our passion.

Even Rory showed up! So there we were on the first tee-all six of us – ERNIE, HARRY, VINCENT, SIMON, HAN, and RORY. The course was wide open. I motioned to Chris that we were taking off – as a six-some.

We decided to play skins. VINCENT bamboozled us on the first hole when he chipped and made par. The word “Curse” reverberated throughout the course. Sure enough, he double-bogied the 2nd hole which HAN claimed with his par. Then, VINCENT shook off the bad hole and drained a long putt for a par on the par 5 third for his 2nd skin.

Imagine the number of ties thereafter with six players. There weren’t too many lone pars until RORY got on in regulation on the long par four 12th hole. He was the only one two-putting for par and it was good for three skins. (SIMON got 3 skins before but playing like a yo-yo, he was unpredictable and we can’t remember where he made his par!)

On the par three 15th ERNIE claims his KP. VINCENT says, “OK, to get KP, par is not good enough, one must birdie the hole!” He was first to putt and 4-putted! HAN went for his birdie and got the easy par. Well, the old fellow calmly drained his putt for the lone birdie of the day and FIVE SKINS!

VINCENT got the last three skins on the 18th when everyone failed to get par. It was a fabulous day. Too bad you missed it!


EXTRA: For those who enjoy comedy (in Tagalog) check out the new link.


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