Now, now, calm down. You are really hallucinating. What you see is not really what it is. These are Scotland’s new breed of caddies. They read the greens well. They know the yardage to every hole. They can guide a golfer on how to avoid mistake….on the golf course.

They are obliged to observe a dress code of white coveralls and Nike golf shoes. They are warned not to fraternize with the person to whom they are assigned.

If only they had very serious caddies at Cagayan like these four gentlemen, our team would certainly benefit.

With our Vancouver weather turning horribly foul each week, ERNIE, HARRY, VINCENT, CHANG, and perhaps HAN couldn’t wait to get out there on a warm sunny day and pick up some birdies and pars to help our team’s debut at the 64th PAL INTERCLUB-best golf excursion in Asia.


At least we picked a very good day to limber up those golf muscles and recall our golf swing. (With not much practice during these frigid days, the swing can quickly turn south!)

ALAN, HARRY, ERNIE, BERT, BILL, and newcomer, JIMMY, certainly had a great time. There was an hour frost delay but we were the 2nd and 3rd group to tee off.

There was only one “Birdiehunter” today – the sexy senior. He got his birdie on the 10th hole when his 12-footer nicely settled at the bottom of the hole. However, HARRY is no longer the legitimate KING KONG. That honor now belongs to GIANT GORILLA. I thought that cranking a drive 240 yards at the 4th hole would be considered a monster drive. The GORILLA’s drive was 15 yards past the 150 yard marker! On most of the holes he was easily 100 yards ahead of our best drive.

Don’t ask how he putts though.

As usual, the boys played KPs and Nassau. The wind was surging and most of the par three’s were tough to nail. ALAN got his on the 11th. BILL hit the green on the 15th and we awarded him the KP even though a temp green was placed in front. HARRY was barely on on the 6th hole which played really tough against the wind. ERNIE muscled a mid iron to steal the KP.

The story of the day has to be the Nassau competition. BILL announced near the mid back nine that HARRY shot a 43! Since he was playing up front, we thought that he might be the hot swinger of the day. So those of us in the 2nd group were trying to make pars for a decent game and a chance at winning a pot. GORILLA was leading the back nine with only three holes to play but with a triple on the nasty 7th and 9th holes (we started out on the 10th tee), he surrendered the back nine to the “old guy”.

With everyone eagerly waiting for the Nassau results at the end of the game, it turned out that the “Harry shot a 43” was a hoax. The best in their group was BILL with his index! Unfortunately, their best was not good enough. The “sexy senior’s” net 73 was best for a rout – taking all three sides!


We will monitor the weekend weather instead.


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