Breaking news from the Interclub

The hunters are poised to make the most of their first interclub tournament experience. Upon arriving on Monday, they wasted no time shaping the shots and their aim at the Del Monte Golf Course up in the Bukidnon mountains.

They were close to snagging birdies but the long flight may have altered their shooting skills. Nonetheless, CHANG got 2 the next day as he fired a one-under in the back nine at PUEBLO de Oro Golf resort. SERAPIN also got his on the 2nd day of practice. Both VINCENT     and HARRY played extremely well in spite of lack of sleep.

You must have guessed! There is just a lot of excitement in the city of friendship in the Philippines to allow jet lag to interfere. The boys could not resist savouring seafood fares at PANAGATAN – a seafood restaurant by the sea.

And with a musical duo entertaining us as we dined, HARRY could not resist performing.

The male partner of the lady singer was fired on site when

MILES and some of his teammates were at the same lodge and the riotous crowd at Kingston Lodge could not be contained as everyone shared their great excitement.

Unfortunately, the first day of the tournament was ruined by a most unusual rainy day with scores plummeting for those who got caught with the midday rain.

Check out the results at www.palinterclub.com

Harry got standing ovation with rendition of I don’t Want to Tell About it and Imagine.

ERNIE, CHANG, and HARRY will try to do better on Friday at Pueblo.


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