Beware of someone who carries a Taylormade driver and says with a smile, “I’ll give you tutu!” Actually, he meant “two and two”.

Last Thursday at Riverway, a few of the guys defied the weatherman’s forecast of a “40% chance of precipitation”. With only a few “stupid guys on the course”, we were able to tee-off before our scheduled time.

Negotiations at the tee are now part of the rituals. So what happened? Ed says, tutu is not enough, we need 4/4! This went back and forth. Finally, tutu it was.

On the first hole, Simon deposited his approach shot on to the green for an easy par.

On the second hole, he was even closer than 6 feet but with a putt that had that difficult left-to-right break. He missed the birdie.

On the par five third, his drive was off to the right that got in the bunker. He did not hit it clean and was short of the 150 yard marker for his 4th shot which barely made the green. From more than 25 feet, he dropped it for A PAR.

His drive on the 4th hole 400 yards away was probably just 168 yards out. It was a monster drive just like the others. He promptly deposited it pin high just 15 feet away. With Ed having made 5 for a tie with the stroke, what happens? Simon nails a birdie!

Our tutu was by the wayside and it was all downhill from there. The start of the back nine was no different. On the difficult 12th hole, his cannonading drive was only about 175 yards to the green. He takes maybe a 6 iron and voila! On the green. Easy par.

Ed and I decided that this is enough. Out came five dollars and an offer to concede everything. Simon accepts. Game over? Guess what? He was short on his approach; chunked one; chunked two; gets a double bogie.

On the par three, he was wild to the left; takes a penalty; gets on in three and two putts – double bogie. Ed and I parred.

On the 16th, Ed and I are off by a yard and we both got our par. Simon chili-dipped one; two – double bogie!Yup, it was enough to drive anyone nuts.

I forgot to mention that we were offered FOUR STROKES at the back nine!


It will be the nicest day of the week. Short sleeves possible. BE there!


We are all set to compete at the 64th PAL INTERCLUB. Already in the Philippines as of today are OSCAR, REY, and SERAPIN. CHANG HEE JEAW and JACK LIN are travelling all over the world but will be in Manila on the 14th for the 6 am flight out to Cagayan. ORESTES is also on his way out shortly.

ERNIE, HARRY, and VINCENT are traveling together on the 12th and will be gone at least until the week of the 21st.

Other birdiehunters are also on their way: MILES, ED, & ROGER.

I have yet to hear from JOE GUZMAN & BONG NICOLAS about their flight specifics.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – We are not playing on June 20th, Monday! Pay attention John/Reno!


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