What kind of golfing experience would you rather have?



In case you have been wondering what the BIRDIEHUNTERS have been up to with this miserable Vancouver weather, here is the latest.

BBC is preparing for its participation in the 64th PAL INTERCLUB at Cagayan de Oro – next month. We are definitely looking forward to warm weather, great golf courses, succulent food, fabulous hospitality and entertainment at this annual international golf tournament in the Philippines sponsored by PHILIPPINE AIR LINES – the best golf excursion in Asia!

It also appears that we may have a fair contingent from our regulars: CHANG, VINCENT, ERNIE, and now an excellent chance that KING KONG and HAN are excited to go. We are joined by ORESTES, OSCAR, SERAPIN, and REY. Too bad BERT’s lingering health concerns are pestering. There is also an outside chance that RENO and JOE may be last minute additions.


We are happy to report that HARRY made it through the New York blizzard. He is back safe and sound – enjoying his “usual coffee at the workshop”. He says that he is “buying the first cup for everyone who joins him”. (You sound like John Yap! Are you running for Council?)

I suppose that the CHANG family is back from Palm Springs; so is COONEY’s. GERRY is still soaking in the sunny south. ALAN is not planning on a Vegas return just as yet. When SUNNY’s home in Vancouver is completed, he is on his way to his Palm Spring retreat.

(It is such a tough life, isn’t it? BILL, CHANG L and SUNNY have just completed a cruise just a couple of weeks ago.)


THURSDAY, JAN 6 GAME at POINT ROBERTS is cancelled. Instead we have a SATURDAY (mainly sunny) game at RIVERWAY starting at 8:40.


Last Tuesday, we played at LOOMIS. JOE blazed the course with a 76. He started the back nine at 2-under par after four holes. On the par five 11th, he was on in two putting for eagle.

Last Thursday at Riverway, we waited patiently for the warm sun to clear the frost on the fairways and greens. We finally got to play golf at 11 am when the Parks groundkeeper finally gave the go signal. It was a wild and wacky day. With the hard frozen fairways, we were driving the ball like GORILLAS. We were also chipping and putting like GORILLAS. “Chip and run” was more like the golf ball doing an impersonation of USAIN BOLT….the ball keeps running before and after the hole.


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